China should say a big thank you to the USA

This is what visiting Iraq Prime Minister said and reported in China Daily.

‘Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told China Daily on Wednesday.

In an interview on the second day of his first visit to China since taking office in September last year, al-Abadi also voiced confidence over increasing crude oil exports to China, as Iraq is "hoping to double oil exports in the coming years".

He stressed the key role of railways in Iraq and plans to expand the network to about 5,000 kilometers from the current 2,000 km.

Iraq, after the upheaval of recent years, is in dire need of infrastructure as it beefs up economic growth.

Al-Abadi confirmed that Chinese companies "are very interested" in expanding the railway network. Earlier on Wednesday, he attended a meeting of business leaders representing up to 60 Chinese companies involved in sectors including telecommunications, infrastructure and insurance.

"They bring me their technology. ... I think they can expand the network in Iraq," he said, adding that the expanded network "can act both for the people and for goods”’

I am not sure what to say. Are the Americans trying to do a favour to China or the Arab countries by bombing them to Stone Age and allowing China to come in and rebuild these flattened countries?  Would Iraq and other Arab countries be grateful to the Americans for doing them such a big favour, leveling their countries to rubbles and make them easier to rebuild?

I know China would not have to say thank you as their effort to rebuild these broken and destroyed countries would be attacked by the Americans and American media in the name of exploitation and taking advantage of the Arab countries.  They would have nothing good to say. The fact that the Iraqi PM was in China and inviting China to rebuild Iraq speak for themselves.

The American and western media and American step children all over the world can sing all the songs they want about bad China and good America. The fact, the Arab countries are suffering and paying for the crimes of the Americans. And China is there to help to rebuild their countries at competitive Chinese prices.


Veritas said...

The current Iraqi Shia government, though USA try to put her own men, will eventually gravitate to Iran. And Iran having multiple strategic alignment with China will be China's most natural ally.

And one may think why Sunni of Saudi and Gulf states join hand with USA to take down Sunni Saddam Hussein, which then allow the Shia to come to power?

I have no definite answer but I hypothesize that while Saddam is Sunni, his socialism ideology is a far lethal threats in the short run against the Islamofascist sheikh, while the Shia threats are more in the long run.

Many who read CNN tends to think Saddam is a jihad kid, but in reality, Saddam is less sectarian than fucking UMNO. Under Saddam, one can apostasy, and under kepala-buki-Moderate-Malayian-Malay, one cannot apostasy.

If USA allow Saddam to take Kuwait, after sometime, he will have enough power to take on Saudi and the rest of the Gulf states. His socialism appeal is a very attractive idea against Islamofascism. So Saddam must be taken down.

And also one may puzzle why Saudi support westernize Al-Sisi in Egypt in favor of Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt? The reason is Muslim Brotherhood being epouse with Islamic republicanism is another ideological challenge to Saudi whose ideology is Islamic caliphatism.

Anonymous said...

Because Saddam was not as smart as UMNO's Najib mah, that's why Saddam was taken down by USA. And Najib is still going strong despite the very serious WSJ (from USA) allegations about him.

And Chee Soon Juan is also not as smart as the late LKY, that's why he was taken down by LKY. In fact none of the Sinkie opposition leaders are smart, save for WP Teochew Low. But then even WP Teochew Low is also getting a bit stupid, that's why he nearly lost Aljunied.

Veritas said...

The origin of Baath party which Saddam affiliated will make US and Saudi fearful. People are brainwash to think Baath party is jihadist party but in reality, Baath party is socialist, and her founder is a Syrian Christian, Michel Aflaq.

The Baath party have aim to modernize Arabs and they are pan arabist. They strive to be unsectarian. That bring them in conflict with the corrupt Gulf Sheikh.

I pity Sunni Islamo. There were brave men and women who fought for the good of Arabs and Islam. But Sunni who are too unfortunate now go under the spell of Saudi.

The good men are being despised.

Anonymous said...

Najib a potential target for regime change if he tries to turn Malaysia into another fundamentalist state.

Veritas said...

Actually most Malaysian Malay leadership are Islamofascist but some have recently got some cow sense. When Chinese are a lot, Malay hate Chinese and try chase them out, and expect things to be better. Now Chinese is around 25%, and things seems to get worse.

You want to bet with me what is the outcome when the number of Chinese is ZERO?

Very clearly Malay cannot run their country well, and today the most prosperous states are those Chinese states like Penang, and shit states are Malay states like Kelantan.

And trying to convert Chinese only give harm to Malay.

Malay need to learn from Confucianism and convert to "Chinese", a sure formula of success, rather than having Chinese convert to Sunni Islam, up to now, a model for loser and failed state.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese should relocate to states like Penang, Malacca and Johore and leave KL to the bumis and see what will happen after that.

Anonymous said...

RB. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2016.

My personal view is that politic is a dirty game and there is no way we can conclude who is right and who is wrong. Who is the righteous and who is bad. Unless you are Hitler who had full control of his people, almost all Presidents are unable to do as they please.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Anon 11:16.
Happy New Year everyone.

Anonymous said...

