Conversations for A Truths-Seeking Purposeful Life

Learning a Life Of True Purpose

By Michael Heng


The following Conversations with my good friend, Him, take place in real time over social media:
Him: “U read doctrine of christian discovery?”
Me: “Not yet.” 
Him: “Must read. The source of european domination of afro asia n the americas. They r still trying to hold on to the empire. Forces of history changing. Time to repay their debt of conquest. Europe will fall to the Muslims.” 
Me: “BBC has good stories on Buddha, Confucius & Socrates. Talk further when meet.” 
Him: “Political Science PS 101 : )
Him: “I read the bible many times just to know biblical truths. Even attended alpha course. Not impressed. Only confirms bible has two sides like God has two sides, the good side n the evil side.” 
Me: “Actually, only the Truth and others, but no sides. The pursuit & uncovering of this Absolute Truth is what I am interested in now. Basically, the Truth of Christ points to the other Truths as the Holy Spirit enlightens me.”
Him: “The truth of jesus' teaching is wat he said. 'The secrets to the kingdom of heaven have been given to you.' Unfortunately no one knows wat r these secrets.” 
Me: “Actually, the "kingdom of heaven" is HERE on earth, not somewhere in some future place. Christ said: "It's within you." Elsewhere repeatedly, he said that the "secrets" consist of just "worshipping" God the Creator, and ACTIVELY help the poor, sick, women, widows, children & orphans. Nothing else matters in true & authentic Christianity. All else is fluff & hollow designed to profit the power elite, mostly priests, theologians & lay leaders in the church. The real "Church" composes of INDIVIDUAL Christians & NOT in buildings & institutions. Each Christian is the self-sufficient Church of Jesus Christ. The "authentic" Christian is evidenced by his/her "fruits" of good work in the name of Christ.”
Him: “Doing good is in most religions. Goin to heaven is a different thing altogether.” 
Me: “There is no going anywhere. Here and now is all there is. Doing good & doing right NOW are the only most important things. Cannot worry about the irrelevant "next" life. Just start living this current one right while worshipping God. Let's continue when we meet.”
Him: “U been reading buddhism: )”
Me: “I know Buddhism b4 accepting Christ. We are who we are - all "sinners" before God. Desire, warts and all define mankind. Impossible to suppress or overcome desire. No human effort is effective to make us "good" enough. That is NOT life's purpose or objective. Like it or not, it is to "know the True God and worship Him". Period. Do not fight & kill one another over religion. True religion makes a person "better" than he can ever be as defined by whether his fellow men can "see" Christ in him.”
Him: “What is the common spiritual practice of all religions.”
Me: “All religions prey on fear. Fear of hell, of eternal damnation, of continuous never-ending "punishments" for various human weaknesses & imperfections, of death and of the "end" of this life. That's how "holy men" gain power over devotees. True religion offers real freedom and sense of liberation in the loving forgiving bosom of God. He said: "you have been forgiven of every sin, current & future, AND I, God, will remember them no more". How's that for absolute true freedom!”
Him: “I m looking at meditation as the way to enlightenment. Jesus did the same n spoke abt it many times. Believers dun understand or did not want to understand this most impt part of his teachings. Many parts must hv been edited fr the bible.”
Me: “Meditation as part of the worship of God is indeed Christian practice. Unlike other meditations which recommend "blanking out" or escape the man-made social realities of pain, sickness, crime, poverty and human relationships. More important is to demonstrate God-likeness in our ACTIVE conduct towards humans, animals & climate around us.” 
Me: “Enlightenment" refers to the continuous discovery of the Truths.”
Him: “Not really. Jesus was enlightened the same way as Gautama (Buddha). Both had the same experience, one after 40 days n one after 49 days of meditation.”
