The Philippines is not the Sick Man of Asia

There have been many misguided comments that the Philippines is the new Sick Man of Asia. This is not true. The only semblance of a Sick Man is its economy, that is not doing as well as the Asean states. Other than this, the Philippines is every inch a proud sovereign state. The Pinoys are a proud people and had recently driven the colonial master, the USA, out of their country. They have reclaimed full independence of their national sovereignty, with no foreign bases and soldiers in their country. They are even standing up to fight China and competing to claim islands in the South China Sea as theirs. They even want to claim or take over Singapore as their new colony. They may not be rich, but the Philippines is anything but a Sick Man of Asia.

Reflect what qualified China of the 19th Century as the Sick Man of Asia, the conditions of the country and people. China was not only economically weak, the country was cut up by foreigners with foreign concessions where foreigners lived like they owned the country, in their own enclaves in Shanghai. The foreigners have more rights in China than the locals. When they ended up in court, the court would rule in favour of them. And the corrupt elites were sleeping with the foreigners, allowing more foreigners into the country, taking over businesses and anything that had economic values, even messing around with the govt. The foreigners were having all the good jobs and top jobs in the country.

What about the locals? The local Chinese were kicked aside, no jobs and begging the foreigners for jobs. The foreigners were in control of everything. the govt, the economy and jobs and wining, dining and partying everyday. The natives lost all pride as citizens of the country. Got bashed by the foreigners, kicked around by the foreigners, insulted and abused by the foreigners, as good as no talents. And the natives could not do anything and the govt could not do anything. The elites would not dare offend the powerful foreigners. The natives lost all fighting spirit in their own country. Many escaped overseas to find jobs and to look for a better life. The people lost hope in their own country and their elites.

Did the Philippines meet these conditions? Some, but not all. The Pinoys are still in charge in their own countries and foreigners could not boss around with them of abuse them. The foreigners know that in the Philippines, the Pinoys are the owners and they better behave well in front of the Pinoys. They would not dare to beat up a Pinoy. There is still pride in the Pinoys. How can they be called the Sick Man of Asia?  It is not just about money? Money is dignity? It is national pride, the pride as a nation, as a people. Lose that, you become the Sick Man of Asia.

A Sick Man of Asia is when a country is taken over by foreigners, run by foreigners, foreigners could boss around with the locals and the locals are helpless when abused by the foreigners. When the foreigners formed and lived in foreign enclaves and sneering and despising the natives. And the natives lost all pride and spirit to live, lost confidence in themselves, all planning to run away from the country, when their very own govt cannot protect them, cannot offer them good jobs, and the good jobs were taken over by foreigners.

I definitely disagree that the Philippines is the Sick Man of Asia. They even despise daft Sinkies.


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The conclusion?

Anonymous said...

Escape from the "rotting sampan" ( / "sick man of SEA, ASIA and the World" ) that offers "no more hope" under a "feudal LEEdership" and join Virgo49 in Matland ...... etc?

Anonymous said...

Why go matland to also get abused? Might as well join matilar in Australia where the women have large melons for u to play lar like matilar does everyday

Anonymous said...

Why stay in sinkieland and paying everything through the nose?

If YEW dun touch politics, then no different in sinkieland or matland but YEW r a pauper slaving like an imprisoned convict in one place while YEW live like a king in the other?

Anyway, what is the "use of big melons" unless YEW want to use it as dumbbells?

Anonymous said...

Oso with such melon size, assuming proportionality, every session ( in the bedroom ) is as "good" as "working out in the gym" for a few hours?

Anonymous said...

They even despise daft Sinkies.

But not the 70% lah. 70% Sinkies are still having a good life, and maybe better life than even the more successful Pinoys working here, and they love PAP for that.

RB, to be realistic, you can't expect 100% Sinkies to have a good life, anymore than PAP will receive 100% of the votes, unless it is rigged, in elections, do you?

Anonymous said...

Bcos, YEWR 2 arms would be lifting easily tens of pounds "weights" for "as long as it takes"?

Anonymous said...

It is called AngMoBBW-sutra?

Anonymous said...

Some humorous Chinese "Qi Ko Pek" termed it "老牛推车"?

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Philippines is anything but a sick man.

It's economy is fast rising and could have surpassed that of Sin in 2015. There is a land in S E Asia in fever and
if not careful, could get into a comatose and vegetative state before withering off.

There is indeed a sick man around, but triple confirmed; it is not the Philippines.
Maybe all the S E Asian Nations will surpass Sin post 2015 onwards.

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Even Laos & Po-Pot's Kingdom are better?

Anonymous said...

When your leaders cannot see anything wrong, even proud, asking the citizens to go work in third world countries as low level workers like the Pinoys here, and when they think they are helping the citizens to train them to go overseas to eke out a living, something is very sick.

Anonymous said...

To those who like to jeer at North Korea, do not be surprised that the North Koreans are living more happily than Sinkies.
North Koreans may soon be joining the PRC People in living better lives than ever before.
Did anyone expect China to be what it is today in status?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should be thankful and if not, grateful to Pinoy, PRC, India Indian, Indons, Burmese and all the Other Aliens, for keeping them afloat.
Without them helping to take care of your families and serving you at places of leisure, food outlets and shops, all Sin commercial houses, F&b and retail shall have to close shop. Hospitals will have insufficient staff and consumption will grind to a halt.
You shall have no one to rrnt out or buy your property. Hawker, taxi driver and those in the grooming business shall be jobless.
Sin shall go kaput and Sinkies will have to be maid or even whore in third world nations.
Be grateful to your saviours.

