Freedom of Navigation, a cunning American move

In the name of Freedom of Navigation, FON, just like in the name of human rights, the Americans are accusing the world, particularly China and the Soviet bloc, of violations but the truth is that the Americans are the worst violators of human rights and FON. They killed the natives in North America and seized their land under the Doctrine of Discovery, where the inhabitants are presumed to be sub humans and have no rights to their land. So it is only fair and just and god given to take over the lands of natives, killed them in the name of God or civilized them in the name of European civilization.

And being the Number One super power and self appointed world cop, they asserted the right to intercept ships of other nations, boarded them, searched them and arrested the crews and detained the ships in open seas. This is what the Americans called Freedom of Navigation but under the control and supervision of the American navy. They have violated the rights of many countries in international waters. Now they are using the same trick to call China building lighthouses on their islands a cunning trick. Did China seize the islands from the natives? Did China kill the natives in the islands to take over their land? And has China imposed any restriction on FON in the South China Sea?

Reuter reported a ‘Trevor Hollingsbee, a retired naval intelligence analyst with Britain’s Defence Ministry, said building lighthouses on the reclaimed reefs was a “rather cunning” move by China.’ Was the selling of opium in China a cunning British move to poison the Chinese and to start a war with China? Were the signing of protection treaties with African countries, India and Malaya to colonise them also cunning moves of the colonialists?

What is more important and serious is the American’s cunning trick of using FON to control the whole of South China Sea. The Americans again have appointed themselves as the gangsters that owned the South China Sea in the name of FON and would sail and fly their weapons of war all over the South China Sea as if they owned them. And there is also the small town self proclaimed sheriff in Australia claiming a right to carry its little water pistol to strut around under the watchful eyes of the big gangster.

And the silly Asean countries could not see the implications that the Americans and Australians are saying they owned the South China Sea.  But what can you expect from dull minds not knowing that they have lost the whole of South China Sea to a cheap American cunning move? While they tried to compete with China to claim little uninhabited islands, they did not know that the whole area is now controlled by the Americans?


Virgo49 said...

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Who cares white Bros for zzz Me or against Me rhetoric

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Trevor Hollingsbee said...

Most honoured to be quoted in your blog. Thanks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are welcomed to the blog Trevor.