What kind of Singapore do you want?

Someone is suggesting a 10m people island with everything futuristic, everything beautiful, like everything is free, filled with beautiful people unlike the type of people we have today. The future of Singapore is a city of young and vibrant Singaporeans, healthy, good looking, good smelling, forever young and will never grow old and will never die. And yes, everyone will be smart, no duds, no morons.

Or can there be another alternative, like a 3m population, with a lot of space for everyone without having to stress the little things, without having to squeeze oil from rocks, squeeze more out of everything, where life is more leisure than pressure, like living in a pressure cooker?

Is a 10m population the only way to go forward? And is a 10m population a static thing and all population growth ends at 10m? Is Singapore’s meaning of existence is to fill up this piece of rock with more and more people? And keeping the population at 3m means disaster, no growth, no progress, no good life and no anything?

Shall Singaporeans be happily looking forward to a futuristic city, living high in the sky and below under the earth? And such quality and stylish living will be free or how much will it cost to live in such a city? Will people like cleaners, security guards and taxi drivers be able to afford to live in such a fine city? What about the retirees with no income? Can they also afford to live in such high quality place?

Or would there be like dungeon like sewerage tunnels for those who cannot afford to live high up in the sky, or in good class bungalows on earth, on stylish caverns  underground?


Anonymous said...

Will people like cleaners, security guards and taxi drivers be able to afford to live in such a fine city?

Why would PAP care, as long as such people and who are also Sinkies are 40% or less of all voters. And if they are foreigners, they will not be part of the 40% for sure. So PAP can import as many as Sinkieland need them, if not enough Sinkies want to do such jobs. And let such Sinkies starve for all PAP care.

Anonymous said...

There are really only two kinds of Singapore.
A PAP Singapore or a Singaporean Singapore.
An aristocratic Singapore or a Singapore of equals.
Choose wisely.
GE 2015 may be your last chance for a choice.

Anonymous said...

As long as no opposition party leader announce that his party will contest 100% seats as one party next GE, it will always be a PAP Singapore.

So forget about GE2015 be your last chance. Because there will be no chance. If there is, it would have already happened in 2011, no need to wait till 2015 or 2016.

Virgo 49 said...

Quote from a Greek lady in interview: We have been living in miseries with this government. We have to get rid of them for ourselves, our children and their children.

Will the daft sickies, oops sinkies think the same???

Not with all the goodies thrown to them and even fight for a place in the Babi queue, beef party.

Also status quo, my pigeon hole off 46K now worth 800K.

My family now comfortable living. OTHERS die their pai sai lah. Who ask them not capable. Kena fired?? No lah, my family all U grads.

My GST of thousand plus on the way. Also the NDP goodies bag akan datang.

Long live PAP.

Anonymous said...

No! We should not stopped at 6.9m or 10m people.

We should proceed with 12m people, maybe even 15m.

No problem! No problem!


Lease from JOHOR, the entire ISKANDAR zone for 956 years with an extension option for another 956 years.

JOHOR will just collect worry-free rentals from Singapore, sit-back-and-relax!

If more space is required, BATAM is another leasing option.

With ISKANDAR zone and BATAM, We Are The World!

One Stone Kills Many Birds!

What say U?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The futuristic Singapore will be for the nobility and aristocrats. Average Sinkies that can't even afford to buy a car would hardly be able to afford to live in such a quality city of the future. What will be the cost of living?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I am definitely in the camp of the super-metropolis futuristic Singapore.

The infrastructure is certainly being put into place. Everywhere you go there are public works in progress---for e.g. just look at what is happening along the Esplanade/ Connaught Drive area.

Was taken on a "mini tour" of the massive structure built on The Padang for NDP 2015. The construction is steel, and is so solid it can stand there for decades. However it is temporary---only for SG50's NDP 2015. This is BIG BUDGET stuff, and the govt. is going to show the world how "garang" this little red dot is, and the bright future that it has.

Whilst I may have issues with the govt. about matters of freedom of speech and expression, the the bullying of people like Roy Ngreng and Amos Yee, I am definitely on the same page with the elites on meritocracy, open economy, open borders, wealth creation and growth, and developing Singapore into a more awesome, fiercer rocking city.