Me: “Both shared their "discoveries" of the Truths that they found until their respective deaths. Truths continue to be unfolded to the seekers, meaning those of us who want to pursue them. Buddha's Truths excluded God's role; Christ included the role of the Creator, which to me embraces the "larger" Truth. Christ did not end there - He said his Truth will lead us into "other" Truths. All Truths overlapped, since no one could humanly discover exactly the same amount of knowledge. They merely shared what they believe to be SUFFICIENT for existence in this world. That's why there is consensus on the overlapped common Truths, but considerable diversity and contradictions outside the overlaps. Focus should be on inside the overlapped Truths. The test is whether one is "comfortable" with the unfolding Truths. No need to force others to believe the same; once absolute Freedom is attained in the mind and soul, the believer knows and will adapt physically. He experiences what the bible refers to as the "peace that surpasses all understanding". That I have experienced on some occasions. And that's why I know my God is real.”
Him: “What is truth?” 
Me: “The absolute Truth or Reality is enveloped by onion-like layers of man-made delusions, philosophies, religions, knowledge and superstitious beliefs and practices. It lies at the core. Try taking a large onion and start peeling off its layers one at a time. Imagine the false reality onion which is many thousands time bigger with overlapping layers. What lies at its Core is the answer to your question, which may never be obtained in your lifetime; and neither do u need it in order to live the rest of your life. We can however embark on realistic journeys towards the Core Truths. For me, the Final Truths have to do with worshipping God the Creator; and to Love my fellow men actively as much as I love God and loved ones. These 2 journeys are sufficient endeavors for the rest of my remaining life. I will continue to peel off the "onion-like" layers of false realities in my writings & speeches. 
Him: “The peeling analogy is like knowing ur true self. The part abt loving god n praising god - does god need to b loved n praised when he is everything n needs nothing?”
Me: “Not the Christian God. The Christian God loves being worshipped through praises & thanksgiving music and songs. This is evident throughout the bible. That's why He created human beings to enjoin Him in the celebration of life. Such Godlike human qualities are also in us since He created us in His image as the bible said.
Him: “The christian god is the god of israel. Actually all the assumptions abt god is a human interpretation of wat is god. We live not to love god. We live n we make meanings of our own existence. Is there a purpose n wat is this purpose? To love god, cant b right?”
Me: “God is the God of all He created. Israel did not invent God. God appeared to Abraham, the Father of those referred to later as the Jews. God also appeared to many, many other early and earlier civilizations. But NOT all the early Gods refer to the SAME God the Creator. Many are imposters, who are quickly found out and abandoned. I think if you want to know who is the True God ... Better to discover Him yourself, if serious want to. It's a personal discovery. Different religions have it own "formula". Choose wisely; pray to the True God to guide your choice. 
Him: “I always find this obsession to praise god n love god amusing. It is like a loveless god craving for love n attention. N he is there to meddle with everyone n displeases with man not wanting to know him or to believe him, not to love him. My view, god is too big to indulge in such things. He creates man to know him?”
Me: “Depends on which religion u want to use to talk about God. Again it is not what u think about God that matters, it's what God think about you.” 
Him: “U r saying god is thinking abt everyone n wat each ind thinks abt him?”
Me: “God doesn't think about everyone; He knows each one of us.” 
Him: “Exactly. U r talking abt the all knowing, hv everything n does not need anything. The christians believe they r connected to god n know god while other believers r connected to anything but not god. This is just a belief wld u think so?”
Me: “Yes. That's just Christianity the religion. Others have their own beliefs in their religions; and they shd feel comfortable in those beliefs. No need to argue relative merits ... There are no merits in any religion. Truths are independent of religious and man-made beliefs.”

