Francis Seow – The good, bad and ugly, they all shall pass away

These few years, and the next few years, we are likely to see the last few remnants of the pioneer generations kissing the dust. No one can escape this force of nature. Everyone shall decay and turn to dust. Whether they be rich or poor, acquired mountains of fortune or lived their last days as paltry recluses, good riddance.

Francis Seow had a meteoric rise to the cream of our history, to be there, but not there. His flash of success was clipped by his detention and humiliation in the cells of Mount Pleasant. He had gave the Singaporeans a glimpse of what actually happened behind those walls in the tranquil setting of a verdant forest in the most prestigious and expensive ground in this most expensive city state.

Francis Seow’s exile and eclipse from the corridors of power would be what Singaporeans remember him most, a victim of the politics of an era, hopefully never to be repeated again. The two camps would have different ways to commemorate his passing away and that is expected.  You would not hear good words from one camp or negative words from the other.

Our history, or modern history under the PAP, written and approved by the PAP, is only 60 years. What would our history be in another generation when memories of all the key players and their direct beneficiaries and victims have gone cold?  For the moment, the good, bad and ugly are well documented by official memoirs and the media. Would their places be switched when the powers change hands in the future? Would our history be told differently and the villains and heroes be named differently?

Now, who is next to join the list of has beens, came and left and turned to dust.?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Francis Seow would not be remembered for leaving behind a big fortune for his descendants.

Anonymous said...

夕阳无限好 . 只是近黄昏 . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Who will join LKY and Francis Seow?

Maybe the Other Volunteer for the
Japanese Imperial Army. And this One should leave behind a big fortune for Sin.

Anonymous said...

Politically, the late Francis Seow was smarter than Chee Soon Juan.

He only fought PAP briefly in Singapore and then cabut (withdraw) to USA. Because he knew that to continue is to fight a losing battle here.

Of course people like RB and me even smarter. Because they never even become politician to fight PAP. Save lots of money, energy and time or else all wasted.

Anonymous said...

// Of course people like RB and me even smarter. Because they never even become politician to fight PAP. Save lots of money, energy and time or else all wasted //

Aiyo ......

What YEW talking?

Fight what?

Even YEW are Ip Man or Jet Li or Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson or Butterbean, if YEW are tied hands and legs, how good YEW are oso no use right?

This type of duels ended before it starts......?


Anonymous said...

these so called "political exiles" all have western passports

Anonymous said...

As a young ( pri ) school boy following one of the uncles to watch Francis Seow spoke during their 1988 rallies ......

Even then, it was quite captivating and the impression left was indelibly ingrained in eternity. ......

Though many things he spoke were hard to put together at that ( tender ) age ( of barely 10-yo ), that emotion ( of his on stage ), that body language, the vocabularies used such as: encompassed, ( "garment" ) machinery. ...... etc; powerful, reflective and poignant words that put them on par with words such as papa and mama that one would bring with them till the last breath ....... Words that gave a crisp and quick view of the "situations and realities" as they are ...... then .......

Alas .......

Presumably, now is probably much "worst" .....?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies did not vote Francis Seow into parliament.
- Do you think Sinkie voters are responsible for what happened next to Francis Seow?

Sinkies deserve to pay and pay for the rest of our miserable lives.
- We deserve the PAP standard of our MRT trains
- and we deserve to drink our diluted sewage water
- Do you think we will be enjoying food from Fukushima soon?
- or maybe a PAP standard nuclear reactor (as good as our MRT in reliability)

Anonymous said...

Sinkies did not vote Francis Seow into parliament.
Anon 12:25 pm

Because WP under which Francis Seow contested in GE 1988 not ready to be govt mah.

So even if in Parliament Francis Seow can only talk and scold PAP. Where got use?

Anonymous said...

Ex PAP MP Phey Yew Kok is LIVING PROOF that Smart Sinkie did not have to die away from hometown and family.

Even if obe was a fugitive who had absconded with a huge amount of illicit money. Imagine how much a near half a million of Sin Dollars can get in the 70s.
Probably good enough to buy a small island in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and many other places. Or how much investment could be made from that amount. Just putting it in banks would have gotten much interest to live in plenty.

After nearly 40 years later, he comes back to live with food, shelter and healthcare ALL PROVIDED WITH FULL PROTECTION BY GUARD(s). At his(Phey) age, his meals may even have to be delivered to him.

Best of all, there was no report of any investigation into where the LOOT he had taken had gone to and what assets his family owns.

Tan Liang Hong, a fugitive like Francis Seow, got his(TLH) wife into trouble for dabbling in politic. BUT, Phey Yew Kok is SOLELY responsible for the LOOT he took.
smart Sinkie is always able to enjoy advantage or take advantage.


Anonymous said...

francis seow was a patriotic american hero.

Anonymous said...

francis seow was a patriotic american hero.
January 23, 2016 1:23 pm

And who do you think was a patriotic Japanese war hero?

Anonymous said...

Did the courts say a Big 4 accounting firm must audit AHTC?
Did the courts also say a Big 4 accounting firm must audit our National Reserves?

Penny wise?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Lee Kuan Yew -- mati

Francis Seow -- mati

Those reading and posting here: still alive.

Move on man, we lie in different times now. Enough already with the maudlin nonsense!

Got "live in the present"?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon. 1.38

The BIG FOUR audited NKF accounts.

What happened??

Who wants to jeopardise million dollars audit fee annually to report accounts not fair, satisfactory and in good order as far as we know.

Civil servants favourite phase: Not that we know of.

Anonymous said...

Where is Chen Shui Bian?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

//Now, who is next to join the list of has beens, came and left and turned to dust.?//

Death is not the end ....?

If it is, why is the middle east in eternal turmoil since King David's time few thousand years ago ....?

Sometimes the deeds done while alive may pass through generations .....?

Evil doers will wish everything ends in death ..... but look at the empirical evidences playing out in the middle east ....?

Will the bad blood sowed by Bush dethroning and killing Saddam who held Iraq together and consequently causing Iraq to tear apart be able to end in the eventual death of Bush?

Will it be so simple for the Iraqis whose country and lives are utterly torn apart and blown to gazillion pieces by Bush invasion in 2003?

Just like the national debts built uo by Reagan, Bush Snr, Bush Jnr, Obama .....etc.

Can the debts be wiped off in their deaths?

The future generations need not bear the burden of shouldering the debts and slaving for generations after an eventual total collpase?

Will not the greenbacks become banana notes ultimately?

It is not if but when?

Is it not foolish and thus extremely unwise to commit tons of sins that will be immortalised in the annals of history ( and even on cave walls )?

There is no escaping?

The higher one is, the more people one is responsible for, the more magnified the price and consequences for every sin committed?

Is the price of paying back almost in eternity worth the 10 or 30 years of glory?

Committing sins at high levels is like borrowing from a loan shark?

YEW get tens or hundreds of millions but the payback is in gazillions?

There is no way to redeem a loan taken from loan sharks?

It is an eternal bite?

A bite not unlike leeches biting unto the skin?

And multiplying into countless leeches biting in an endless cycle ....?

Once started, it can never end?

A moment of joy in exchange for being bitten by countless leeches in endless eternity?

This is the fate?

The fate YEW will get not unlike the past presidents getting into debts?

Future generations have to pay ....?

National debts accumulated will not end in the deaths of presidents responsible for them .....?

Anonymous said...

Peple learn to laugh n cry

Peple 2 must learn 2 say gd bye.....