Vote for honest men that don’t tell lies

One of the key agenda in this GE is about good honest men and women to be worthy to be in Parliament. We need good, decent men and women with high integrity and moral conscience to sit in the highest body of the land. And when I say honest and decent men and women, they must not be honest but keep telling lies or telling half truths or selected truths. The voters are not daft, they know who are the honest men and women that are telling lies with their eyes wide open.


In another few days the voters will be voting. They must vote for honest men and women that will tell us honestly the cost of building a HDB flat. They must vote for honest men and women to tell us how many Singaporeans are employed or unemployed in employment statistics. Yes, Singaporeans did not want to read statistics that said ‘locals’ meaning citizens and non citizens but PRs.  Singaporeans demand honest men and women to tell us the truth in these statistics. We do not want to read ‘locals’ and finding ourselves asking, how many in the ‘locals’ are Singaporeans and how many are not. Honest men must not lie. Do they?


We want to know what is happening to our reserves and our CPF money. We want to know how much is there and who is managing what and who is being paid what. Why got no honest men and women wanting to tell the truths?


We also want honest men and women to tell us what is the full income of a minister and appointment holders, basic plus plus and indirect income from other appointments.


We want to know who are the politicians receiving pensions and how much they are being paid. These are money paid legally and legitimately and there is nothing to fear and nothing to hide. There must be transparency before honesty.


We need honest men and women to tell the people how many CECA and similar free trade agreements that allowed foreigners freely into our country to apply for jobs have been signed.


We need honest men and women that would not tell lies, to tell us the negative consequences of high population in our country.


We need honest men and women to tell the people that the Town Council scheme is flawed and meant to serve a different objective than expressed, and the Medishield Life scheme is designed for other intentions and motives. We need honest men and women to tell us that the Medishield Life scheme is not profit making and the profits will be ploughed back to the people to lower the premiums.


Would there be honest men and women who are honest enough and sincere enough to tell the people the above answers? Would there be honest men and women who believe in honesty and integrity and live by them and not doing the opposite and living a life that is anything but honesty and integrity?


Can an honest man be dishonest? Can a man talking about integrity be lacking in integrity?  Where are the honest men and women, please kee chiu and answer the above questions.


Anonymous said...

After a slow start, SDP is starting to catch fire. Their team and message have found fertile soil in Holland-Bukit Timah because of the unique demographic characteristics of that GRC. Consequently, the probability that SDP will win Holland-Bukit Timah is now > 50%.

On Lina Chiam, there is some speculation that she will not be able to recapture Potong Pasir due to the low key nature of her campaign. The probability of her being able to win remains unchanged. The sympathy vote for Mr Chiam is strong. There were a lot of guilty consciences in Potong Pasir after the narrow loss in 2011. With the P65 demographic change and opposition renaissance led by WP, the probability that Chiams will be able to reclaim Potong Pasir stands at above 50%.

Mounbatten SMC is another SMC that is slowly coming into play. Jeannette has been running a decent campaign but she has been overshadowed by the gains made by WP and SDP. The demographic characteristics for Mountbatten SMC are similar to that of Holland-Bukit Timah. While she is still behind at the moment, the gap is so small that it can be easily closed.

Based on the above, the probability that the PAP will lose the 2/3 majority is now > 50%.

Anonymous said...

We want the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.
Not half truths.
Not hard truths.

GE 2015.
Let's bury the horrible legacy out of our lives once and for all.

Anonymous said...

All the honest men are in Opposition parties.

People like LTK and CSJ are some of the most honest and capable people. RB hit it on the nail again. Vote for honest men like LTK and CSJ that don't tell lies.

We need honest people like them in Parliament who will defend and expand the Singapore core and bring prosperity and progress to the nation again.

jjgg said...

RB never check the barometer of truth n transparency..why our non performing stock market still tumbling in an election year? No PAP euphoria meh? Has the flight of funds already started? PAP gave up institutional support of GLC shares to create feel good factor? Wah piang eh!!

Anonymous said...

While acknowledging the contribution of the ruling party over the last 50 years, we must not allow 1-party dominance in our political system as circumstances have changed both domestically and internationally. As witnessed by many of us, positive and constructive changes have taken place after the 2011 elections, and credit must be given to the opposition party.