Him: “I see u r getting closer to the real thing, religion a man made self delusion. God is not confined by any religion: ) i m still asking a lot of questions but no satisfactory answers. Still searching n waiting for the truth whatever that maybe.”


agongkia said...

Doesn't understand what's this about.
Me only believe in working hard and long hour for a honest living and be a good citizen.
Any God that can stop suckers from sucking my hard earn money or punish them for doing so,or in exchange have sympathy on me and let me strike Toto in the coming million dollar draw or allow me to marry any number of wives that I wish to without being charge in court...
Grant me many children. ..
That will be the God that I will believe and kowtow to. Oo Bo?

Anonymous said...

Bo liao, bo tau nau.
How to understand?

Anonymous said...

Who Bo liao bo tau nau? agongkia or Ah Pui?

Anonymous said...

If you have to ask?

Anonymous said...

PAP never talk like this one. PAP talk zua zee $$. With $$, at least 70% will understand.

Anonymous said...

Socrates was put to death for searching the Truth.
Thrasymachus debated with Socrates about Truth and was wise not to pursue further and disappeared without getting harmed.
Jesus was killed on the cross for talking about the Divine, apparently his killers were not afraid of his(Jesus) heavenly father or downright disbelieved him(Jesus).

People of the Orient have other philosophies of beings and religious belief that were, are different from the Jewish Version and many are, were older than Christianity.

Searching for the Truth by relying on the Past Belief and Faith of Other will not yield any enlightenment.

The Truth and Purpose of Being is to accept that beings come and go, nothing is permanent. Whilst as beings, accept the Fate that one faces, be it good or bad.

Be good and do less evil is to live a purposeful life.
To wish for heaven, the fastest way is to leave Earth as fast as possible for the longer one remains on Earth, it is inevitable that one will accrues and accumulates more sins and sufferings.
Age respects no beings.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ confused, but can succeed:

>> Still searching n waiting for the truth whatever that maybe. <<

Do yourself a huge favour and learn how to think critically first. I'm talking about formal and informal logic. These are fundamental TOOLS (imperfect and limited but they are still our best tools) which are required. There are many resources o the net, and many individuals contributing in blogs, articles and media like YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks etc.

When you're done with that, go the NEUROSCIENCES route, especially cognitive behavioural neuroscience. In thinking, be aware of where you can go wrong, instead of most people's ego-driven desire TO BE "RIGHT" and impress their peers.

The main "problem" to truth-discovery (it'll also help to define what you really mean by "truth") is that "we" are our brains. i.e. "you" are whoever your brain "constructs", and the "reality-out-there" (i.e. our environment, what we think of as "separate" from us) is also a brain-constructed on-going process.

If you say, "god" is a human-brain construct, then I put it to you that "spirituality" is also an idea made-up by the brain.

What we know as "consciousness" is a result of about 5% of brain activity. Many neuroscientists believe that consciousness in itself serves NO PURPOSE, but is an EPIPHENOMENON which EMERGED during the evolution of a BIG, energy-hungry brain that has a prominent NEOCORTEX ('new rind') which perform "higher functions" of the brain, many of which we can control or influence or investigate, and even COMMUNICATE, because our BIG BRAINS have enabled us to create machines, tools, language, culture etc. and most importantly the ability to:


P.S. Outside of mathematics, there is no such thing as "absolute" truth. For absolute lies, try any religion ;-)

Anonymous said...

So? You talked so much but as good as saying nothing.

What do you know of the truth or you no nothing about the truth?

Anonymous said...


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

>>> https://www.facebook.com/risenmovie/ ===> Jesus, the Jewsih Zombie. 3 days dead. Then "arose" and reanimated. Zombie Jesus died for your sins, but he's coming for your BRAIN :-)

Offended? I hope so. All religion offends ME. So back at you then ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seeking for the Truth itself is
a purpose.
However, the Truth is elusive.
Beings shall never know the
Purpose they are made for. No
being requests or demands to
be born. If it does, it would have
asked for invincibility, all
powerful and never dies. No being
is in total command of its' destiny.

Man needs not be too imaginative
or too ambitious, death is a leveler
for all beings and it is naturally so
so that no one gets to gain or suffer
eternally and forever. Here, one can
allude to or feel that there is an arrangement or design to exact
fairness somehow.

Sentient Beings are born with senses
and feelings, as such, there is much
endeavours in humans, amongst which
is the Search for the Truth.
And the Truth is; no one lives long
enough to get to know it(Truth)

I am speaking tge Truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you