GE2015 – Vote what you think is right

Hsien Loong made a passionate plea that he did everything that is right for the good of Singaporeans. Singaporeans may disagree with his policies but he did it in all honesty, for the good of all Singaporeans.  The people may continue to disagree, continue to be angry with his govt’s policies, but what can the people expect of the govt? How can they expect the govt to reverse course, to do things they, as the govt, think is wrong, not right? The govt, in all honesty, can only do things that the govt thinks is right. Tiok bo?

I just cannot imagine the govt starting to do things the people want and knowing that what the people want is wrong. It cannot be. So, what would the govt do after the GE? Would it continue with all the right policies, like more foreigners, more scholarships for foreigners, more good jobs for foreigners, more CPF locked up, more Medishield Life, more affordable housing, more public transport and less car ownership, higher ministerial pay, signing of CECA and more FTAs….? These are the right policies, and must be the right policies, and the govt honestly and sincerely believe are the right things to do.

It is just like people believing in their religions and their Gods. Every believer sincerely and honestly believes in his God and religion as the truth, the right thing to believe. But being a democratic and multi religious country, we also believe that everyone has the right to believe in his God and religion. The believers may disagree with other believers but never mind, you follow what you want to believe and what you think is right.

The people cannot expect the govt to believe in what the people believe is right. The people can believe in their own rights and choose to vote the people and parties that share the kind of right things they believe in. The govt does not force you to believe in what it thinks are the right things to do. In a democratic system, if you don’t agree, just vote them out. But if you vote the current govt back to power, the govt will continue to do what it thinks is right. That must be the case.

So, what should the people do? There is no need to get angry just because what the govt thinks is right is not what you think is right. You can vote people or parties that agree with what you think is right. It is unimaginable for any political party to do the wrong things, to do things they think are wrong. The people must be reasonable and logical. The voters should go to the polling station and calmly vote for the party that shares their belief and their God, sharing what they think is right and what they think is not right. The people cannot force a govt thinking it is doing the right thing to do the wrong thing.

Vote for what you think is right. The govt is right to do what it thinks is right. You don’t have to agree. No need to be angry. Vote with your heart and your head, vote honestly for your own good, not what other people think is good for you, unless you think you are stupid and other people are smarter than you and know what is right and good for you.

Think very carefully in this GE. It is like its now or never.


Anonymous said...

/// Hsien Loong made a passionate plea that he did everything that is right for the good of Singaporeans. ///

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

/// Hsien Loong made a passionate plea that he did everything that is right for the good of Singaporeans. ////

If you don't know what to do as a Prime Minister,
Please have the sense of shame and honour to resign.
Instead of living off tax payers' money with the highest salary for politicians in the world.

Are you another LKY legacy we should reflect on?

patriot said...

Sack the Prime Minister Of Sin and Sinkies will free themselves from the Shackle of a DYNASTY

Some call it Leegime and some; Lee Regime.


Anonymous said...

wa wa wa.............

"Think very carefully in this GE" "It is like its now or never"
"Think very carefully in this GE" "It is like its now or never"
"Think very carefully in this GE" "It is like its now or never"

Sounded very very very very serious!

In Hokkien we say...... "very-eat-strength"!


Anonymous said...

Read this together with the expansion of CECA to make it more favourable for foreigners to move into Singapore and to replace Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The policies of the PAP government are always for the good of the Singaporeans. The policy of inviting FTs into Singapore is for the long term good of the country and for the good of future generations. We need FTs to grow the economy and for the economic stability of Singapore as a world player. RB is again sowing doubts and insecurity. He is totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are you a Singaporean? If you are so sure, please let us know who you are. If you have to hide under anonymous, it means you are bluffing, lying. You are afraid to let people know you are wrong.

Be proud of your stand. Let us clap for you when you are right.

Anonymous said...


We can kpkb and kpkb and do whatever we want here.

So that life on EARTH can be more colourful, more
interesting and more exciting!

Actually, let me tell U lah, ALL had already been
decided by HIM.

NO one can go against it!

Which SMCs and which GRCs won by which parties had
already been decided by HIM!

NO one can go against it!

Will PAP continue to be the government? Or the

No one can go against it!

This is 天意! 天意!

Hope that....第一世界的新加坡会更好!


Anonymous said...

Tiok. When a regime is ending, traitors will appear to do things they think are right but will lead to the fall of the regime.

Anonymous said...

Boh tio lah! In a democratic country, the govt cannot do what it thinks is right against the wishes of the people on major issues. A referendum should be called and the majority vote should hold sway. But we have a top-down govt that does not consult or thinks that the citizens are all daft. Time for change!

Anonymous said...

You are talking about a master govt?

Anonymous said...

Najib also said he did in the best interest of Malaysia........ Suharto also said he did everything in the interest of indonesia.... Just return our cpf, show us the reserve of sg n temasek act

Anonymous said...

If I don't vote Opposition in GE 2015, I very buay song.
I want to see more PAP Millionaires get sacked after GE 2015.

"If there is no retrenchment, then I worry for Singapore."

Anonymous said...

More good years, vote pap lar to exceed Swiss standard of living

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


>> Vote what you think is right <<

There is NO WAY your one solitary vote is going to determine the outcome of the elections.

Therefore, for me, I won't be voting because in this instance, I'm not the "delusional" one.

Whether you vote or don't vote The People Will ALWAYS GET The Government They Deserve.

Anyway folks, your life, your choice...if you engage in silly essentially "symbolic" behaviors like "voting", you're welcome to the CONSEQUENCES of your folly ;-)

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP;

a) otherwise we will have a cliff effect (whatever CCS means)
b) for a Swiss standard of living (are we Swiss enough yet?)
c) for a cheaperer salary for Singaporeans
d) either you vote for PAP or you don't vote for PAP

I give up.
I've just about had enough of all their rubbish and nonsense.