The crux of "good social policy" is to implement measures where people at the bottom are encouraged to better themselves and rise toward the top, not the opposite where you drag people from the top to be "equally poor and fucked up" as the bottom scum-sucking losers of your society. In Singapore you can start from ZERO and if you apply yourself, become very successful reasonably quickly---i.e. within a ten year time frame.

I 100% committed to the idea of an AWESOME Singapore. Any alternative outcome is completely untenable. I don't want my favourite hotel to be a bucket of shit because assholes claim the "right" to be average or below par.

Got meritocracy and a bright future?

Virgo 49 said...

Just because you doing ok, you are prophesying this, Matilah.

Comes a time when you are down at bottom, then you be also called the fucked up low lifes as what you now called them.

Many of you capitalists are doing ok on the blood, sweat and tears of those you MFs's exploitation.

likewise Ahgongkia, the evil employers who do not give a damn of his less fortunate fellow men.

The Hade of Hell waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

He capitalist? He doing well? He is just a loser hanging on to keep himself alive. The successful, if you know what that means, are really successful.

By the time the futuristic city is up, this bugger would be hoping his CPF savings are still there and enough for his 3 meals. He will be lucky not begging for govt handouts.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ Virgo49

Eh, please lah uncle you don't know a darn thing about me. Do you think that I'm at "the top"? Why do you think that?

Do you think that people at the top or on the way there have never been at the bottom. In most cases of "success", you only see the good stuff.

Man, for an old dude, you really have a very narrow worldview of life, and I suspect lived a very shallow one devoid of "extreme" experiences. For e.g. experiencing catastrophic failure, and then crawling back.

Capitalism is a harsh master. Success is never easy, nor should it be. If you cannot take the suffering and debilitating pain of FAILURE, you probably will never succeed. If you just "give up", you're doomed. If you pick yourself up and fight back, at least you have chance.

So don't you worry your little head about me. I'm ok. And if I'm not, I will fight back until I'm ok...or die trying.

How many times have you FAILED?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ chicken shit 1115:

Here we go again with a "success" oriented moron. Please lah, I am one dude absolutely unafraid of failure. I eat that shit for breakfast.

Govt handouts? Please lah. I pay lots of taxes. I contribute to the handouts the govt. "awards" you to pay your electric bill. ;-)

Dun worry, your kids will thank me one day :-)

Anonymous said...

Eh, you misspelt the word 'dude'. Should be duke. You are nobility or aristocrats right?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ one track mind 1138:

>> You are nobility or aristocrats right? <<

Again I ask people, why do you think that? I was born and raised in the Hougang area, so I don't think I am of the "aristocracy".

Singapore is a place where that feudal nobility shit doesn't really count lah. Anyone can be "successful" in Singapore. I'm just a beach bum with PSLE....in the social strata of being "noble by birth", I'm at the bottom of the sewer lah...all my ancestors were "nobody's"----they lieved, died and quickly forgotten.

But that doesn't matter. In a MERITOCRACY like Singapore---It doesn't matter where you start. How you "finish" and what you become, those are what count not only to you but to people who depend on you.

Got "enjoy life"?

Anonymous said...

Virgo u don't understand matilar lar. He does incest so u can never experienced like what he has done.

Anonymous said...

F-35 Jet Can't Dogfight Well:
Our PAP government is buying the new F-35 Jet.
- And it looks like another bad PAP decision



Do you think we will ever get our cpf money back at 55 years old?

Anonymous said...

Fat hope unless VTO.

agongkia said...

//Will people like cleaners, security guards and taxi drivers be able to afford to live in such a fine city?//
Dun worry lah,Uncles.
These retirees have children who are more well to do than many Sinkies like me any time and many work just to pass times.Many are more loaded than their employers who offer them jobs.
If their children do not give them allowances then its their fault for not bringing them up properly.Its their fault for not producing more children.
Dun understand why cars must come into the pictures.Sinkies who are lazy to walk to bus stops and stations shd pay a high prices for the laziness.
And Virgo 11.08am
//likewise Ahgongkia, the evil employers who do not give a damn of his less fortunate fellow men.

