The two most feared political developments in East Asia

I am looking at this from the perspective of the Americans and the Japanese and their interests in the region. There are two developments that would not only make them crazy but turn purple. And they are doing everything possible to make sure that these two events must not happen. There is a third event that is even more fearsome than these two. I shall discuss about that in an article by itself.


What are these two events that the Americans and the Japanese feared most? It is reunification, the reunification of the two Koreans and the two Chinas. When the two Koreans reunite as one people and one country, the American bases in South Korea would have to close shop. There is no need for another Vietnam War or Korean War and it would send the Americans packing. There will be no more opportunities to keep inciting the North Koreans, to provoke them and called them aggressive or part of the Axis of Evil. There will be no opportunities to conduct war games in the seas around Korea. There will be no reasons to force the South Koreans to pay for American protection, to pay for American military hardware. There will be no reason for the South Koreans to put their armed forces under the control of an American general. There will be no opportunities to create false flag incidents to pit the two Koreans to kill each other. And South Korea will become a full fledge independent state, reunited with North Korea in a new, bigger, economically and militarily more powerful Korea.


A new united Korea will be as big as Japan, with equivalent arms to boot and with nuclear weapons. Japan would not be able to play the South Koreans to hate the North Koreans, to perpetuate a divided Korea that would be no threat to Japan. Japan will have to deal with the Koreans as equals, and cannot think of ruling them all over again, and no more wild ambitions on Korean islands and territories.


The first victim of a reunited Korea will be Japan. The Americans will raise their hype of a dangerous Korea to Japan’s security and would insist on having more military bases in Japan to protect Japan. Japan would have to cede more land to the Americans, to pay for American protection and be a confirmed colony of the Americans. After losing their bases in the Korean Peninsula, the Americans have no choice but to turn Japan into its front line of defence against a perceived threat from Korea and China.


And what would happen if China and Taiwan would also reunite at the same time? Both the Americans and Japanese would go bonkers. They could no longer provoke and incite the Taiwanese to irritate the Chinese. They could not play the two Chinese states against one another. There will be peace and unity in the East Asia continent. Japan and its colonial master would find themselves surrounded by China, Korea and Russia. They will be isolated if necessary by the three countries.


When this day comes, there is a great likelihood that Japan too would make peace with Korea, China and Russia and ask the Americans, please go back to America. There is peace in East Asia and there is no need for an American presence in the East China Sea.


For the time being, Japan and the USA will be putting in extra effort to ensure that Taiwan will keep having its independence dream covertly supported by the Americans to be a constant pain and irritation to China. Likewise both Japan and the USA would never allow the South Koreans to reunite with North Korea and would continuously raise the threat of an aggressive and mad North Korea waiting to invade the South and kill the South Koreans.


Veritas said...

Demographically Korean population is just 60% of Japanese and their fertility rate is even lower. One big limitation about Korea is it is even more mountainous than Japan. Also Korean is a far bigger bad ass than Japanese .

Korea have territorial claims again China.

South Korean even claim China manchuria their homeland illegally occupied by China. They say Manchuria former name is "Goguryeo" 高句利 so that means Manchuria belongs to korea.

RIght now, S Korean territorial claims against China is being push back, as CHina say this is between China and N Korea. A unification Korea may be a trouble.

Also many people do not know, in WW2, the Korean serving in Imperial Army is far worse than Japan in atrocities.

Hermit said...

The Korean War was a war between two superpowers in the last century - USSR and US. The real victims were, and still are, the civilian Koreans. There is so much talk about the politics of today's two Koreas. But the real sufferers, who are the ordinary civilians who had their families broken up, are hardly talked about. There is no humanity in war.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can agree from reports that the Korean conscripts in the Japanese Imperial Army were just as brutal as the Japanese. But being bad, nothing compares to what Japanese did to the Koreans during the years of colonisation, something short of American black slavery.

The Japanese were simply wicked beyond words.

Anonymous said...

So curious about the third potential event. what is it? what big alliance or breakup coming up?

Anonymous said...

Around last month 'old' prime minister Goh went to SKorea. He said on tv news reporting, something to the effect that Korea is small, but then to Sg, Korea is very big, still in the context of East Asia, Korea is small.

The said...

/// It is reunification, the reunification of the two Koreans and the two Chinas. ///

Eh, redbean ah, you must be more PC - there is only one China.

Anonymous said...

Most South Koreans (rich) despise the North Korean refugees (poor) that have made a home South Korea.


Is this the same in Singapore?
Do rich PAP citizens despise poor Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

What about Singapore?
Does PAP want to "re-unify" with Singaporeans now that GE 2015 is over?
Or do you think PAP prefers to unify with China, India and the Philippines?

Anonymous said...


Yes I fully support the unification of the "two Chinas", PR of China and RO China. See? Two Chinas! RB is correct! In fact, I support the unification with Taiwan being the central government of the unified republic!

Anonymous said...

No more divide and rule. Just divide the anglophiles to hate China and anything Chinese would be damaging enough.