Racism hitting a new high in Malaysia

In my last article I thought by telling the ethnic minorities to steer clear of the current political tussle and fallouts they would be safe. By the look of things, they cannot walk away from trouble and trouble is going after them. And they know the situation is dire and MCA President Liow Tiong Lai made a call to Najib to express his concern for the safety of the Chinese.

After the Red Shirt rally many thought it was over and peace would return. There is a Jamal Md Yunos bent on holding another rally tomorrow to march into Petaling Street to protest against the shops mostly owned by the ethnic Chinese. Jamal has been alleged to have threatened the Chinese community during the 16 Sep rally.  His agenda is quite obvious and this time sparks will fly as they are more prepared to do what they failed to do in the last rally.

Najib on the other hand has been very supportive of the Red Shirt rally and likely to support this rally tomorrow. Fear is every where.  Liow Tiong Lai, the Transport Minister, has been quoted in an Agencies report to say, ‘It is obvious that the rally goers intended to stoke fear and create racial tension. BN must take stock and put a stop to this unhealthy problem immediately.’

The big question is whether Najib would do anything and it is looking very unlikely while he is fighting for his own survival. A rioting on the streets would be a great reprieve to take the heat off him and redirect the attention away. The ethnic minorities in Malaysia, particularly the Chinese, would bear the brunt of any break down of law and order tomorrow. Their are well being and safety are hanging on tender hooks.

What is going to happen tomorrow is harrowing.


Anonymous said...

Racism may be hitting a new high in Malaysia.
Do you think Glencore is making a new low in the stock market?

Does Temasek have a 'long term" (ha ha) investment stake in Glencore?


Glencore's share price performance since it's IPO in April 2011.
81% decline since IPO.
See chart link below.


Do you think redbean should start a death watch blog on Glencore and other Temasek investments?

agongkia said...

There is actually no trouble at all but the trouble is there are troublesome kaypohs keep thinking there are troubles when actually no troubles to trouble them.
Troublesome kaypohs cannot solve their own troubles but like to trouble themselves with imaginative troubles and troubles themselves by writing about troubles when actually there is no trouble. Best joke is these troublesome jokers take the trouble to go all the way to do shopping and play golf there but keep claiming its a place of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Is Glencore in danger of failing once it loses it's investment grade rating?
Is Goldman Sachs taking the short side of the trade and betting against Glencore?

See interesting article below.


" Why is Glencore's IG rating so critical? As explained above, Glencore is really not so much the Lehman as the AIG of the commodity world: without an investment grade rating, a self-reinforcing collapse will begin that could ultimately terminate Glencore's trading desk, in the process liquidating one of the world's biggest commodity trading counterparties. "

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

If you're Chinese and Malaysian, better have a valid passport and enough gas in your car to get to Singapore or Hat Yi. Obtaining a firearm (which works!) might not be such a bad idea too ;-)

WOW! Imgaine the Malaysian Ringgit dropping to Rupiah levels!


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. It is not all "bad news". Malaysia need to be taken down a peg or two, and their markets walloped so Singaporeans can take advantage of the situation. What I want to see is CAPITAL FLIGHT so that everything drops like nangkah busuk (rotten bread fruit).

Imagine the possibilities!

Chinese, take your money and split. Teach those UMNO cunts a nice Hari Raya lesson.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, why don't u go attend the demonstration. Likely they will slice your balls off and without your two tiny. How on earth u can hug Mei Mei again?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Possible terrorist attack in Bukit Bintang

Fucking hell. Alor Str---one of my favourite places in KL to eat spectacular BABI (pork) food!

Anonymous said...

@ September 25, 2015 12:45 p.m.

Please learn to take a longer term view of things like investments.

"24,000-hour PSI reading a better reflection of haze condition in S’pore"


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sorry Agongkia, we are the kaypohs, but you are not up to it in intellect to understand what we kaypohs are saying. You should spend more time with your Penang durians. That is about the level you could understand.

My apologies to make you work so hard trying make sense of what we are saying. If it is too hard on your head, best not to think. Anyway whether you think or not thinking it does not make any difference.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh Anon 11:51,

Glencore is long term investment. Think 50 years ahead. Maybe in SG100 Glencore would become a gem if it is still around.

Wait till it becomes a penny stock then it is time to throw a couple to thousands into it and hope for a miracle to happen.

Anonymous said...

There is a Jamal Md Yunos bent on holding another rally tomorrow to march into Petaling Street to protest against the shops mostly owned by the ethnic Chinese.

I would think this Matland Jamal is just like the Pinoy Ello who was sentenced to 4 months jail in Sinkieland.

A lot of thunder, but no rain, not even lightning.

