Je suis Elfy

The Police will not pursue the matter with the train bully according to Shanmugam. And if one is to read the penal code on assault and criminal intimidation, it is quite clear that there is a prima facie case to haul the bully to court to charge him for both offences.  Shanmugam was also quoted as saying that he hoped the employer would deal with him. Is this the right thing to do? No action from the Police, not a Police matter?

What is the message? Would more bullies be encouraged to bully the locals in public places as and when they like, knowing that the Police would not act against them? What does it tell the Singaporeans, that they can be bullied, threatened and abused by anyone in public places and they cannot depend on the law and the Police for protection? Does it mean that the public must be able to defend themselves if confronted and attacked by bullies, to take the law into their own hands, or to let the bullies bash them up first before the law would step forward to deal with the bullies? Or are the Singaporeans supposed to accept this as the new normal?

All the above options are bad as many locals are just too small physically and meek to take on a big bully. Looks like the only hope they can depend on is for more Singaporeans to stand up like Elfy to protect the weak and the meek.  Would there be more Elfys to stand up to be recognised as the protector of Singaporeans?

In this incident it was lucky that the bully chickened out. What would happen to our hero Elfy if a fight broke up and both got injured, or the bully got injured? Would the law go after Elfy for standing up to defend the victim, or would he be charged for not minding his own business and got involved in a fight?

Is the govt expecting the people to take the law into their own hands or expecting the weak and meek to stand there and be abused, insulted, threatened and even beaten?

What kind of rule of law country is this? Is the safety of the public the responsibility of the govt? Who is there to protect the people when abused and threatened with harm in the public?


Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to Elfy once more and wish all our Malay brothers and sisters a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


agongkia said...

There you are.Told you all my forecast before the announcement.
You must be khooning and not notice cases of such nature is nothing new.
M.Sham is right. I share the same thought.Good Minister.
Everyday oso got dispute. Police will be busy if all cases are dealt with. Every subject will claim to be victim.
Laws are just a guideline. Important is to use our brain wisely .
Solution. Live in harmony.大事化小事。小事化无事。

agongkia said...

I take this opportunity to wish Elfy and our Muslim brothers n sisters and all a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Virgo 49 said...

I, Ahgongkia, ex man in blue. We do not want to boh eng with these trivial happenings

Cheers Sin penal cock, oops code that we are free to enjoy our coffins, coffee.


Anonymous said...

Based on this case, I think in future sinkie should just take the abuse and if can just walk away. Cause if you fight back u also Kena so suck thumb lor

Virgo 49 said...

Be back to write about the Sin Peni Cock, oops code.

On the way to visit my mother's death anniversary memorial.

Anonymous said...

"The Police will not pursue the matter with the train bully according to Shanmugam."

Mark my words.
Will history later on call this the defining moment?
By choosing not to enforce the law, will we end up with vigilante justice?
Will Singaporeans read this as a message telling us to seek out our own justice?
If riots break out, will this be an excuse to reintroduce martial law under a military junta?

Anonymous said...

Generals in parliament.
Generals in SMRT and NOL and other GLC companies.
Generals in the civil service.

Civil-military dictatorship
The concept of civil military dictatorship was coined to describe the nature of the Uruguayan dictatorship (1973-85).

Historians Gabriel Salazar and Julio Pinto have stressed the hybrid nature of the Chilean military dictatorship (1973-90) and previous and latter apparently non-military governments claiming that there is a continuation of civil and military cooperation that excludes the population from meaningful participation in the state affairs calling this a de facto civil-military dictatorship.


Virgo 49 said...

Sin penal cock or code is a farce.

This is to let the men in blur or blue have many happy hours of lim kopi at Everton coffee shop or elsewhere.

I ex Provost ns man so know a little of SAF Act and a little from penis cock thru bad experience.

The SPF brushed away all these fracas as non seizable offences. Try to classify them as been civil disputes even if both or one party hurt in the commotion or fight.

If no deadly weapons are used. Injuries not too.serious, they will tell both parties to file report against one of the other as civil suit.

If both parties gong gong like ahgongkia agreed.

Time for coffee liao. Unless one party or both seriously injured or killed, my coffebreak burn liao. Also my off duty hours gonna extend due to these idiots. Got to write reports and take many many statements.

So they will cajoled level best for civil suits. Liars earn monies liao

So you can hammer a person. Dont kill him ok.
just like the bouncers in clubs. To the SPF, aiyo leh cheh just minor fights. Warn all parties to keep the peace and we go drink coffee liao.

So, next time hammer that ang mo but if possible let him raise his hands first for some jokers might video taped and as sinkies famous for being beholden to these talents rather than their countrymen will sold you wholesale that you started the fight. As long as he can still breathe, they will advise keep the peace or civil suit.