The Hade of Hell waiting for you.//

Thanks for remembering and think too highly of me.How I wish I can be more ruthless if given a chance one day.
Not paiseh to let you know I am a failure and one reason of my failure is because I talk and side too much ,being too kind and compassionate on our fellow Sinkies.My wish for Sinkies to work harder and longer hours still stand.

Anonymous said...

Red bean you want 3 million population but this 3 m pop is not reproducing enough so in 10 years time you will see old people everywhere. No young people.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at 10M. Shld go fr 20 or even 30.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

I love my car even if it is a small car. It is not about laziness. It is about convenience and freedom to go anywhere anytime without having to look for alternative transport that may not be there. You get it?

Anon 4:12, we were very comfortable with 1m, with 2m, with 3m, what's wrong with 3m million that we must keep on increasing our population? Heard of machines and robotics?

Anonymous said...

"Heard of machines and robotics?"

- Robots and machines don't get paid salaries
- no salaries mean there is no cpf for the pap govt to safe-keep

Virgo 49 said...

You fake forecasters of future planning harped about not reproducing enough to sustain the future needs. Even with 10 millions, you still will have another 10 million old folks in time to come, so logically you need another 20 millions to subtstain the 10 millions??

Stupid logic just con talk for generating slaves for the elites and Enconmy

Virgo 49 said...

In the 70s and 80s, we can own a car at 20 to 30k brand new and even 10k for a second hand

Those who take care of their elderly folks in wheelchairs and even pet dogs had difficulties in transporting them to destinations of their needs

A car is a basic necessity for average citizens in any country.

It is unaffordable due to the greed of the millionaire whites in their con policy of COEs and ERPs

Anonymous said...

Machine and robots can go out and seek employment and help support the old sinkie meh? And machine and robots can bring old sinkie see doctor?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 5.28 pm : "Stupid logic just con talk for generating slaves for the elites and Enconmy"

Vote out the elites! Vote in the average joes!

Bring us back to the past ! Out the elites, down the economy!

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. In order for Singapore to stay relevant and competitive the population of Singapore must grow. Singaporeans are living longer these days with the help of medical advancement. Singapore needs a larger working population to cater for the larger number of older folks. The fact the the population replacement rate of Singapore is very low is mostly due to the stop at 2 policy of the past. Stress and high cost of living in Singapore also contributed to low birth rate of Singapore. The only alternative left for the increase in the workforce to support larger pensioners number is to import talents from oversea countries such as China and India. I think Singaporeans do not take kindly to this " talent invasion " because of the increase in competition in the job fronts. Singaporeans feel the insecurity of their rice bowls. The way I see it, Singapore is between the rock and the hard place. Either way, there will be pain. The best choice is to find the avenue of least pain.

Anonymous said...

"In order for Singapore to stay relevant and competitive the population of Singapore must grow. "
July 06, 2015 8:06 p.m.

Lu Kong simi Lanjiao?
What proof do you offer your self-serving PIG statement?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, sorry to say this, you and many swallowed hook, line and sinkers with their stupid story of too many old people and need more young to support the oldies.

They screwed up those in the 50s, 60s and 70s from proper employment. Many in their 60s and 70s are still very healthy and can go on working. I can go on for another 10 years with no problem based on my current state of health. Some can work until 90, remember?

Many oldies can still contribute to the economy, get employed and do not need to be supported by the young until they are in the late 70s or 80s. And with the savings imposed, many can get by if they are not killed by big medical bills.

See the farce? The productive period is now from 20 to 70 or more, not 50 or 60. But they are killing the seniors by kicking them out of the economy by mid 40s or 50s. This is outrageous when these people have another 30 years to live.

To me they are a bunch of jokers makign silly policies. I will write something about this.

Anonymous said...

When the Aliens become Singaporeans, they are also bringing along their ageing parents and grandparents to also become Singaporeans.
So we get two young Aliens + four ageing parents + four ageing grandparents.
So how does this solve our ageing population?

The Aliens will be too busy looking after their ageing parents and grandparents to look after our ageing Singaporean parents.

Only PAP got filial piety is it?
Aliens don't have filial piety meh?

