Time for lighter moments

I quote some comments from a new citizen posted in the TRE trying very hard to be like a Singaporean. Here you are from a guy called Rayban.

‘I volunteer help PAP and got one yr I donate $250 only. I get invite go up stage hand shaking by MP Foo Mee Har. Below stage, people clap me so loud. I feel so hapy…I receive pretty MP hand shake me. Which better? You go answer.’

I must say he wasn’t trying to be funny. That is how he speaks or posted in TRE. A new citizen, a foreign talent. Please excuse him as English is not his first language, probably learn it from our integration programme.  Looks like he needs more integration than hand shaking.


Anonymous said...

Never mind if his English is not good.
He is integrating with the "correct" people.
As long as he integrates with PAP people.
And stays away from Singaporeans, Workers' party and people like redbean, he will be able to find good jobs.
He will do very well in Singapore.

PAP will teach him where to stand and sit and what to say.
And whether his CPF money belongs to him or the national reserves.

Anonymous said...

Another Yang Yin? Maybe just not exposed yet?

Anonymous said...

Never mind how he speaks as long as his intentions are understood!

Anonymous said...

Foo Mee Har was an ex Malaysian turned ex PR turned citizen turned MP. Heard that she only became a citizen in 2008 and elected as MP in 2011.

Just goes to show how difficult it is for PAP to have all MPs to be true blue Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

True blue sinkies a Threat to the PAPies.

So no true blue sinkie MPs.- the 30 percent Opp voters.

Better get the obedient skunks who obeyed them.

Rather than have true blue sinkies hot on their heels.

Anonymous said...

It looks like this guy 'fool you har' Mr. Redbean. Much like Agongkia trying to pull fast ones on us all the time.

Anonymous said...

The problem with al you lot who has posted above is that you are all jealous. This new citizen who has posted on TRE probably from a very deprived part of the world. He or she has found happiness here in Singapore and you are all so miserable that someone has found a good life here. What is wrong with you lot? Can't you even be happy for this person who has improved his life? Goes to show that you have nothing but hate and jealousy for others who have come to some good fortune. Singaporeans just cannot feel good when someone else find a little happiness. You are such a sad lot.

Anonymous said...

This is something that made us boiled. Government is bullshitting us by telling people that these are foreign talents. If they can speak and write well, we have no problem accepting but look at the way he wrote! How to believe?

agongkia said...

Thanks for having me in mind.
I dun understand what is Rayban trying to say though my English is not good either.
A bit off track but i just want to share my poor neighbour 's recent encounter and his curiousity .
My Chinese neighbour, I call him khongcum, was seeking help at MPS and was interviewed by a Chinese grassroot who helped him to draft a letter at the session.According to him, a foreigner, shabbily dress was sitting beside the grassroot interviewer.
To my neighbour , shirt likely made in india or those sungei road type .Not in white, no name tag...likely seeking help like him.
Neighbour told me its so shameful to reveal in front of the foreign worker about his pride but feel bad to seek interviewer's permission to get him to stay away .

This neighbour of mine was told by me why can't he speak dialect or mandarin instead of English since the interviewer he mentioned can speak.That foreign worker surely is a new citizen and is there to learn the rope .
Moral of story.
1.learn to speak more mother tongue dialect or mandarin and be proud of it.Khongcum deserve to be look down for showing off his Singlish.
2.consider to join them as grassroot to serve your own kind.Else next time true born or not, you just got to beg foreigner. Join the RC.Be part of them.

b said...

There is no welfare here so if people are attracted to this island, it is because they are willing to work hard cheaply for a better life for themselves and their family. We are all migrants descents and at some point our forefathers have the same dreams. It is not easy to live well in sg, it is a very expensive place. Let us be a bit more easy going and accept SOME migrants. Just need the gov to come out with an acceptable quota.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Foo mee har should just fuck him lah. Cheaper than spending $10M of taxpayer money. Then again PAPies don't work for free (they say so themselves). He'll probably need to pay $10M for the fucking.

Anyway no matter how hardworking or talented foreigners are, they are doing it for themselves and their immediate family. Not for s'pore or sinkies or pappies. Most of their money is transferred back to their home bank accounts every month. Before they even consider buying resale HDB or S'pore condo, they will have already first buy a few properties back in their countries.

As long they have jobs, they will stay in S'pore. Once they are jobless or over 50+, they will fuck back to their home countries.

I have many foreigners in my workplace. 99% of them will never retire in S'pore. Many have already bought bungalows, farms, shophouses back in their home countries using SGD savings from their jobs here. Many are already enjoying rental incomes while still working in S'pore. They are constantly preparing for eventual return to their 3rd world homes.

Why so many 3rd world foreigners stepping over each other to work in S'pore?!?! Becoz they can never earn the kind of money they are getting in S'pore.
E.g. An engineer with Masters degree getting only $4K salary here is earning at least 5X-8X compared to back home.
A S-pass degree-holder getting $2.3K is earning 10X what they can earn in Burma or Peenoi-land.
Many such foreigners actually cannot get jobs back in their home countries.
These are actual examples from my foreigner colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Some Bangla Fren working as renovation technician and labourer with one of the Main Contractor that does Upgradings of HDB Estates had invited me to visit their hometowns.
They are drawing 2 to over 3k per month and have been with the Company for as long as 17 yrs.

One owns 3 houses back home and the other has 2 houses and lands.
I had also been shown by an India Indian executive fr the Same Company of his bungalow home in India.

Some indonesian and Philippino maids that work in Sg have landed properties back home too as I had seen them in their mobile phones.
Ironically, their employers in Sin live in dove cages.
However, most Sinkies are proud of themselves claiming to live in First World.

agongkia said...

Tio lah Lau Chek.
Gotong raya no free wifi and poor reception.
Everyone especially Me miss you here.
True blue must stay n not chaboe.
Glad to see back.Heng....Ah.Yam....Seng.

Anonymous said...

Because the workers from 3rd world countries come to Singapore to work and send money home to buy land and properties back in their own countries should not be held against them. It is quite a good scheme. When they have made enough and can retire comfortably at 55 back in their own country is a credit to them. Singaporeans will have to work until death or very old age if lucky. Who is the fool? What says you?

Sheik Yahraz said...

Wah. New citizen volunteer for PAP.

Hmmm....therefore the PAP = Singapore? Is this person a citizen of SIngapore, or a "citizen" of the PAP?

If this clueless newbie cannot make the distinction between "cuntry" and "incumbent political party", then I would say the citizenship process has FAILED and everyone should start treating Singapore more like a HOTEL, because that is what it is more likely to be.