China sending its professors back to school

No, it is not another cultural revolution. China is unhappy that the academics, especially the professors, that are sitting in boardrooms as independent directors. They are ordering the professors out of the board rooms, to stop corruption. How could this be called corruption? The professors are contributing their expertise in the boardrooms and also to provide the right connections between business and the academia, for the business honchos to tap on the expertise of the professors.

The professors are not the only people banned from independent directorship. Top govt officials holding paid corporate positions in the education sector are also clamped down. The overlapping of govt/academia and business is not acceptable in the clampdown against corruption. ‘The ministry on Nov 3 ordered deans, deputy deans and managers at middle level and above to report their part time jobs, saying those who do not do so in a timely or accurate fashion will be punished based on the severity of violations.’ Bloomberg.

This is one of the things that China did not learn from Singapore. This must be the reason why Singapore is so progressive and China is not. Singapore businesses have no problem with who are their independent directors or where they come from as long as they are honest and incorruptible men and women with the right connections and expertise to add value to the companies. Perhaps this is something the Chinese did not have, honest and incorruptible men and women that can wear many hats and be independent directors and would not be accused of corruption because they are just incorruptible. Just pay them well to make sure they are not corrupt.

With the kind of pay the Chinese are paying, no wonder they have a big corruption problem. They must send more delegations to Singapore and learn from Singapore on how to keep people from falling to corruption. According to world surveys, Singapore is the least corrupt country in Asia. Just pay them not to corrupt.

The only thing good about China is that when it is clamping down on corruption, it is serious about it and big shots are also caught in the net. Xi Jinping was quoted to have said in his book that no one is immune from punishment. China still got a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, Singapore is very small, that's why can afford to pay ministers, CEOS, professors, directors, etc very well mah. Many cities in China are even much bigger than Singapore in terms of population.

So can you imagine if such a big country like China were to do the same? This will bankrupt the country man!

Singapore is unique, that's why learned already also cannot apply in other countries' one. And there are good reasons why Xi jinping's salary is only US$22,000 a year, much less than even my salary as a junior employee in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chua
May I request you take down my comments at 9.48am.
"Going back to school" may have a more positive context here in Singapore versus China.

Thanks for your kind attention.
Sorry for the bother.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:55,

Your comments at 9:48 did not have this quoted by you.
"Going back to school" may have a more positive context here in Singapore versus China.'

You still want to take 9:48 down?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Chua
Yes, please take down my 9.48am comment.
Thanks very much.

And once again, sorry for the bother.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China is one cuntry where the social engineering is more 'garang' than Singapore.

Sorry lah Singapore, on this one you are Number 2. Once in awhile China has to come out to remind the rest of the world that they're still COMMUNISTS and party-apparatchiks still call the shots.

Back to school, you nincompoop fake public intellectual!

Anyone shouting "human rights" yet? Clinton? Obama? New York Times? The Guardian? Glen Greenwald, valiant campaigner for the down-trodden? ...yoohoo...anyone?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. going back to school isn't such a bad idea.

Perhaps someone should suggest sendig Muslim men back to school and TEACHING THEM that it's not cool to form gangs and rape women.

Got religion of peace?

Anonymous said...

rb, what is your view on such incident - HK bookseller went missing?

b said...

China is very big and important to many people in this world including chinese and cannot be managed by corrupted people else will end up like one of those big and poor third world countries. Sending them to school is definitely a good start to polish up their skills.

Anonymous said...

Sg needs to send the Ministers, Civil
Servants and Quasi Government Organizations to ITE for training. Their
Academic Qualifications do not seem to have practical values.

Many are collecting gaji buta(easy money)

Anonymous said...

China cannot afford to have traitors working for foreign forces. Should hang them when caught.

Anonymous said...

During the Qing Dynasty, Emperors Kang Xi, Yong Zheng and Qian Long tried to reform their ( corrupted ) system but in vain.

In all, their reform attempts lasted about 120 years from the late 17th century to end 18th century.

Alas, despite wielding absolute power, their anti-corruption drives failed and about 50 years after Emperor Qian Long's death, the Qing Dynasty was humiliated by a small British Naval Fleet during Opium War I in 1847 despite having a huge population of 400 million and home ground advantage.

Anonymous said...

Just like Singaporeans, home ground advantage, super talents but all useless and need to be replaced by village kids from the third world.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8.36

Nothing is more humiliating than allowing British East India ( private company) to defeat a large empire, India.

India had larger population than employee in the east india.
India enjoy home ground advantage.

Anonymous said...

Rb // The overlapping of govt/academia and business is not acceptable in the clampdown against corruption. //

After the cleanup, China can surpass a tiny "snort" ( bi sai ) in its corruption index in ranking and essence

Anonymous said...

// Xi Jinping was quoted to have said in his book that no one is immune from punishment. //

Does it include traitors?

Anonymous said...

If traitors just passed away already, still can mete out any punishment?

Anonymous said...

Like dig out his grave and whip his corpse?

Anonymous said...

Or seize his urn and pour his cremated remains into an active volcano?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You people did not know the meaning of RIP. Let people RIP lah.

Anonymous said...

Let dead people RIP.

俗语说计生不计死 meaning
do not deal with the Dead.
Let all matters with the Deceased
be done with and closed.
However, there are cases where the
Deeds of the Dead have lingering
and long after effect on others. This
is where the Successor(s) of the
Deceased has to be held accountable
for his/her deed. Worse is if the Successor(s) carry on or even worsens the Misdeed and Wrong. Then there is need to make correction, mete out measure to counter or just end the living evil doer. No punishment is possible on the Dead, but the Successor's extension of the Deceased's misdeed(s) should be stopped at all cost.

Yes, let the Dead rest permanently, in peace or otherwise, but never let the Evil Doers live in peace and worse in power.

Anonymous said...

One Dr Tham reported in the paper that retribution will go down to the 7th or 9th generations.

Anonymous said...

When will that be ?

Year 2000 ?
Year 2015 ?
Year 2020 ?