Are Singaporeans still migrants?

Are Singaporeans still considered as migrants? The next question, do they still think they don’t deserve to be owners of this island and willingly giving it away to foreigners? If Singaporeans today still think that they are migrants and do not own this country, they are a shame to their forefathers for giving them this island only to be taken away from them without resistance.

Are Singaporeans that daft to give their countries away just because they were told they were descendants of migrants and foreigners who are more talented than them should own this island, because Singaporeans are daft?

Why are foreigners given pink ICs so freely and given the right to take over their island home? Do the Singaporeans have a say in this? Do the Singaporeans think they should have a say to say No? Do Singaporeans think it is so easy to own a piece of island they can call home? Think how many Europeans died killing millions of Red Indians to call North America and Canada their homes? Think how the Australians and New Zealanders got to own their countries and called the new land home, I mean the European Australians and New Zealanders?

Think how difficult it was for the colonized countries in Africa and Asia and other parts of the world to take back their countries and fought for Independence? Look at how difficult it is for China to hang on to their claims to little pieces of rocks in the South China as their territories? Look at how the other Asean countries are trying to counter claim for these islands?

Are we giving our island home away to foreigners willingly, with our consent, or with ignorance? Do Singaporeans only regret when they are chased out of this island before they wake up to their stupidity? The signs are all there, foreigners coming to replace them in good jobs, to beat them, to fight for places in schools for their children, to gang up to discriminate against Singaporeans. And Singaporeans are so lame, not doing anything. Some foreigners even openly claimed to want to take over the island and chase Singaporeans out of the island.

Do Singaporeans understand what the meaning of country and home, your own country, your own home? Would Singaporeans have to fight for their independence from foreigners again? Would they stand a chance or would it be too late when that day comes? 

Singaporeans today take it for granted that this will be their home and their country. They take it so lightly even with half the populations making up of foreigners. Have they ever thought what would it be like when they become an absolute minority and with foreigners seizing power and taking control of their country and their lives?

No, it would not happen? It happened several times in the past. Not to happen again? Singaporeans better wake up, stand up and stop any govt from giving their country away to foreigners without a fight. The mindsets of the foreigners are not as naïve as the silly Singaporeans. The way they are protecting their own kind to exclude Singaporeans in jobs in a sign of worse to come. They are not as generous, magnanimous as the daft Singaporeans who stupidly think the foreigners would think and behave just like them, share their country, homes, jobs and wives. The foreigners would take everything and kick the Singaporeans out of the equation.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

//The foreigners would take everything and kick the Singaporeans out of the equation.//

The ruling mantra in sinkieland has been all about pragmatism.

As long as there is a price.

Sell, sell, sell .....

Soul, pride, national identity. ...... all these are "useless" intangibles.

Cannot see, cannot touch, cannot eat .....

So there is nothing to stop "sell, sell, sell" ......

Including the piece of meat between many sinkies' wives legs ...... eventually?

Anonymous said...

Are we giving our island home away to foreigners willingly, with our consent, or with ignorance?

It's not willingly or with ignorance, but rather, accidentally or most probably, forced by circumstances.

For instance, majority Sinkies are forced by circumstances to choose PAP as the lesser of 2 evils, but in so doing they also accidentally made PAP win big big, and which they do not really meant to.

That's why a lot of Sinkies I know are disappointed with the results, even though they voted PAP to avoid accidentally voting PAP out.

Anonymous said...

A referendum on the issue?

Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Worry Not! Worry Not!

Future generations know how to take care of themselves!

儿孙自有儿孙福! Yes! 儿孙自有儿孙福!

Anyway, recently Singapore voted! 70% voters said YES!

So. Worry Not! Worry Not! Woory Not!


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah relac lah.Hotel Singapore is pumping killer energy this weekend.

A lot of our very own "home grown" locals are feeling very proud of their cuntree, now one of the envied hosts of Formula One. Look at that, Lewis Hamilton in pole position. Wah, come Monday, how many more Mercedes AMG do you think Cycle and Carriage is going to sell?

And I'll bet you the MAJORITY will be LOCAL Singaporeans paying CASH for the bloody upper 6-figure cars.

Dun pray pray, Singapore is one place on earth you can ascend "upwardly mobile" to previously undreamed of levels for the "average" person, in less than a generation.

That is, an irrefutable FACT.

Anonymous said...

儿孙自有儿孙福! or 儿孙自有儿孙愁!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.38am pls note.........

you have a very good point........

but 70% said YES.........

so how so how you tell me lah...........

Anonymous said...

I think Redbean is a little selfish. Why are you always harping on this issue? Singapore is a world class city. No one owns the city. It is open to all who come here for business, pleasure and also to make this city their home. This is the 21st century and there should not be any restrictions for movement of people. Relax RB, Singapore can accommodate all those who wish to make a home here. The Singapore government think that the population should be 6.9m or maybe 10m. PAP government has the mandate from 70% of Singaporeans so the majority of Singaporeans have given permission for this immigration policy. This is a democratic country and whether RB likes it or not, he population of Singapore will grow to 6.9m and then to 10m and maybe even more. It will be OK, the government knows what it is doing. Trust the PAP, they have not failed us so far.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. To redbean:

Singapore is not really a "nation" lah. So why all this bombast about "ownership"? (you can own a piece of Singapore---just buy it on the market lah! It's called real estate).

Home? There's an open market for that. Job? No one owes you a living. Just apply for the job you like, again, there's an OPEN MARKET for that too.

"Foreigners seizing power"? Are you for real? 😂😂 What? Got "lizard people" living under the city....or perhaps there's some "foreigner plot" conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo...

