Abe’s words and deeds don’t match

In an article by a Martin Sieff appeaing in the Mypaper on 20 Aug 15, the author explained why Abe’s words didn on match his actions. In his view, he said Abe ‘believe that a few highly qualified and clearly limited expressions of polite regret can wipe clean Japan’s historical debt towards China’ and Korea. He asked, ‘Can the murderous, horrific slaughter of 20 million people in China alone from 1937 to 1945, not to mention the enslavement of the Koreans people for 35 years, be banished by 25 minutes of mumbled politeness?’

What Martin Sieff did not say about the colonization of the Koreans was the brutal oppression of the Korean people to alter their ethnicity and culture, to take on Japanese names and learn the Japanese language, in other words the Japanisation of the Koreans to become Japanese. And this was done in very harse and cruel ways, demeaning and insulting to the Koreans.

So, Abe thought what he said in 25 minutes was enough and Japanese can forget about their crimes against China and Korea and the rest of Asian. There is no need for the future generations of Japanese to apologise anymore.

And what has he been doing while apologizing at the same time? ‘Abe has pushed ahead consistently and relentlessly with policies to resurrect the Japanese armed forces and clear the way for their use far from Japanese territories and waters.’ Abe is repeating what his grandfather did in the Second World War and shoving aside the objections of the Emperor. Emperor Akihito and the royal house have been defending Article 9 of the Constitution and the values it embodies, to renounce war. If this is an indication of what the Emperor thinks, and if this was what his father, Emperor Hirohitho believed, we are seeing Japanese history being repeated. The hawkish politicians are seizing power to conduct wars and overruling the Emperor. A weak Emperor would eventually be put to blame for the war crimes committed by the politicians who would wage wars in the name of the Emperor.

Abe and his warlike politicians are unremorseful of their heinous war crimes and wanted the country to go to war in the name of defense, the same myth the Americans created to justify war. The Americans have been conducting wars all over the world since the end of World War 2 in the name of defending America and the rest of the world, in the name of peace. Japan under Abe is adopting the same warmongering formula, to reject its pacifist Constitution, to set Japan in the course for war.

How can China and Korea forgive a unrepentant Japan that arrogantly thinks a few words of apology could atone their war crimes against other countries and people?


patriot said...

Redbean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng stands in stark contrast with Lee Teng Hui of Taiwan. The Latter recently went to pray at the Shrine where most the Japanese Murderers of World War II are being house and worship.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Lee's brother was a pilot enshrined in Yasukuni. Lee may have Japanese blood. He sees himself more Japanese than Chinese. Maybe falling in love with his colonial master.

Anonymous said...

What about PAP?
Do the words and deeds match or not?
Why criticize Japan so much?

/// There is no dispute in scholarly circles that the massacre took place, but Japanese and Singaporean sources disagree about the number of deaths. According to Hirofumi Hayashi, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs "accepted that the Japanese military had carried out mass killings in Singapore ... During negotiations with Singapore, the Japanese government rejected demands for reparations but agreed to make a "gesture of atonement" by providing funds in other ways." ///


/// Singapore was to receive 25 million Singapore dollars as a gift and another 25 million Singapore dollars in credit, while Malaysia was to receive 25 million Malaysia dollars as a gift. ////


Hey redbean.
$25 million dollars cash PLUS $25 million in credit from the Japanese okay.
In exchange for killing just a few hundred Singaporeans.
Don't play, play.
How much does the PAP gahmen pay for 2 years of life of a national serviceman?
Who values Singaporean lives more?
PAP government or Japanese government?

Anonymous said...

Beating up a Singaporean taxi driver in Singapore.
Must go to jail or not ah?
Can just pay a small fine and get away with it?
Does the Singapore Police Force just treat this as a civil case?

Is beating up a Singaporean taxi driver a new blood sport for Aliens in Singapore?
What do you think?
Singaporean lives cheap enough or not ah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Few hundreds killed in Sook Ching? Get your numbers right. Tens of thousands were shot by the Kempeitai with the help of informers.

Those $50m enough, for invasion, killing, looting and turning the country into a colony?

Anonymous said...

"Those $50m enough, for invasion, killing, looting and turning the country into a colony?"

- At least the Japanese Aliens paid for the privilege of invading Singapore.

Our present day Aliens got pay or not?
If I am not wrong, our PAP government is paying our modern day Aliens millions of dollars to take our jobs and our university places.
We spend more millions of dollars training Alien children to represent Singapore in sports.

So who is kinder to the stupid Singaporeans?
The Japanese government or the PAP government?

agongkia said...

I repeat .Apologise or not no longer important.
Important is to tell your descendents about Japanese brutality ...
You can choose to boycott Anonae products or tell your children to do so.
Whats is more important is to learn a lesson here....hehe...you shd know what I am trying to say..
Protect our cuntree...
Best way to learn how to protect our country is by supporting NATIONAL SERVICE.NS is good .

Have you throw away your Yashica camera or scrap your Nissan or subaru?

Anonymous said...

"Few hundreds killed in Sook Ching? Get your numbers right"

A few hundred or tens of thousands killeds?
Does it matter?

"Locals" - (Singaporeans + PRs)
"Singaporeans only

Does it matter or not?
60% of Singaporeans say it does not matter.
PAP government statistics also say it does not matter.

But PRs can cancel their PR and don't do national service right?
Singaporean national servicemen can cancel their citizenship and don't do NS or not?

Anonymous said...

With their spirit of the Bushido, the Jap would never truly apologize to someone who has never beaten them. In their win-or-lose culture, they despise those who are defeated. They, however did apologized to the American who wins the war.

It's pointless to play the victim's card to seek apology. Emotionally you are at their whims and mercy (happy I say sorry, not happy I visit the shrine).

As the ancient sages say, you cannot get a scholar to reason with gangsters. The only language a gangster know is violence. Either you hit them back overwhelmingly, or you become an emotional wreck forever.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Koreans are playing the big boys club. Apologise, apologise and apologise until the Japanese understand. Both are no more pushovers by Japan.

Anonymous said...

US media practiced huge censorship!!!!

one day after abe make those speech on LIVE coverage in every US media

1. cabinet of abe pay visits to war criminal shrine
2. abe upload picture of his wife on facebook - she visit war criminal shrine

but such fact are largely CENSORED on US media.