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Maybe you are right RB. As an outsider viewing this Singapore problem from afar, I could be totally wrong. Over in my country we get our pensions till we leave this world. We do not get much but with some social support most oldies get by very comfortably. One advantage with us is the free medical services. This safety net we have is a great comfort. However, in Singapore you have your medisave, medishield and your SG50, which I think it is also good.

I hear from my Singapore family members that the greatest fear for Singaporeans when they get to age 45/50 is retrenchment from their jobs, many being replaced by foreigners who are cheaper and also better qualified ( maybe ). If this is true, then I can understand the unhappiness of those affected. With no unemployment help from the government, people will be desperate. We at least have this safety net.

I retired when I was 58, but most people over here retire around 65 - 67. If this is the same in Singapore, then it cannot be bad. Why work until you drop dead? Enjoy your nest eggs and also the grand children. Tiok Bo?

patriot said...

'Either way, there will pain', commented Speed.

I say, either way the Destiny is sealed. Whatever that are developed and being develop and planned to be developed such as Changi Airport T4 and T5 SHALL ALL BE LIABILITIES IN A DECADE OR TOO.


We shall see.


agongkia said...

In the 70s transportation not convenient so reasonable to own car.Now with convenient train n buses so owning a car is not a necessity.
Many , esp.youngster just want to get a car just becos their friend own one.Can howlian bring mei mei chia hong.
How many really transport their elderly to places when needed.Bluff who? Just call 1777 when in need.
We shd tell youngster to save instead of being phua kay wasting money on cars.No bus take train.No train take taxi. Walk or ride bicycle oso can.
Having more cars mean more spaces n nature need to be sacrifice for roads.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I curse agongkia to be bedridden and in a wheelchair.
And without a car.
And then we see how good he think our public transport is.

"No bus take train.No train take taxi. Walk or ride bicycle oso can."
- let's see him talk so big when he is in a wheelchair.

Anonymous said...

Better still I curse agongkia's wife to be in a wheelchair.
Then let's see agongkia move her around in public transport.
You think ambulance so good is it?
Wait until you see your wife lie in the ambulance half scared while being driven around by an Alien driver.
Now I curse that you have to do this for the next 20 years.

patriot said...

Hi Folks;

May I suggest that we refrain from getting family member(s) of commenters here involved. Allow me to use myself as an example. MY ELDER SISTER AND ME ARE THE ONLY ONES HIGHLY CRITICAL OF THE REGIME. THE REST ARE ALL SUPPORTERS OF PAP.


Maybe Agongkias' wife and children are not active or involve with politics like him. Or better, does not even like PAP, then getting them involved will be wrong.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of Agongkia being misled, misguided by the Leaders. He could also like the PAP out of his own assessment which he believes suits his understanding of policies.
There is possibility of him being a PAP or grassroot member. So fire at him, however, let's leave out his other family members.

Hopefully, Agongkia gets to see the FALL OF THE PAP.


agongkia said...

Good morning folks.
Thanks Patriot for talking on my behalf.
However rest be assured that I do not feel offended by any curse and instead welcome any on me or even if one feel good, on my love ones..
If cursing can make Sinkies feel good and happy, i am glad to be cursed .No worry .Everyone can vent their anger on me and assured I will not feel offended N even if I got money, will not anyhow 'shoo'
No interest in politic but just like to kaypoh here to see netizen's reaction.Thanks .

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, our Medisave and Medishield are our money or paid by our savings unlike the British healthcare system. The British system protects the citizens for life once they are retired. Ours depends on how much we have and our ability to continue paying until we die. How many can save enough when they retired by 60 and have to survive another 20 or 30 years, esp the average citizens? How many can afford to keep paying for these insurances when they have no income and are in their 70s, 80s and 90s?

And they can be jailed for not paying up.

Agongkia belongs to the unthinking group that are conditioned to accept the myth spinned by authority. In our time, we worked hard to get a good education to live a good life ie landed properties or big HDB flats, cars to move around in comfort.

This unthinking group has been conditioned to think that working hard is to end up living in smaller and more expensive pigeon holes. And to take public transports or ride bicycles.

Ask the foreigners of their aspirations? They are going to earn enough to go home, buy land and properties and buy cars to live a good life.

See the silliness of working so hard to downgrade our life style?

