554 dengue cases over past week

National Environment Agency
Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Tuesday that 554 cases of dengue fever were reported over the past week, an increase of 96 cases as compared to the previous week….
This may signal a future dengue outbreak unless measures are taken to suppress the Aedes mosquito population by eradicating their habitats, NEA said.

The above is an extract from AsiaOne online.

The full report included a chart showing a weekly peak of 842 cases in 2013 and 921 cases in 2014. So having 554 cases in a week is nothing to worry about as it has not hit the previous peak. And it is not an outbreak. What then is an outbreak, above the two previous peaks?

554 cases in a week translate to nearly 80 cases a day. Tolerable? Of course in percentage terms against a 5.5m population it is very small, like the hepatitis C outbreak recently. There are more than 2m foreigners in the islands, no big deal. Maybe compared to 3rd World countries, this is normal.


Anonymous said...

Potential TB outbreak in one hospital.
Killer Hepatitis C outbreak in another hospital
Conjunctivitis outbreak in a 3rd hospital.
And now a potential dengue fever outbreak in the entire country.

Keep voting PAP.
The future is bright.

Anonymous said...

But with 554 dengue cases over the week make the Sinkie opposition stronger and more ready to be govt?

If not, it is still OK, for PAP lah of course, even if it is 1000 cases over the week.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ......

YEW see, the new ministar name in Chinese is "马上高" 。。。。。。。

With such a name ( in charge ), do YEW think dengue outbreak can come down?

Anonymous said...

alamak, all the Millions of $s in covering up drains, increasing the amount of cemented area - and thus heat levels - all not working? no one sent a memo to the mozzies to say, hullo, ah, cant use the grates to fly in and out of the drains to lay eggs/breed?

or perhaps what's being covered up is that the drains are not being cleared and cleaned regularly? and damn but we do need to lean on construction for the economy.

actually Anon9.43am, am quite glad the PAP is still govt, tho I dint vote for them. but with the economy tanking majorly, the S$ falling, the property market inching down (at last!), the health system not ticking too good, it is right that the people who are responsible for all this are the ones to have to sort the crap out, uhhh Refresh things.

pity there aren't more opposition fellas in parliament to slap the drivers around to spur them on. time for us ordinary folk to do the walloping ourselves, instead of depending on others to do the nasty work as we so like to do?

I also believe we need help from foreigners - foreigners of the likes of Albert Winsemius and the HK MTR fellas, not chaps to pack parachutes or fiddle with our IT security systems. but then what would I know....

Anonymous said...

No big deal lah .... 3.5 million Sinkies die no problem ... got 10 million foreigners waiting to take your place in Sinkie-land. Somemore cheaper, better, faster than you.