Singapore’s ‘moribund’ stock market needs to be revived

A lagged stock market, dying stock market, a moribund stock market, all in a mouthful, to describe the pathetic state of the Singapore stock market in the main media is unexpected, unprecedented. Talking about a moribund stock market is kind of a taboo. There seems to be an unwritten code of conduct that no one should whisper about how bad the stock market is faring today. The media only reported about how healthy the stock market has been, kicking, alive, making a lot of profits, derivatives volumes increasing, the best regulated stock market in the world. 

Today something changed. The truth must be spoken. It cannot be kept wrapped for any minute longer. The Singapore Business Federation submitted a 36 page economic strategy proposal to Heng Swee Kiat while he is still fumbling with his team to chart the course to take Singapore forward. The Federation is wasting no time. Time is crucial, the situation is serious and no more mucking around for another year to wait for another report. Actions need to be taken now. And the report ‘is backed by 28 trade associations and chambers and some 70 top level executives, including Singapore Press Holdings chief executive Alan Chan’. What the SBF is saying is that the dismal state of affairs of our economy has reached a point of BTH, ‘beh ta han’ already.

For the proposal to come out today, mind you, such a big committee cannot come out with something overnight. They must have spent many hours, days and months looking into the problems and to come up with their recommendations. What the proposal is saying is that things are bad, real bad and the govt must act on it quickly and seriously.

When Alan Chan’s name is quoted it means serious business. This is a very serious statement from the business associations and chambers and top honchos.  Things are bad and must be made good. This is the truth, the reality, face it squarely and do something, now.

I will write something more about the recommendations later.


Anonymous said...

"When Alan Chan’s name is quoted it means serious business."

But still ownself check ownself, tio bo? Like that good or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

The French are stupid enough to buy NOL.
Maybe the French will also buy SGX?

LKY die already.
Everything in Singapore can sell already.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, can sell everything now.

Anonymous said...

Despair not.

Minister Chan Chun Sing said
that if the Sheeple and the Leaders
work together in unity, Sin shall
overcome any problems and prosper
infinitely. 70% AGREE WITH HIM.
Only a handful at My Singapore News
kpkb though there are also a few here who kpkb at Rb and his Supporters.

One thing is clear, how much kpkb
oso have no impact on the 70%.

Anonymous said...

You cannot keep hiding the ugly truth in the bottle. It will pop out when the pressure is big enough.

Anonymous said...

@January 07, 2016 10:11 am
Are you sure?

I thot:
Minister Chan Chun Sing said
that if the Sheeple and the Leaders
work together in unity, PAP shall
overcome any problems and prosper

Which is the correct version?
Yours or mine?

Anonymous said...

The saying: Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you is still valid.

The leaders, be they government or business, still thinks Singaporeans are daft. Yeah, do something and only fools will walk in where wise men never tread.

For me, less greed and be content with what I have makes me a much happier person.

Veritas said...

Actually, Singapore is not the major center to raise capital as she lack of hinterland. The major capital markets are New York, Shanghai and London, each one of them backup by labor and capitals of continental size. Unlike HK or London with support from neighbors, our big neighbors loath us and prefer to develop their own market.

Also not just Singapore's market is dying, the entire world's stock market is dying. The retail investors are gone, once they realize the HST are front running them.

It will be good for competing HST companies to cannibalize on one another.

Now SGX is going derivative and on the day when derivative blow up, we will get shit.

Our standing is like the niche market such as Korea, Tel Aviv or Zurich.

Anonymous said...

Now SGX is going derivative and on the day when derivative blow up, we will get shit.
Veritas 10:34 am

I thot already blow up, from what RB had blogged about? Not yet meh?

Veritas said...

Actually there is no way PAP can save our stock market. Reason, other than institution, our retailer has no monies. Before we have monies and we dabble in stocks. Today, I seldom see people talk about stocks anymore.

To play stocks, people need disposable income. And once you have disposable income, the PAP vulture will come to prey you. Our property price and COE are two notorious feedback mechanism , design to empty the pocket of middle class, no matter how much you earn.

The market system of COE and housing force us to compete with our pal, emptying every cent.

If this is not enough, our hospitals and college tuition will suck you dry.

When people have no savings, they have no investment. Also PAP has cook up property market making young and old in 30 years mortgage.

When you are in 30 years mortgage you have no monies in stock.

All these boil down to elite greed.

When people have no monies, the economy will not run.

I don believe RB has panacea for this.

Anonymous said...

Stock Exchange kaput no big deal.

More worrying is Sg kaput.

Then how ?

Veritas said...

And every cent elites sucks from the people go to elites' pocket. RB plan can free up monies for stockmarket but next moment, the banksters and landlord will KPKB. Inevitably monies going to stock must come from somewhere else. Either freeing people from loans or from landlord.

PAP would rather antagonize brokerage than banks.

As we move forward, the people are even going to run out of monies for new houses. Or the fertility is so low that one couple (only only child) inherit 2 houses from their parents. How can the banks make monies when people dont borrow?

The things can get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Walau eh !
Veritas expects Rb to have solution for the Woes of Sin woh.
Why should he ?
Rb can live in abundance anywhere other than Sin, but he chooses to remain a patriot in Sin out of filial piety.
Right now, Rb runs the Risk of rubbing the wrong part of the Power and could be shocked by the Consequences.
He can be wise like the Elites, gets oversea assets and move over when Sg goes into tailspin or sinks like the Titanic.

Rb must thanks his rulers for his(own) success.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Veritas for the things you said and saved me saying them.

HST is not just front running. With computers plugged into SGX, it is like playing poker and the banker can read your cards.