Anonymous said...

When a person has to stress that he is honest, got integrity, trust him, no need to question him, have faith in him, my conclusion, that is a CON MAN.

Anonymous said...

Even in the first generation PAP leaders, where the spirit of serving was geniune, they system still throws up Phey Yew Kok, Teh Cheang Wan, Wee Toon Boon and a host of other lesser dishonuest leaders.

In this age of greed, with aspiring leaders telling you they want to serve you today, but run away to a safer constituency for a 'sure win' feeling, how do you reconcile that with a 'pure heart', honesty (with what they say and do) and their brand of saying, but not doing, kind of genuine desire to give back to society?

Anonymous said...

RB, you nailed it squarely. These are some of the questions many want to ask them. What is honesty and how honest are PAP candidates. Can there be a situation where PAP only tell you the portion that is true and hide away the lies from the people? Take Minister of Manpower for example. When he says good jobs are given to locals (truth) but how many are actually Singaporeans? Locals in their context includes PRs and Singaporeans. I am very afraid of people who sell this "honesty" koyok. If there are true honest men, there will be no need for religion.

Anonymous said...

Direct lying is one thing that we can hear and see. Selective lying, by way of subduing what they do not want you to know, and drumming what they want you to know is even more undesirable. And with the control of the MSM, this is even more distructive. Thankfully, we have the internet, where truth and lies co-exist, but blatant lies will be shot down immediately. Not so for the MSM, which is blatantly one sided and bias to the core.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are honest liars! People who can honestly lie with a strait face!

We don't need people who employ church sermon tactics as proof of their half-truths and lies, like a certain Pastor Khong. You hear such tactics being used ad nauseum in the National Day Rally speech. When he uttered a statement, he supported it with one of two of his personal anecdotes as proof of his point. In fact, it is no proof at all of anything! There are always exceptions to the normal that one can bring up in any situation. Like they say, one swallow does not usher in the summer. Such anecdotes are often only used in church sermons to convince the hardcore believers, who don't need to be convinced in any case. Non-believers will never fall for such trick! Such is the wily ways of the PM and his PAP stoogers. Only daft Sinkies fall for it.

Goh said...

I dare say I am honest with integrity and do not tell lies. .
Out of 10 mei meis 6 will continue to trust me because I do not lie.
Even if i lie , it is a white lie , a lie for the benefit of everyone.
That is why I will be trusted and supported , maybe this year , by more mei meis again.

patriot said...

As a Senior Citizen, I only wish that we have virtuous folks with conscience to lead us.


I am 64+ year old and if I average my monthly salary at $1.8k per month since I started work in 1972 after National Service,
43 years less than $1millions



Anonymous said...

That National Day Rally 2015 video is getting on my nerves, repeated throughout the day, on every TV channel. For a non-believer like me, it is a nusiance, a turn-off from the programme and it makes me sick. For the converted it is the gospel truth, but serves no purpose, other than instilling the 'feel good' sentiment for the silly brood.

Anonymous said...

6 continue to trust.

Where's the other 4 ?

Y 4 no trust U ?

R U insinuating that
60% r diehard fools ?

Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Agongkia is honest, for how can he tell lies in his state?

But the white lies that he tells, hmmm, reminds me of something 'white' that probably gives him the inspiration to tell white lies. Anyway, mei meis care little about black or white lies. They only care about money.

Anonymous said...

'Even if i lie , it is a white lie , a lie for the benefit of everyone.'

Yes, it is ok to tell white lies and called yourself honest. The whiter the lies the better.

Goh said...

Uncle Patriot.
You not the only Sinkie not becoming millionaire.
Me too slog for years also cannot become millionaire and even otarng here n there .Consider Garmen good never bankrupt me.
But no regrets because I not greedy.
YOU too can make million by working harder and longer hours.
Or go buy ToTo..every week got chance to become millionaire, or want instant, join the talents and become the You Know Who:-)

Goh said...

4 are lazy n choosy, not productive n refuse to produce.Entitlement mentality.

Anonymous said...

Transparency will help checked those who want to habitually lie. And PAP is in this category.