"Very clearly Malay cannot run their country well,......"
Veritas 10:41 am

Not really lah. It is just that for some reasons, talented Malays somehow cannot get to become political leaders in Malaysia. That's why the current Malaysian cabinet really sucks, judging from the words and deeds of some of their ministers, and even their PM!

I strongly believe that whatever their race, there will be talented as well as not talented, and good as well as bad people.

Anonymous said...

Unless you are Hitler who had full control of his people, almost all Presidents are unable to do as they please.
December 31, 2015 11:16 am

No need full control of people lah!.
About 60%-70% can already.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that whatever their race, there will be talented as well as not talented, and good as well as bad people.
December 31, 2015 12:22 pm

Not really lah.
All PAP candidates are good candidates.
All PAP Ministers are good Ministers.
All Generals are good Generals.

All schools are good schools.
All hospitals are good hospitals.
All MRT trains are good MRT trains.

b said...

This is the law of nature. C will always benefit the most when A fights B. A, B and C will equally benefit if they all do not fight. Peace is the best and is the key for all the mess in this world. I hope for more peace in this world.

JayF said...

>>some dumpkoff spouting off about Pan-Arabism
>>eve of 2016

Chink Pan Arabism died when the Soviets entered Afghanistan and it was burnt and the ashes scattered once the Soviets left. You can thank the Jews for the continued ass fucking they delivered to their neighbours who clung on to Baathist ideology while their crazy islamist neighbors dealt one bloody nose after another to the hated Jews.

Veritas said...

So many people here dono history.


Veritas said...

There are too many Sunni Muslims have no idea about Arabic geopolitics and history. Whenever I go to Malaysia forum, I dono I want to laugh or vomit.

I bet 99.9% of Muslim do not know that Saddam is in essence more multi-sectarian and many Sunni believe he is Sunni Jihad kid.

99% Sunni will never heard of Gamel Nasser.

How many know that hate between Muslim brotherhood and Gulf Sheikh? When Morsi of Egypt got taken down, again stupid Sunni blame USA. Actually Saudi want him to go.

Anonymous said...

Veritas hate and imagination for Muslims is unbelievable. Saying that Muslims fight each other in Middle East is like saying Chinese fight each other when there is China-Taiwan dispute, or Beijing-Tibet dispute. Saying one group of Muslims hate another because they disagree is like saying Chinese hate each other because of inter-clan fighting.

The reality is that Chinese fight Chinese to the death. If 2 Malays fight, they end up hurt. If 2 Indians fight, they end up hurt. If 2 Chinese fight, one must die. Chinese gang is like that. They will fight over the silliest things and end up killed simply because of "kua simi"?.

When Singapore had many gangsters, it was the Chinese who were the terror gangsters. All cops killed were by Chinese gangsters. Government officials killed were also by Chinese. Remember how CPM killed civil servants on duty? Remember how labour riots were caused by Chinese?

Now if you were to follow Veritas logic, then all Chinese are violent and act like terrorists. That is Veritas way of argument.

Anonymous said...

"When Morsi of Egypt got taken down, again stupid Sunni blame USA. Actually Saudi want him to go."
Veritas 5:50 pm

Not really lah. For being taken down, Morsi himself also got to be blamed too for not being smart and good enough. Because if he is really smart and good, or even smart but bad, nobody can take him down if he does not want to be taken down.

denk said...

malaysia is sovereign,
najib asked the snake to fuck off !
as for sg......

Veritas said...

I only want Sunni to love, whatw wrong?

As for Muslim Brotherhood or Saudi Wahabi, both are like fuck, but Saudi Wahabis sink lower than the sewage running under my toil bowl.

People keep bring up Chinese gangster, but in all statistic even with big presence of Chinese gangster, Chinese has the LOWEST crime rate compared to all community, everywhere in the world -- including Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Chinese the lowest crime rate in the world? Any stats to prove your ridiculous claim? Stop spouting nonsense. You failed miserably thinking Thailand used Chin Peng to stem Muslim growth in Southern Thai. You failed miserably thinking Sukarno wanted to make SE Asia into one big Malay-rule region when he actually supported your ideal which is Chinese Commie rule. You failed again when you try to make it sound Malays high crime rate and quote KL, JB. But those towns are high Chinese population. The ones with low population like in PAS control areas have low crime rate. You fail terribly misquoting sources that don't even support your claims.

At the same time you think China is so darn big. It is because of the ownself kill ownself mindset that is ingrained in Chinese history that is why China always kana rule by weaker and smaller forces. The Mongols, The Manchus, the Angmohs from UK, the Japs. Pls stop accusing others of oppressing when it is the Chinese themselves who ownself kill ownself making themselves weak. If your dick is small, don't cry other people make your dick small. Blame your own farder marder that they pass the genes to you.

Veritas said...

China has even far less homicide rate than the Malaysian Malay shit hole despite being far poorer.

Anonymous said...

China so big that you cannot count every killing in the vast rural land. China has a history of killing baby girls. The one child policy also means many Chinese parents quietly bury their girls and pretend they are childless until they get a son. Yes, that means of if they had 5 girls then a boy, the five earlier girls would have been buried. No one gets to record that. Pleeez, China has the most violent history for the last 2000 years. Ownself kill ownself policy.