Anonymous said...

The flipside to this generous healthcare system is that Britain taxes all its working citizens at 20% to 40% tax rate with a unemployment rate exceeding 5%.

Good for the old. Bad for the young.

Anonymous said...

@ July 07, 2015 8:58 a.m

I think Singaporeans pay enough taxes already in the form of our over-priced HDB flats that don't belong to us.
And what do you think is the unemployment rate of Singaporeans today?

You must be an Ass-Ritocrat from the Dragon's cancerous anus.

patriot said...

'Good for yhe old, bad for the young'.

I do NOT understand the Above Statement. It is wonderful to be able to make good money and pay taxes. First, it shows ones' capability and Secondly, to assist and care for the Poor, Weak, Sick and Elderly is what civilization is all about. The Other is to live in peace and harmony.

In a society where the Successful exploits, manipulates, bullies and tramples on the Weaker Ones is to mean that humanity is worse than the Lesser Beings of the Wild.

Is there a need for anyone to hoard and hog wealth and glory for a short existence???
Especially in the Case of hoarding wealth and watching the poor, weak, sick and old not having enough to survive on, how is one not able to endure the sight of suffering? Unless one is totally devoid of humanities, one should not be too greedy, vain and cruel.
Or just plain unsympathetic.

Especially in the hoarding

agongkia said...

Uncle RB
Nothing wrong to work hard to get a good education to get a good life..landed properties, big flat, cars...
But its not an entitlement lah.
To me 知足常乐..if everyone want big cars n houses then , are there enough spaces for those less privilege and poor.Priority must be given to housing n not cars or golf clubs that please the rich like you .

Many older Sinkies never teach their children that besides good education n wealth, there are such things like being considerate, tolerance , save for raining days , filial piety and not to be greedy.
We have fail in this area to the extend that those so claim educated think they know best n bortartcheh like me are unthinking group.Please la.I bortartcheh but that doesn't mean I khongcum.
I may not necessarily disagree with you on those CPF n other issues which I myself feel much improvement can be make.
However that does not mean I must agree with Seenow who cannot change to suit environment n want environment to suit them.
Got money so what.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Eh, why you all bitching about car ownership lah?

I've been using Uber and Grab Car, and I guarantee you, I can get from A to B faster and cheaper than most drivers, because using by Uber and Grab Car I don't have to park nor retrieve my vehicle from the carpark which can add 15-20 mins to your journey.

Over the last few days, I've been very lucky to get over $100's worth of "promo" codes. Yesterday I had lots of running around: from city to Star Vista, to Clementi, then to East Coast, back to City then to Holland V. I used Uber and Grab Car the whole day, and ended up paying $11---cheaper than taking bus and train lah!!

You don't need a car in Singapore lah. If yu really need one, hire one lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ask, why we used to have plenty of space for cars and bigger homes?
Why is it necessary to fill this island with people and more people?
Running out of ideas for economic growth and a good life for the people?
Just keep pumping in more people the only solution?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Just keep pumping in more people the only solution? <<

Eh, uncle. Please be a bit more HONEST with your evaluation lah. Your cherry-picking of the facts is not only self-serving but too simplistic and downright incorrect lah.

Increasing population size is only PART of a larger plan. You damn well know that. And you know why. So at least acknowledge it FIRST before you attempt to tear it down.

Why consider Singapore in the 60's and 70's when inquring about cars and houses? Take it back pre and post war lah. My grand dad had 1 acre land in Hougang area, with rambutan, jambu and flying foxes in the trees. He also owned a shotgun for hunting wild boar in Woodlands and Upper Serangoon areas.

Back then you could buy land in what is now Bukit Timah/ 6th Ave area (all kampong) for around 40¢ per sq foot. Please lah, all those days are now HISTORY and long gone.

Singapore is now a global city which is going from strength to strength.

The only thing "unsustainable" is attitudes like yours lah!

Anonymous said...

It will sink one day by the weight of people and concrete.

Virgo 49 said...

Now everywhere dig, dig days and nights. MRT every few days breakdowns due to stress of weight of the human waves at every hour. CEO 2.25 millions. Bus arrangements also chaos.

War, how???

MOT, this red dot will sink.