Anonymous said...

Are YEW suggesting the "young German women raped by immigrants to oso thank the perpetrators"?

Anonymous said...

Why not YEW ask YEWR parents to pay respect at the "Japenis Shrine" for their WW2 atrocities?

Anonymous said...

Do YEW think the parents and husbands of the prostitutes working in Geylang should thank the ah nehs and banglas for patronising their daughters and wives frequently during weekends and after work?

Anonymous said...

Don't YEW think every mouthful of rice bought with such earnings from their daughters and wives could get stuck in the throat?

Anonymous said...

Fate can be merciless.
Even more merciless
than tyrant and evil folk.
When nature punishes,
there is no escape.
Malaysia is endowed by nature and though run
by not so wholesome
Rulers, Malaysians are
living sufficiently.
Sinkies have to know that
their fate is in the hand of
There is a limit to human intervention.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1012:

>> Might as well join matilar in Australia where the women have large melons for u to play lar like matilar does everyday <<

Wah piang, you overstate my abilities lah. Firstly, I'm not a "melon" man. Sure, I like women's breasts, but I'm into their eyes, their face and their ass. Which is why like the Indian gals, for e.g. check out Priyanka Chopra in TV series "Quantico"...hopefully you'll see the uncensored version in Singapore ;-)

However, I still maintain that Singapore -- a buzzing, truly international hub and cosmopolitan metropolis, is still a darn fine place for the hot-blooded, (hetrosexual and LGBT) male and female into the modern "hook-up culture". For straight males, the women are sweet-as; I for one have no complaints whatsoever ;-)

In Asia, as long as the economies of China and Japan are wonky, all the other cuntrees are---to varying degrees---"sick". Many more people, all over Asia will be losing their jobs this year, count on it.

Virgo49 said...

Who is the KongCum who said that go to Matland and be abused??

Wah piang, must be a frog in well or in cooking pot now temperature getting hotter as more will hits the streets in R.T.S- Roam The Streets as the foreign talents took over their jobs these coming quarters.

In Matland, we cash flux rich only over there lah brought groceries by the thousands if not hundreds ringitt in one go. Even my beloved doggie food by the hundreds.

Cashiers always thank you and smile. Abused by them. Go Aussieland see whether on roads the rednecks will shout HEY CHINKS CHINKS to you.

These kong cums do not know that they are been abused for the last fifty years by the PAPies.

Nearly seventy percent yellow yellow but control by just a few Black ants and brownies.

Everything also last priority. Yet they still sleeping and loved the abuses and still gave them 70 percent.

Even the young daft between 21 to 29 gave them their votes. Without the PG tattooed dragons and tigers who fought for survivals for the coward yellow educated bananas which now produce these equally crowd offspring, they would not be here today.

Know the roots of how these so called gangsters saved their lives in 1965 and 1969. Had they now fought to protect them, these white faced scholars would be ashes then.

So those kongcums who loved the cums will have to tread water till drown when the sampan sank this coming years.

Laugh at those wise fellas who had sanctuaries in Matland where they are still on dry land.

Anonymous said...

Well said Virgo.

Those Chabos and Youngsters
Who voted for their very own sufferings and boastung abou their Sin cant be more foolish.
They have signed contracts of slavery and feeling very proud of doing so.


Anonymous said...

So what are you saying RB? Are you implying that Singapore is the Sick Man of Asia? Rubbish. Singapore is a great country governed by the PAP, the best government you can ever hope for.

Anonymous said...


I don't believe it but since 70% said so, so be it. They always say, none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Anonymous said...

Virgo the guy just said better go aust lar cause if one day like Indonesia jarkata your Mother, Wife and daughters Kena banged by mat there then you know. Some may even bang you too so Knn then you know your purchasing power can not buy u safety.
If you checked boob map of the workd FYI aust boob is c cup, mat land and Pinoy is b cup. If u are the boob lover then go Russia and Nordic countries they are d cup plus

virgo49 said...

Anon 5.07 must be one of those just absonded or discharged from bungkok.

Mats in WMalaysia are more civilised than the criminals Aussies.

Go to Auss land, your front, backs and even your nostrils lobangs kuyak.

See how one single Singaporean Mat.dared to confront the chow ang mo who threatened the wimpy slit eyes yellow who wants to wear provocative shirt but afraid to fight his honour.

Sinkie chinks mostly MYOB and wimpy that's why others see them no up.

National Slavery is a waste of time and funds on them.

In the 60s we need just two battalions of Malay professional soldiers to fend off konfrontasi from the Indonesians.

They are our truely respected instructors.

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Anonymous said...

Kiasu & kiasi?

Anonymous said...

// Many escaped overseas to find jobs and to look for a better life.//

Rb, are YEW referring to the 300,000 sinkies who had left over the past 3 decades?

Anonymous said...

Virgo, u sure or not cause so far no politician there do an act against the order of nature but mat land has leh. If politician can do u better be careful lar for your Mother, Wife and Daughter sake. Also for your own sake like as u old already I not sure your backside can take the full force in mat land lar. If not whole family Kena banged just because u refused to see the truth so knn don't be stubborn and move to aust where melons are larger or back to sinkie land where your ass will be protected.

Anonymous said...

8.43 for all u know may be Virgo is one of those that like to be banged? That may be his selfish reason of moving there despite posing a danger to his Wife and daughters!

Anonymous said...

9:47, you speaking out of experience?
Want to share your testimony?