Another rally perhaps but for sure there will be no riots or violence this Saturday. Because if there is, Najib and Jamal will also lose. And Jamal owns a resort and seafood restaurant, and is also a luxury car dealer, u know.

Anonymous said...

After the GE Agongkia can take down his mask to show who he really is though everyone already knew who he was long ago. Now we are waiting for him to use his real name to tell us how proud he is of his identity. Or he would still want to hide his identity knowing that people will spit at him?

Anonymous said...

They want blood on the street and buildings burning as excuses to clamp down on everything including 1MDB. If not Dr M would continue with his attack on Najib.

Be warned, this rally is real serious and something real bad will happen.

Anonymous said...

This red shirt rally has everything to do with Najib and his gang inciting from behind. He is really desperate to go to such lengths to play the dangerous race card. If not tackled properly it will be a disaster for Malsysia. I hope it is still not too late to calm the situation, not inflame it with more arm raising and shouts.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, you are a dimwit happily living in a well and do not want to know what is happening outside the well. So you think you are very safe inside the well and can be isolated from events outside.

Anonymous said...

Ahgongkia is probably right this time.

Be it Malaysia or any other countries, in this internet age, most beans are rational and they know the dire consequences of violence.

Eirolean Countries are taking in 10s and hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and Asian Refugees of almost all Muslims and Non Whites.

The Regime in Malaysia should also know that Malaysia cannot afford any racial discrimination against any of it's component population. And especially if discrimination is manifested in violence.
Such an act or even failure by the Malaysian Authority to prevent any Racial Violence against any Races could very well send Malaysia reeling
to it's knees for many decades to come
or even totally change ownership.

Most tribes in the Present Era understand that peace is the Only Way to make living safe. Peace also give beings the chance to prosper and live a good life. So, only fools resort to violence to settle unhapiness over any issues.

However, despite most common folks are enlightened, there always remain a minority of extremists and violent people in every tribes. These folks have to be reined in by the Authority, especially those incharge of Law and Order. The Malaysian Authority may like to show the World that they are efficient and will ensure that Malaysia shall be a safe place for all Law abiding people, including tourists and foreign settlers.

Peace be with All.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the people in charge are themselves the problem. They need the Malay votes and support, hence they must be seen to fight for Malay rights and flashing the keris in Parliament. And having been the favoured race under the NEP for decades, they Malays are not going to give all this up without resorting to unfair means or otherwise.

And when the people in charge knows that they are loosing support with all the corruption up to the top, they are playing the race card in the last desperate move. Difficult days are still ahead for Malaysia. Racial riots will reduce the country into the position of the 'sick man of Asia'.

b said...

Every time malaysia economy declines, they (the leader) will play the race card. Its never about his incapability, stupidity, laziness etc.

Anonymous said...

@ September 25, 2015 4:09 p.m.
What about Singapore?
Is the following statement true or not?

"Every time PAP vote declines, they (the leader) will play the economy card. Its never about his incapability, stupidity, laziness etc. "

I think PAP is above such scare tactics.
PAP is a very honourable and capable party.

agongkia said...

Anon 2.14pm
Wow.You still new here ah.
Me, a descendent of China Zhangzhou Hokkien....Great grandpa landed in Medan and Penang.. , a hardworking farmer and rubber tapper,was once a secret agent collecting funds for China to fight against Jeepoonkia during WW2.
Me, a Somapah boy, now a Tampines kaypohkia mingling with the elderly bortartcheh apek n ah erm.

Though poor , powerless and a nobody, anyone who know me will not spit on me.
Even if you spit on me, I will just wipe your saliva away and thank you for your act.
Many including the chenghu oredi know who I am except you.Meet me one day I buy you kopi:-)

Goh Ah Gong aka agongkia

Anonymous said...

The racist bumi better take note that they no longer can kill Chinese at will. China will be watching and would not look away.

Anonymous said...

With or without China watching, there is absolutely no reason for the Malaysian Government to allow racial discrimination against any minorities.

The many Indigenous Tribes that inhabit in much of the Malaysian inlands and less inhabited shores and islands are as deserving of fair treatment as any other settlers. It is call Human Rights Universally.

Anonymous said...

Red shirt leader Jamal arrested.

So the rally might not even take place after all, let alone violence and riots.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good that there are centres of reasons to stop this vicious attempt to shed blood on the streets. The arrest of Jamal is not the end of it. There are many Jamals and the demonstration and wicked intent may still be carried out unless the police acted swiftly and decisively. They did a very good job in the last Red shirt rally. But this time the agenda is very serious and with an equally serious intent to carry it out. The edict has been issued out to the Jamals.