That's why Shame said let employer handled the matter as no fighting take place. If the victim don't want to report better still. Even report will still advise aiya peace bros no use carry on lah.

Don't disturb my coffee siesta.

He cannot tell you, if you do not know how to stand up for yourself, then no one gonna stand up for you. Not everyday you have.saviour of elfry.

See the poor guy who got slapped by the cheebye visor in the office! If his colleagues do not take the video, than lan lan kena bully.

If no video, they will tell the poor fella filed civil suit.

Ding dong ding dong for years and in the end both parties asked ti go for mediation.

Better mediate in the Siow Leng See. If one party don't turn up, magistrates said will fix another day. Thet said nothing can be done as this is voluntary. Cannot force the other party to attend.

So second, third time until you seow seow, char keow tye, you yourself get sick and also don't turn up.

Wah, they very fast called you and send official letter saying as you and the other party do not turn up, we consider the case as closed.

TIME to drink coffee liao. But the SPF tak shiok.
wasted so much time disrupting my lim kopi.

Called both parties individually and let them wait for few hours and escorted them in their own den with two armed colleagues just to give you a Warning letter.

Warning next time not to disturb my coffee break.

So, can hamner a person but do not killed him.No weapons please. Pretend to be the victim. Said he started first. They want hurry hurry lim kopi will advise all to keep the peace. Very most take down particulars by them. Aiya for show only.

Come to the worst kena charged for fracas. Aiya
Take the GST credit cash and pay.

Locked up one day. Ever kena guardroom and confine barracks, what's the big deal??

Detention barracks more siong than civil prisons.

The main shiok feeling is that you can walk tall like s man and not an wimp if you stand up and whack these bastsrds who cone6 to your home and look for fights. If not something worse may happen to your women folks or children.

These chiak liao bee men in blue are not gonna protect you.

Anonymous said...

Even the venerable German Deutshe Bank believes in importing 3rd world Aliens to be CEOs:
- what can possibly go wrong?

Deutsche Bank Stunner: An Inside Look At Former CEO's Role In Liborgate


Anonymous said...

Anshuman Jain (born 7 January 1963 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) is an Indian business executive.
He took over as Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank on 1 June 2012 to succeed Management Board Chairman Josef Ackermann.

On 7 June 2015 he resigned as CO-CEO of Deutsche Bank.
The two joint chief executives of Deutsche Bank are to step down, in an unexpected move that comes shortly after the investment bank was fined for its role in Libor manipulation and criticised for its conduct.
Investor frustration about the bank’s performance became obvious last month when, at the annual meeting, 39% voted against Deutsche’s management board, and several investors called for Jain and Fitschen to resign.

The surprise move came just over a month after Deutsche was fined a record $2.5bn (£1.7bn) for rigging Libor, ordered to fire seven employees and was accused of being obstructive towards regulators in their investigations into the global manipulation of the benchmark rate.

The penalties on Deutsche Bank also involved a guilty plea to the Department of Justice (DoJ) in the US and a deferred prosecution agreement.
Jain was head of its investment bank during the alleged Libor rigging, but the bank has said he has been cleared of any wrongdoing.


patriot said...

I knew of 2 cases where both parties, in one case there were as many as 5 people involved and tge Other Case was a 1 to 1 between 2 taxi drivers.

The 2 taxi drivers did not engage lawyer; both were fined.

The Other Case involving multiple persons was fought out for sometimes with lawyers.
The Party involved that were from a family of 3 are my personal friends, the Father and Son were fined tens of thousand dollars and also spent tens of thousand for dental and injury treatments.

With informations given by some of those involved in fight and damages to belonging etc, I have to say that Agongkia is wise in his advocation.

Virgo 49 has had bad experiences that he had told us here. As he had been in the SAF Provost, he knows justice is hardly as ideal as it is taught or said .

I like the Descriptions of Virgo 49s' about SPF Man here. And if one talks to policeman, he or she is likely to meet one that behave like Agongkia.
BUT, if one is unlucky, it could be more disappointing and hurtful than the bad experience s of Virgo 49.




Anonymous said...

No big deal, a little scuffle on the MRT between a foreigner and a Singaporean. Police should not be involved, otherwise the Singapore Police Force will be running around dealing with al daily minor disagreements around the city. Let the matter rest. No one got hurt. Peace RB, let there be peace.

patriot said...

Forgot to mention that my Friends also paid tens of thousands for Lawyer Fee.


Anonymous said...

They honed their cheating skills through their education system. They became so good at cheating that western banks are so happy to employ them to design systems to cheat their customers and everyone. The whole financial system is based on cheatings.

Now we are seeing the banks getting into trouble, being fined by the billions.

What were the culprits to this cheating game?

When the lights is on, their dirty hands will all be caught dripping with slime. It is a whole conspiracy of networking on the same cheating game.