Redbean. So much like those old man REDNECKS you'll find in America, Australia etc. Oh how those old farts used to warn their cuntrees of "The Yellow Peril"....Hoards of Orientals on the warpath coming over to Perth and Sydney to seize the jobs, rape the women, enslave the children and spread their germs....Redbean, you should make Facebook friends with these guys....😅😹

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

New Hong Lim placard slogans, internet memes and "reasoning" from old anti-immigration examples:


2. Democracy In ACTION!

4. Cultural Imports

5. Protect our women!

Get the fucking xenophobic picture? Racist much?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1051:

>> the majority of Singaporeans have given permission for this immigration policy. <<

That is 100% SPOT ON! Open tose borders again. 10 million? Bring it on!!

You can't take redbean 100% seriously lah. A person of his social status and distinction will definitely benefit from a higher population, especially at higher levels of GDP, which is what tends to happen if you grow the population, and they are all EMPLOYED---i.e. economic growth, is what happens. Redbean probably has a couple of units for sale or for rent. He'll be one of those who'll PROFIT from the PAP's social engineering.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a Company.

The CEO is the PM, the Chairman is the President, all the Ministers are Head of Departments running the various entities like transportation, securities,etc.
Tharman is Deputy CEO at the same time Finance Director.

All of us are employees of this Corporation.
There are rules and regulations we have to follow if we do not want to be
retrenched. So should we be grateful. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Matilah is spot on in every thing concerning immigration. RB is just too kiasu and tries hard to convince other that Singaporeans will lose out when competing with the new citizens. Get real RB, the world stage is an arena for competition. There isn't anywhere where you get a head start or a free ticket for lunch just because your grand daddy came here a hundred years before this new wave of immigrants. Singapore belongs to all who can make a good life here. There is no ownership. It is free for all. The children of new citizens will do their NS and so it goes on. Why this big question on who owns Singapore? This question can only be asked by people who are feeling threatened and insecure. In security does not entitle a person to prevent others from seeking a new and better life. Period. OK Redbean ? Hope you can see the other side of the coin sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, let's bring in all the foreigners we need to grow the economy.
Daft Sinkies that cannot compete with the foreigners, please pack up and leave.
We only need the best.

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans think that this is not their country, there is no need for traitors and treason leow.

Anonymous said...

You people must be thinking that the Australians, Japanese, India, China etc are stupid. They don't called Sinkies daft for nothing.

Maybe I am wrong. You buggers are carpetbeggars, people without countries, so giving up a country that you don't have in the first place is non issue. How about sharing your homes with strangers for a start?

Anonymous said...

Have you not heard about it? Singapore is a hotel. People come and go, no big deal. Singaporeans who prevent others from coming here to seek a more comfortable life are just soooo insecure and soooo kiasu. Get out there and compete. No privilege or head start. Please do not fear. Singaporeans are supposed to be more intelligent than others from neighbouring countries. Your government has been trumpeting that your NUS and NTU are world class, so why you Singaporeans are so afraid to compete on the world stage? Come, Come we compete and see who is better. If you are better you get the goodies, and if we new citizen win then by the same token we should be allowed to have a good life here. No?

Anonymous said...

True, you Sinkies out there, this is not your country okie. Now buck up or get out. We are opening the door bigger for more FTs to come in.

Anonymous said...

A clear case of foreigners and traitors attempting to con daft Sinkies to give up their country to them.

Anonymous said...

"" A clear case of foreigners and traitors attempting to con daft Sinkies to give up their country to them. ""

There is no need to con the Singaporeans It is happening and it is legal. Nothing you can do about it.

Virgo 49 said...

Right, right anon 3.52

The other day at our estate fitness court pull up bar station. One young man huffing and puffing doing chin up exercise preparing for his IPPT test.

Aiyo, see him so poor thing doing his best to chin up as many reps as possible.

Was wondering why go for these tests and in camp duties away from friends and families when the country does not belongs to you???


b said...

No population growth means no growth, this country can then file for chapter 11.

Anonymous said...

@ b September 18, 2015 5:00 p.m.
//No population growth means no growth, this country can then file for chapter 11.//

In the foreseeable future, with the ( almost "invisible " and engineering trained ) minister of ( perpetual declining ) trade ( since 2012 ) and ( dying ) industry in charge of sinkieland's economy, there is no light ( at the end of the tunnel ) to offer even a glimmer of hope.

This implies the exports sector has undergone from being a very healthy, strong man to a very sick patient. From the normal ward bed, due to misdiagnosis and thus mis-treatment, this patient is now bed-bound. Recovery is not in sight any time soon.

It is possible the next bout of health deterioration will send this patient to the HDW ( high depend ward ). Once this patient is past the point of no return, next is some emergency ops and then the ( permanent ) transfer to the ICU ( intensive care unit ).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The govt needs to do a rethink on manufacturing. The previous negative considerations were space and cheap manpower. There are certain sectors of manufacturing that involved small products and highly skilled manpower. They should be putting more money into instead of gambling. Oops, I mean investing.

Anonymous said...

What silly economic theory that is taken as hard truth: "You need population growth for economic growth."
Think a bit deeper, please.
There is a thing called, "Quality".

You want a lot of fast growth: go for both Quantity & Quality.

You want gradual & moderate growth with high standard of living, not high cost of living, you go for Quality.

Quality needs vision, great planning, organization, execution, perseverance, humility, investment, patience, discernment, etc.....this route is the best but only for the really diligent, competent, truthful and spirited people. Few take this route but claimed and preached this.

The lazy & hasty (incompetent) will go for Quantity. Most walk this route.

This is part of human history. And new PAP is no different.

Anonymous said...

....but many claimed and preached this (propaganda, my friend)...

Anonymous said...

When a person gets a bit older, a bit wiser; he does not want to eat a lot, but eat a little less but of better quality.