Unless you are a truly godly honest man, fearing & loving God, you can be bought by money.

It's just a question of price and circumstances. To some $10, to others $1mln, to another $10mln, to even another $100mln, etc.
Singaporeans, PAP politicians and paper generals and civil servants have confirmed this again and again.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia ah??

Don't throw too much monies on women, wine and songs, work for forty years can be half million hairs lah.

Like one of my childhood bujang bapok friend of sixty five years. Worked non.stop 40 years with no hdb flat to his name but got small apartment in melaka.

When young before hai jai got bombed bombed today, maked thrice monthly primage to see thai lovers and friends.

Now dried dried, lucky still got some reserves from cpf and no neeed pick cardboards for excerise as sermoned by pap ministers.

So don't anyhow throw monies to me is meis. Like wise matilah. Retribution comes very fast.

Goh said...

Adoi Lau chek Virgo..
Moral of your story? Cpf is good?
The reason Sinkies become poor and cannot become millionaire is becos they throw money on meimeis.
Another Teng ah Gee.
No maoshanwang for you!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Honesty these days is overrated lah. We have superb algorithms for assessing the truth of just about any testable and measurable situation. No human "morality" (and old fashioned concept) required.

BTW, EVERYONE LIES. Including the presumptuous holier-than-thou, self-appointed arbiter of truth, and self-anointed prophet morality: redbean.

Anonymous said...

You called RB a liar, you mother cockle sucker. Oh dear, heard you are now abusing your daughters.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, is a hero. A courageous, dare to stand for underdogs guy. He is the LTK of the internet. Clap! clap! clap!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh. In this country tell lies can still be called honest.
Crooked people can be men of integrity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 141

>> He is the LTK of the internet. <<

Yes, but they both are human and therefore lie.

>> Clap! clap! clap! <<


Anonymous said...

They never say they are so honest and so integrity.

Anonymous said...

Oxygen posted this in the TRE.

'THEY ARE SO DESPERATE, RUTHLESS, DANGEROUS AND CARELESSLY STUMBLING NOW – too risky to vote them. They know ALL their major POLICY PILLARS have collapsed and VOTERS are deserting them in proportions WAY BEYOND THEIR WILDEST IMAGINATION.

The key Ministers are pleading and begging for elderly voters to stay loyal to them BUT THEY IMPRISONED OUR CPF minimum sum – WHICH IN REALITY IS THEFT OF OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY.

I am INCREASINGLY CONFIDENT that the PAP is at its death door in this 2015 GENERAL ELECTION.'

patriot said...

Got to say that I have the Greatest Fun visiting this Site.
Okay, it is more than fun; Redbean provides much facts about livings in Sin. My Idol Matilah Singapura gives the Global Perspectives and Agongkia provides his working and living cultures.

Like most other Sinkies, Agongkia works hard and long hours. Meimeis are his only love after money. He loves money more, so he works hard, the Meimeis also love his money more than he himself, so 4 do not last long with him and 6 got a little more to share for the time being. The trust will dry up when Agongkia also dries up in semen and in money.

The Trust he talks about is tangible, but not applicable to the Trust the Rulers talk about.
The Rulers want the People to trust their honesty and integrity and want the People to respect their authority, believe in them and reward them anyway they(Rulers) deem fit. In short, the Rulers are demanding blind faith from the People.

Liked Agongkia, the Rulers made promises and never deliver. They are harmless white lies, says Agongkia the
Philosopher philanderer.

Do You Agree with Agongkia?
It will be good to have the Views of Redbean and Matilah Singapura.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

>> They are harmless white lies, [..]

Do You Agree with Agongkia?

Absolutely lah. White lies is the "social glue" which binds cultures, societies and their people together. Without white lies, our species will crumble and go extinct very quickly. Nothing would get done. Commerce and production would grind to a halt.

However, if you have the balls, TRY THIS. I doubt if Asian cultures are ready for it (saving face means you will at some point have to LIE). I tried it and lost (so-called) "friends". "Truth" is often not pretty, nice or welcome.

Ok, you can drop the "my idol" shit now lah. Honestly, it makes me squirm. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Men and women of integrity, I choose you.