Data theft – Singapore is so bless

Australian steel giant BlueScope is suing a software development manager based in Singapore for downloading 40 gigabytes of sensitive documents ‘of very substantive commercial value’. Dumb Australians, how could they trust a foreigner with access to commercially sensitive information without any safeguard? This is like being caught with the pants down. They deserved to have their sensitive documents stolen for being so lackadaisical in the protection of sensitive documents. Even if they are successful in the suing the ex employee, the damage is already done and is oo late for their own good.

Singapore is so bless. With so many thousands of foreigners here working in the IT industry providing all the IT support to govt and big commercial corporations, and have access to confidential and commercially sensitive information, we don’t have such problem. No theft of such nature has been reported. This could mean a few things, the foreigners here are of the highest quality in honesty and integrity, or our system of control is so good that they are unable to steal information even if they wanted to. Forget about the part that they have stolen but no one knows. This is a Singapore miracle, to steal information under our nose and not caught, oops, no information has been stolen when our legs have opened so wide for so long. It only proved that we have placed our trust on the right people. This is what they called, good judgement of people and character. An uniquely Singaporean trait.

Or perhaps Singapore is just simply blessed with all the good lucks and nothing bad will happen to us even with the millions of foreigners here, and the thousands of foreigners handling all the sensitive information and documents that were of great commercial and security values.

It would not happen in Singapore. Only stupid Australians will allow such things to happen to them. We are the best in information security and protection.


Anonymous said...

At least the Australians know that they have been robbed.
They know that they have lost something valuable.

Do you think Singaporeans have been robbed?
Do we know if we have lost anything valuable over the years?

What has happened to all our top Singaporean bankers?
We seem to have lost an entire generation.

None of my nieces and nephews want to study or work in IT.
There are so many stories of discrimination against Singaporeans, entire IT departments taken over by Aliens and etc.
Do you think Singapore has also lost an entire generation of IT professionals?

What about our MRT trains?
Do you think we have lost a national asset that long ago could be counted upon to bring Singaporeans to work on time?

What about our Opposition politicians?
Have we lost a few generations of loyal Opposition politicians that could have helped (through parliamentary debates) Singaporeans develop a more robust and diverse political system?
Do you think our political leadership is too dependent upon a few geriatric political leaders and their coat riding parrots?

Is Singapore so secure and blessed?
Or are we just not aware of what we have lost over the last 20 years?

Anonymous said...

It would not happen in Singapore.

It's OK even if it happen, as long as the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, so majority voters will still vote for PAP even if it happen.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, Data Sharing (or leakage) is common with misuse/ abuse of smartphone . Company email is a forgotten (proper) channel for transmitting official document . People (strangely) prefer to communicate/ share (official) work matters/ issues thru (unofficial) sites such as Skype/ WhatsApp . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

If it happens here, there are always scapegoats to be found. If they can blame the birds, the dogs and the trees for mosquito breeding, rats infestation and floods, we are indeed blessed. That is why we have 70% support for the Government that knows how to cater to the daft and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Dunno what talking about.
Other than a concrete jungle,
what's there to steal in Sin?

Anyone stupid to want steal
A liability?

Anonymous said...

Anyone stupid to want steal
A liability?
January 14, 2016 10:45 am

If there is nothing valuable in Singapore;
Why is the PAP government not more transparent about GIC, Temasek and our national reserves?

"I can smell the alcohol"
Did Lui Tuck Yew say this after the Little India Riots?

"I can smell the money"

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like a booty up for grabs. Anyone cunning enough could scheme to steal the whole island. It is a matter of time before it is taken over by foreigners as daft Sinkies did not want it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't worry. There will be serious data theft in Singapore...or put it this way...there will be a few "discoveries" of data theft in Singapore. (Hint: the shit is already happening, only no one has uncovered/ discovered the outright larceny).

One industry which is recession-proof and growing so fast there are not enough people: Computer security.

>> Australian steel giant BlueScope is suing a software development manager based in Singapore for downloading 40 gigabytes of sensitive documents ‘of very substantive commercial value’. <<

Wahaha...no sympathy form me man! Why are they so cock they never vet their outside contractors properly? Or are they chepskates hiring cheap Indian/ Pinoy IT based in Singapore?

Redbean, more details lah.

Anonymous said...

Explosions, Gunfire Rock Indonesia Capital: 4 Dead (1 Cop); 14 Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Involved (ISIS Suspected)


are these two events related?

Singapore to launch a scheme to help companies recruit talents from Indonesia


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Live stream: Jakarta Extravaganza!

See the Indonesian journalists laughing and talking cock...Indonesia, boleh lah!

virgo49 said...

Wah piang, up coming week kena four to five hours body search and jams.

Once a while give u US supporters some fireworks and let u all live in fear.

Ixchy backsides.

Any way we attracted the best black ant talent from the land of rapists.

Need to learn from their talents.

Virgo 49 said...

A dozen so called rag tag "terrorists" and they had to mobile battalions of soldiers, MPS, polis and now army tanks.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is so blessed that no data theft is possible.

What about the confiscation of your life savings, which is your CPF? No? Not theft? Just legally nationalised meh? I thought this is more important to everyone than data.