Where got such game in the world where the banker can play poker and see everyone's cards and it is legal.

You can expect the consequences, who will be the losers and who the winners.

Anonymous said...

Really BTH? Really BTH?

But 70% said last year "OK!", thank you very much sir,
and are very very very happy!

So why BTH now!


Anonymous said...

Singapore stock market already moribund what.

Can get more moribund than already moribund meh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a few more casinos and

Gambling Ships could replace the

SGX and betterer it in making more money.

No worry about SGX, it can RIP permanently.

Veritas said...

Also today, I have very little trust in public companies. You do not know what is inside their books due to creative accounting. The financial report 6 months before the collapse of AIG, Lehman and Bear Stearn does not shows anything worrying.

Today Standchart is projecting an annual loss of punny 150 millions and that cause a big shake up, which no outsider can comprehend. The rot must be deep, and everything is hidden by special financial vehicles.

And I do not even trust insurance companies.

Singaporeans buy insurance thinking they can get a pension or health coverage at old age. I am not optimistic. By then the insurance companies may go bankrupt.

We are at the end stage of capitalism not unlike end USSR.

Anonymous said...

Rb can oso retire.
He has overworked himself
to make money.
Time for him to do volunteering work with VWO.
Making too much money makes him very money conscious and centric.
Not good for a lau unker not
to relac.
Learn to smell the flowers or join matilda and agongkia.

Anonymous said...

SBF?!? Head honchos?!?! SPH boss?!?! Don't you know SPH main revenue is from property business?? Their news media/advertising biz dying slow death for many years liao. Even SingPost depend on their property biz for large portion of revenue. The 3 local banks??!? No need to say ... they live & die by property.

Fuck lah. Let me guess ... the main push for their pathetic report is:
1. Liberalise foreign worker freeflow to back to 2010 level.
2. Remove all property cooling measures especially TDSR and ABSD.

Tio boh?!?! Nahbeh, I also can be head honcho.

If you think I'm BSing, I have a couple of multi-millionaire relatives staying in $20M-$30M bungalows with multiple other properties in S'pore & other 1st world countries. Play golf & have high-tea with their families about once a month, so I know their type of thinking.

Anonymous said...

About 70%
also play golf
go oversea shopping,
eat and mate.
Sinkies very the
Money many many
chiak buay liao leh.
Oops !
Kai buay liao.
Long chong poo
poo eh.
Wu lui langs

Anonymous said...

And I do not even trust insurance companies.

Singaporeans buy insurance thinking they can get a pension or health coverage at old age. I am not optimistic. By then the insurance companies may go bankrupt.
-- Veritas 12:02pm

You would be stupid to use S'pore insurance companies for savings or annuity for old age. Their super-expensive endowments, annuities, wholelife policies are paying out such pathetic interest rates that it is morally criminal. But in SG it is perfectly legal. Don't you know that even CEOs, CFOs, senior mgmt, mid-level managers of S'pore insurance companies don't even buy their own existing crap products?!?! At most they buy pure insurance, term protection.

The only insurance staff buying endowments & wholelife are desperate junior insurance salesmen/women buying small amounts (e.g. $30K sum assured) just to meet their monthly sales quota & keep their jobs and commission streams.

Anonymous said...

"You would be stupid to use S'pore insurance companies for savings or annuity for old age."
January 07, 2016 2:00 pm

No overseas insurance company can sell you their insurance policy lah.
Only allowed to buy policies from Singapore insurance company lah.
Do you think we have been crony-ed?

Anonymous said...

Stock markets are crashing all around the world today.
Do you think SGX will be even more moribund in one year's time?

Veritas said...

Many of other elites are more stupid than PAP. They still think Singapore are El Dorado and open the flood gate to FT will revive their fortune. PAP was able to pull the FT tricks then is because we are far richer than China, and we can get the 2nd best from China here.

Today, you go Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou and Shenzhen and see how far they have move and how far their salary have move...etc..

Right now, we can only import a bunch of caste-head Indians or criminals from Nigeria. Soon Bukit Timah will be a land of rape and everyone flee.

Our property price is high not because of FT or population explosion, but mainly because of good Singaporeans, anchoring a culture of good, attracting companies set up shop here, producing many high pay jobs.

If we want people, we can import black or Islamo, and they can breed like nobody. The blacks can have 10 children from 10 women.

Within 20 years, a bunch of criminals and Jihad kid will grow up. Then the jihad kid will want to kill everyone because their mind are fed with shit day 1. The black criminals will go around raping, murdering, and forcing their women peddle ass.

We be a shit hole.

I think our elites have not wake up their fucking ideas.

Anonymous said...

So, more have to settle here.
6.9 millions shall not be enough to sustain the Survival of Sin.
Be prepared to live worse than Hongkies in the very near future.
Hongkies do not have to be maid, few are in vice trades and they have the Mainland as Back up.

Sinkies have ONLY ALIENS FOR

Anonymous said...

What is the point of listing your shares in a stock market when the price can only go down and no one interested in buying, no traders?

Anonymous said...

"The stock market is moribund" - this alone raises my respect for the Singaporean investors. They have wised up, only a fool still doesn't understand that the local stock market is out to cheat his money. The stock exchange don't care whether you lose or gain, as long as you keep trading and give them the trading income. That translates to their annual bonus. So everything they say is slanted in such a way as to influence you to trade, doesn't matter if it's buy or sell. One day, they'll tell you something to make you buy, another day, they'll tell you something else to make you sell. Just look back and see that's exactly what they did.

If people are not trading, I have the utmost respect for them, they are not fools.

Anonymous said...