Philippines want to build naval facilities in contested Spratley Islands

The Philippines govt has big plans to build a naval base in the Spratley Islands to challenge China’s claim in the South China Sea. The initial cost is $23.8m and another $200m for a full scale naval base. The plans are there but stalled for lack of funds. I would suggest they come to Singapore, look for a Singaporean to sell his good class bungalow and there will be enough money for the initial phase with money to spare. Or they could call on the Pinoy community here to make a donation and they could even have enough money to build the full scale naval base.

To be realistic, money is not everything. They would need the right equipment, the skilled manpower and the expertise to reclaim islands and building infrastructure. The best solution is for the Philippines to pay a courtesy call to Xi Jinping in Beijing. China would have everything the Philippines need, from cheap financing, skilled labour, engineering expertise and equipment to do the job in double quick time.

The Chinese could offer the Pinoys a comprehensive package and throw in some goodie bags as well. Be nice to the Chinese and everything would be done for them for a song.

Maybe the Americans could set up a military base on behalf of its colony in the island. The Americans would be most willing to gain a military foothold in the South China Sea to cause mischief. Ya, they could build their base in the Mischief Reef, for free. The Philippines govt need not pay a single cent. Just invite the Empire to be the masters again.


Virgo49 said...

Americunts mischievous, built base at Mischief Reef. Mr RB you are really a mischievous guy.

Aiya, just export one million performing artists call girls to sinkies land and they have the funds in no time.

Sinkies guys and the talented community just loves them

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Indian leaders were in Russia recently, with the Indian leader meeting Xi in China at this moment. This must have rattled the US and its allies, so much so that Kerry went on a special visit to Putin (to mend ties, so to speak).

The fact that the US and its allies stayed away purposely during the recent celebrations in Moscow, over the events in Ukraine, must have dawned on the US and its allies as a strategically wrong snub. It also shows which side China and India are on.

Now, the stakes are up over the sea disputes, with Vietnam and Phillipines building on the disputed islands and the US planning to station bombers in this region. Who are the provocaters making all the provocations?

Anonymous said...

Obama got a peace prize, can you believe it, the gangster that is starting wars everywhere got a peace prize!

Anonymous said...

Pinoy could peacefully occupy Singapore which has a US Naval Base.
From here, it could strategically works with the American and the military experts from Singapore on how to counter China or Taiwan.
Philippines is foolish to claim the inhabitable tiny islands. It can claim Borneo and get its' powerful allies to take over it. That would make one of the most powerful country in SE Asia;, if not the whole of Asia.

The said...

The Pinoys should ask the Chinese to reclaim the land and build the naval base - the Chinese have the money and can reclaim and build very fast.

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, the question is who is the biggest beneficiary of the naval facilities in the contested Spratley Islands?

The Pinoys? In the old days of the grammaphone, the container for the stylus featured a dog listening to the sound of the grammaphone on it's top. The caption "His master's voice"

Anonymous said...

Why US official must talks about bomber deployment ahead of its foreign minister visit to china? is this what taiwan people call 'release words'.

"We will be placing additional air force assets in Australia as well as B-1 bombers and surveillance aircraft," he said.

The Pentagon now says the assistant secretary misspoke.

Anonymous said...

Should China to be very scared of such military threat by US bombers not just B1 but also stealth bombers which dump nukes yes nuclear bombs that could easily wipe out China's population without being detected ?

Really need nerves of steel to be superpowers' leaders

Anonymous said...

So happening in South China Sea, some even suggested changing its name to west PH seas or Asean seas ! Now Japs frigates soon are coming head to head with the Chinese frigates , Pinoys got the BeeKok as backer just like the japs BUT who is footing the bills for these military moves, it costs money, lot of it.

Meanwhile the clever Vietnamese which is sligthly more wary of beekok intentions are getting their Kilos subs from the Russian.

Anonymous said...

To bolster its military industrial complex US probably needs another long war as it winds down the aggression in Iraq/ Afghanistan??

b said...

RIC going to takeover the world lah. Us is no match against such a force. Anyway, Us and the west has a lot of internal issues. Better start working with ric rather than competing head on. Everyone just needs to work together and not start a stupid war and there will be prosperity for masses of people.

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the Pinoys,

they have kidnapped Malaysians

and their customers time and again.

Malaysia has not been able to deal

with the Philippines about them.

Ello could be right that Pinoys

could take over Sin when Sinkies

become extinct.