Pray nothing happens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's hope no daft Sinkies would drive into Malaysia during this period of serious threats to personal safety and the rise of racism. Agongkia can go in, no one will stop him. I would encourage him to do so.

Anonymous said...

So long as sensibility prevails in the Authority, Malaysia will be peaceful and shall prosper with investments from China.
The arrest of Jamal goes to show that as a whole, the Malaysians are sensible. In fact, when the Malaysian Police acted on the demonstrators in the first gathering at Petaling, it showed that that the Authority was functioning effectively and fairly. Kudos to the Malaysian Police.

The PRC Ambassador to Malaysia had also visited the Chinese Majority Shopping Belt and talked sense to the Malaysians.

Have faith in the Malaysian People, they are an endowed lot and they need peace and harmony to enjoy their livings. And they know it.

Anonymous said...

The majority may be sensible, you only need a spark like Jamal. And he has many supporters who have the same tribal mentality.

Do not underestimate stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Somebody said that the red shirts, for the way they behaved at their rallies, are just a "mob for rent". True or not?

agongkia said...

Whether you all agree with me or not, I have faith and confident with the Malaysian Police.Many are not aware, but they are among the best , efficient and competent and can handle all situation very well .
Their ability to plan well before any event is remarkable.
Lesser Sinkies drive into there mean smoother transport for me and lesser competitors.
Karaoke mei meis oso sayang me more.
Virgo can eat cheaper durian with his workfare there.Lesser cars oso mean lesser air pollution.
Our neighbour is a very friendly and peaceful country.A protest once a while shows that the country allow freedom of speech.
Almost all countries I visited has protest but ended peacefully.
Saya Cinta Malaysia. I love my Penang durian.

Anonymous said...

All of these are planned by the PM. To save his own skin he has to divert
his problems to others. He cannot resign, the moment he does he goes to jail.
So he die die must create diversion even at the risk of bringing the whole
country down. Those diehards who support him have a small share of the M$2.6

My people told me the first protest was not really successful. Active
protesters are only a 2000 to 3000 and they are paid to do it. There are many
Malays who are against the Red Shirts. By calling "Cina Babi" they are insulting
the 1.2 billion people in mainland Chinese which is different from Malaysian Chinese.
At the moment it is confined to Bukit Bintang area. Hopefully it will remain so.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Alamak. The Malaysia polis potong steam (spoil the show).

I thought I was going to see on the news Malays with their parangs and sticks fighting the Chinese armed with guns and choppers. I was hoping for 1 SGD to be worth 10 ringgit....well, maybe not today.

....anyway, I'll keep hoping. ;-)

Why is everyone so afraid of a little fighting fun? The herd needs to be culled lah!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

C'mon Najib.

Do your worst lah. You need to instigate some violence, make sure the news catches it, then arrest Dr M and declare a state of emergency and roll out the military, round up and jail all those fucking journalists and bloggers.

This will buy yourself time to properly hide all that money (Singapore is a good place for bad guys to hide their spoils), and make plans for a quick exit, perhaps to join your friend Thaksin.

Eh, you know how to be a crook or not?

Anonymous said...

What is the red shirts defending, Najib, Malay dignity or corruption?

agongkia said...

Dun be another nangka busok.
Jangan mayin mayin.
Go enjoy your pooky and back after 15th.
This is not a joking matter.I am more concern on October.
A peaceful neighbour is what we should be looking forward to.
Hope that all goes well .Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Racism in Malaysia originates from an arse fucked up mentality and that mentality is from some
Bumiputeras there ! Malaysia does NOT belong only to the Malays. It belongs to all the 3 major races and also to the Orang Asli. If North Korea wants to take Malaysia, it would be as easy as eating peanuts !

Anonymous said...

The Bumiputeras in Malaysia are NOT the owners of Malaysia. Some of the Malays there are simply fucked up in their heads, not just their assholes. They should sit up & think. Very sadly, their MH17 was blown apart by Russian separatists. If President Kim Jong Un wants to take over Malaysia, he will just do it. Arrogant Malays are nothing more than fuck heads with their brains in between their legs. If harmony is to be the norm in Malaysia, all the 3 races and the Orang Asli must live side by side in peace.

Anonymous said...

The PM, Najib Razak feeds off all that so called racist shit so that he will always win from Bumiputera support. Najib wants to get even more rich so why not fan the flames in favour of the Bumiputeras ? Najib is a scamming cunt, as many all over the world already know. By pleasing the Bumiputeras, he is sure to keep winning every election ! The Bumiputeras suck Najib's dick and he does everything for them. They will wipe Najib Razak's arse for their own gains. And Najib will be putting a lot more money in his bank accounts.