Has the Singapore Govt gone mad?

An article in the TRE quoted The Telegraph Calcutta with this report, ‘By K P Nayar, New Delhi: The government of Singapore will regulate its citizens’ access to a Madison Square Garden-style reception for Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the massive 100,000sqm, column-free arena of Singapore Expo on November 24.’

Why would Singapore allow a foreign leader to stage such a huge rally here? Who is going to foot the bill for crowd control? Would Singapore also allow Xi Jinping to do the same, or Najib or Jokowi or any other foreign leaders after this incident?  What is the Singapore Govt thinking? Is this a proper thing to do? Is this the new normal, for foreign leaders to address their citizens in this hotel? Would there be Indian flags flying all over the venue and turn it into an Indian Independence Day Celebration? Would Aquino also want to have one here since there are so many Pinoys in the hotel? They tried but aborted last year in the face of public outcry.

Even before this event is held, the move to restrict Singapore citizens of Indian origin to attend is receiving criticisms from India and would likely to get the same from the Indian community here. And not to pour cold water on it, what if the crowd turn delirious and rowdy and run wild?

Just thinking, can any national leader come to this hotel to stir nationalism and national pride in a large gathering of their citizens?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Is this like our MRT system?
Has the PAP government lost control?

GE 2020.
Will the new citizens from India form a pro India political party to run for government?

Is it too late to Vote Opposition to tear up all these treaties with India?
(Probably too late already liao)

Anonymous said...

WE gave PAP 70% and as one opposition party said, please do not complain to us anymore. Opposition parties had presented to voters a full range of menu but you the 70% ignored them and pick your choice. So, what is there to bitch about. Let the government decides for you lah.

Anonymous said...

"Why would Singapore allow a foreign leader to stage such a huge rally here?"

Why? Of course there are good reasons lah.

Why PAP got 70% of the votes in GE 2015? Of course there are also good reasons lah.

And for good reasons too, why RB remain as blogger and did not contest as opposition candidate in GE 2015. And can RB don't mind share the good reason in his next post?

Remember, every event has a good reason why it happen, even though daft Sinkies, being daft, obviously cannot see any good reason at all.

Veritas said...

This Modi is an Hindutva, who have imperial ambition China, and promote Nazisim. When Modi was a state minister in Gujarat, he was responsible for massacre of thousands of Muslims.

And now as an Indian PM, he is the enemies of Tmail, our local Indians brother. His nazi-ism cause him to try doing gangsterism of imposing Hindi in Tamil Nadu. A lot of Tamil Nadu hate him.

Anonymous said...

The resident khongcum has commented.

agongkia said...

Don't be childish and boleow. Restriction does not mean to deny entry.
This is access control for security and safety reason.
China, Malaysia or Indonesia can do the same if they show interest. The reason we allow India is probably she shows interest.
I am more interested if they get more of those original and delicious Apom here.

Anonymous said...

100,000 of them gathering at the same place. Pray nothing bad happens.

Anonymous said...

If the new citizens form a Pro India Party.
I will support and vote for them in GE 2020 if they run against PAP.

Hypothetically, if you see a snake and a PAPig, which one do you kill first?

Anonymous said...

Pork tastes a lot better.

The S said...

He reminded me of his toilet bowls promise. Has he provided all the toilet bowls required by his people? Maybe the restriction is to apply to people who yet to receive their toilet bowls.

The S said...

All indian leaders not good for his people. Indians are better off under chinese leaders. They enjoyed good standard of living when they were under chinese rule long time ago. Buddha is chinese.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Where did you get that from? Gautama Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Beef is just as good.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with foreign presidents & prime ministers to do rallies in S'pore?!? As you already said -- we are a hotel i.e. profit-making cuntry. As long as the ahnehs, cheenas, peenois, angmohs pay top dollar to PAP, they are welcome here to hang their flags and frenzy their shitizens. If got riots or murders or mass killings or explosions or mass shittings or mass littering just send the bills of SPF, SAF, NEA, ISD, SCDF, MHA, MOH to those foreign govts. No big deal. Anyway 70% of dumbass Sinkies want this what. Who are you to deny them this privilege & right?!?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


Hotel Singapore, right on!

Singapore is already Asia's prime space for geo politics. When China and Japan have a beef, they sit down at Shangrila and work out their issues.

When China and Taiwan need to settle their over 60 year "conflict", they also will sit down (today) in Singapore. The 2 offshoots from China's civil war first met, again in Singapore, in 1993. Lee Kuan Yew was INSTRUMENTAL in getting the 2 sides to sit down and talk.

So why not? I agree with @117: let them all come, do their political dances and drop shit-tonnes of money into our Hotel.

The fact that global leaders prefer Singapore for their tax-payer funded junkets and tok-kok sessions proves how FUCKING AWESOME Hotel Singapore is.

You sour grape fuckers need to wake the fuck up lah, and start enjoying life more ;-)

Anonymous said...

A political meeting is very different from a business or commercial gathering. And to have 100,000 foreign nationals gathering in one spot and being agitated about national pride, all it needs is a little incident or accident like Little India and the crowd would go wild.

Would the police be prepared this time and be ready to quell a 100,000 strength mob running wild?

Who approved this meeting?