Monster ship, monster aircraft

What kind of ship or aircraft would deserve the title ‘monster’?  The images I have of monster ship or aircraft are those of alien space ships in the movie Independence Day and Star Wars. These are not only huge but really deadly. Back on earth, what kind of ship or aircraft could come near to these monster space ship? What about the aircraft carriers of the mighty American naval fleet? Are they big and monstrous enough, with nuclear weapons and thousands of fighting men and machine? What about the B 52 bombers aka flying fortresses with the nuclear bombs hanging under their bellies? Would these be fitting to be called monster ship and monster aircraft?

According to an ST article on 11 Dec by a China Correspondence, Teo Cheng Wee, titled ‘China builds second ‘monster’ ship’, the monster ship he referred to is a mega coast guard ship of 12,000 tonnes. Wow, 12,000 tonnes, so big, so monstrous. Can’t blame children, anything bigger than a bus must be a monster. Children have very limited knowledge of how big the world is. A coast guard ship of 12,000 tonnes is a monster.  If I were a teacher I would give him full mark as children need to be encouraged for their innocence.

I am wondering what would this correspondent describe the American aircraft carriers and the B 52 bombers. Maybe he can’t find a word big enough in his vocabulary to describe such monsters. What would be bigger and more deadly than a monster coast guard ship of 12,000 tonnes? What to call an aircraft carrier or a B 52 bomber? A super yacht or a super flying bus?

Any suggestion? Why would a correspondent describe a teeny weeny 12,000 ton coast guard boat with a few anti aircraft guns as a monster? Never seen ship bigger ship than this? The sight of such a big ship must be very impressive to children.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame the others; blame the writer.
Angmohsai writes with a negative bent on things Chinese.
Da jing xiao guai?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya, these brainwashed yellow bananas whose great great great ancestors would stirred in their graves knowing that they are more white than yellow.

These are the traitors who simply
thinks that white is superior.

They are uncomfortable that the Yellow is becoming number one and they had to speak their languages and dialects again. For they know nuts of their roots.

So still had to suck the white cocks.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the propaganda machine lah.

Notice when the Imperial Empire drop their bombs, the report is always that it hit only the 'terrorist or IS combatants' and how many were killed.

When the Russians drop their bombs, the report is always that it killed 'many people', not terrorist or IS combatants, mind you. So, read between the lines and form your own judgement of how baised and screwed up and fucked up the MSM's can be.

Anonymous said...

I also building a 100,000 ton monster sampan. Got nuclear engine that can travel at 10,0000km/h and turn seawater into gold, and humans into delicious bak kua.

Anonymous said...

Monstrous or monstor is relative and also may not be the physical size literally. I see two monstors in the Istana! One is a miniature and one is a prime.

Anonymous said...

What about "Singapore as the gateway to Asia"?
- what the fuck does this mean anyway?

Singapore as the hub of Asia?
Singapore as the center of Asia?

Take a look at Shanghai
Take a look at Singapore.
Then you understand just how overpaid, under-worked and under-achieving our PAP Ministers really are.

Anonymous said...

Shanghai beats Singapore flat out... They built the Yangpu expressway and installed noise buffer screens for the whole stretch where high rise residential buildings are located...Including pay.

I forgot to mention that Dr Goh and his chosen team went there to develop Pudong the new Shanghai and not Puxi the old Shanghai.

Anonymous said...


The Yellow Skins are fighting amongst themselves in Sin.
Oops in My Singapore News.
My apology.

Yellow skin with white inside are
everywhere in Sin.
Whence Sin Yellow Skin Leaders visit
PRC and ROC, They need interpreter and translater. Some take KFC for meals.

Anonymous said...

we had been brainwashed with western propaganda for such long time

we had lost the ability to think critically.

US is always a good guy
China,Russia, iran always a bad guy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, I have just deleted your two posts. Please avoid taking a racial line in your postings. Not very good for our multinational society.

b said...

Thats the reason the world needs Donald Trump. A business like mentality is better for peace and prosperity than the obsession of far left liberalism.

b said...

Multi culture is good for any society but any gov must control who they let in such as using a point system like canada or au or nz. Not blind migration policy " áll are welcome" like germany.