GE2015 – The abnormalities of the GE

Has anyone noticed something queer about this GE? Actually it did not happen only now but has happened since the last GE or earlier but getting more  conspicuous now.

The PAP is offering a slate of generals and police commissioners to serve the people. And this is on top of the nobilities and aristocracy that are already serving the people. Singaporeans are really so lucky. Do they know that nobles and aristocrats are brought up in an environment where they are being served from young by an army of servants, from ‘Ah Ma chays’ to drivers in tow? These are the natural aristocrats who came forward to serve the ordinary people, to take good care of the ordinary people, and have to smile and smile when meeting the people. Imagine the sacrifices, the humbling effect and the humility?

Now we have generals and police commissioners, the army and police chiefs coming forward to serve the ordinary people. Those NSmen must know what it is like in the army and the police, the life of an army general or a police commissioner. If you are a soldier or a police constable, you would be serving the generals and the commissioners. Now they are going to serve you, the NSmen, the soldiers and policemen who have to ‘tabeh’ and stand attention in their presence. The generals and commissioners are going to the markets, the hawker centres, they are going to knock at your doors to tell you they are going to serve you, with a big perpetual smiles on their faces. They cannot pull ranks now.

The soldiers and police constables will now be served by the generals and commissioners and the nobles and aristocrats. Singaporeans are really lucky and exceptionally blessed.

And the naughty soldiers and police constables could now act tough to the generals and the commissioners. Sir, you want my vote huh? Tell me why I should vote for you? Or drop 10 first then we talk.

Is this real? Is this a dream? Or would the soldiers and policemen have to stand attention and salute first at the Meet the People’s session when seeking assistance? Or would they be making unreasonable requests and making life difficult for the generals and commissioners?


Anonymous said...

If all from the same box how to think outside the box. Can ah?

agongkia said...

No problem having PC or general running the show.
Only worry is whether your ex woman inspector Saliva can ask question without shivering.

Anonymous said...

These Generals & Police Commissioners will serve Singaporeans.
Just like LHL and his PAP Millionaires have been serving Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Tell Tharman not to gabra when caught not knowing what he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Good! Good! Good!

No problem with Generals and PCs to be MPs and ministers, even PM!

This presents another NEW route to well-paid political offices and
ministerial careers.

Just look around you, the current Generals we have in the Parliament
and companies are doing very very very fine.

Is your sons and daughters ready?

Anyway, good good good.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is a financial centre. Our total foreign reserves maybe around $1 trillion. Global economy and global markets have fast and changing dynamics where short and long term risk rewards perspective and management skills are most important. All of our Yes-men generals grew up and were trained in controlled environment, very much like our political monopolistic system.

They are not suitable for the top jobs that are inevitably offered to them that require dynamic market skills. Their learning costs to obtain the necessary expertise and skills will prove to be very costly to Singapore and Singaporeans. Just like Madam Ho Say Leow, journey to acquire expertise; the Queenie of buy-high sell-low strategy, starting with Micropolis, then a series of banks like Merrill Lynch, etc. Just think Mr. Lim Chin Char Heng...Tummysick Chairman?

Round pegs in square holes.

Fully sudsidized by tax payer money. Sure collected lots and lots of tax payer money in various ingenious ways. Probably Singapore has the highest indirect taxes and most efficient collection system in the world. This is Singapore government strength; collecting money in a controlled environment from its people.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkie land gonna be another Thailand???

Land of smiles and bombs???


Anonymous said...

Singapore is a land of opportunities, but only to the few and the chosen ones. If you are born on the wrong side of the track, you will never be able to cross the track to the other side. If you try to cross, then a fast running train will hit you on the track. However, many will be parachute on to the right side to enjoy the fruits of the rich and the elite. In Singapore you have to be in the right circle to even come close to a chance to get over the divide between the elites and the ordinary people in the street.

Meritocracy?? In Singapore, this word is only lip service.

patriot said...

We were warned well in advance.


Thailand shall be our example, the Fate is sealed and it shall be opened in time to come.

Be prepared to face your soldier son and policeman child when the Time comes.

Sack the Pappies at all cost in the Coming General Election before the Pigs control tge Farm.

As it is,
it could be too late.


Good Luck All.


Anonymous said...

Didn't the old man said that if anything goes not according to plan, he will bring out the army? Now we have so many paper generals in the Government. Soon we will rival the Thais. But like the autocracy pretending to be a democracy, they will argue that we are different because we elected them, via the backdoor way. Smart way of doing things that the daft can never reason it out.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will never be like Thailand. In Singapore everything is done the " legal " way. The PAP makes everything legal, the way the like it. Pass a law in Parliament and what is illegal will automatically become legal. When it comes to the Singapore courts, you know how laws and human decency can be twisted to suit the elites and the powerful.

In Thailand the Thais are very active politically but in Singapore the sheeples are too timid to even voice their true feelings. HLP gatherings are like picnics in the parks. All mouth and no actions. Sad sheeples, no balls.

Anonymous said...

Say NO to PAP.
Say NO to Mount Kinabalu.

Anonymous said...

No more deaths on Mount Kinabalu.
No more deaths in National Service

Anonymous said...

We do not want a military junta in Singapore.
Why are there so many Generals, Admirals and Police Chiefs in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. We have a CAF who went to SIA. No need to broadcast.
We have a CDF running NOL. NOL reults no need to announce.
We have a CDF in SMRT. No need to toot the horn.
The RAdm seems to be the only one who worked and works.
Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies do not want Junta

Sinkies do not want corrupted leader

Sinkies want talented good man and woman to take charge of them.

Sinkies want the best in everything.

What do Sinkies do to deserve all the above?

Anonymous said...

Wayang, smile and just tahan for a short period is worth for the rewards, after that can change face, colour, and tone; rules and regulation, twists and turn is also okay.