Amos Yee’s grandmother disappointed

It was reported in the Today paper that Amos Yee’s grandmother was unhappy with his anti social behavior for spending too much time on the net. Wondering why the grandmother is now also in the picture. Would the reporters be interviewing his teacher in the kindergarten or his childhood friends to want to know how bad Amos Yee was as a child?

And everyone has an opinion on this boy, including religious leaders, supposedly intelligent and wise people. I have my reservation of these adults who think very highly of themselves and think they know more, betterer and wiser than Amos the kid.
Today information and knowledge are at one’s finger tips. And the children today are exposed to the libraries of the whole world and more. What a child could read, if he is interested, is unimaginable. And the knowledge they acquired could be many many times what an adult believed he knows for his 10 or 20 years in school. There is no comparison.

And in terms of morality, rights and wrongs, religious beliefs, who is wiser? Many religious leaders are just half past six themselves and their intellectual level may be far inferior to a bright child like Amos. And given the haziness and questionable religious beliefs, the subjectivity of rights and wrongs, good and bad, and moral righteousness, age is no criteria. A wise person is not necessary an older person, the parents or grandparents. You cannot measure them until they open their mouth to reveal their foolishness and ignorance.

The adults must not presume that they know best. The kids must be allowed to explore and learn as much as they could. Unless of course the adult is as wise as gods, and knows more than the child.

How many adults think so please kee chiu. I can only say this, don’t be too presumptious to think you know best or your right is right. How many people have the wisdom of the sages to be in a position to pass judgement on a kid? This kid Amos is a rough diamond and if polished by the able hands of wise men, could turn out to be a genius in the future. It is highly irresponsible for any adult to condemn this child for a little indiscretion at his age. The way the lynch mob went after him speaks for itself, about the emptiness in their heads. Thinking adults should not be so judgemental over a single incident like this and want to condemn and ruin the lives of this child. Ask yourself, are you fit to judge this child? Are you up to it?

There will be the prudes that would throw sludge at Amos, but there will be the kind souls that would offer him flowers and wanting him to grow up well. This is how controversial the incident has become. The world is not black and white but a long stretch of greys. And worst, white may be black and black is white.


Anonymous said...

This Amos is so brilliant. He has made so many adults looked and behaved like fools for the whole world to see.

patriot said...


All making stories out of a unbridgeable generation gap.

Anyone think it will be a bestseller?



patriot said...

My apology.

'think' in my aforesaid comment to be corrected to 'thinks'.


patriot said...

By the Way, grandmother story is no more in vogue with youngsters nor are they popular with adults except the Kaypohs who have nothing better to do.


Anonymous said...

人在做 天在看!

人在做 天在看!

可怜 可怜 真可怜!

Virgo 49 said...

Think it is a sin to have your children follow your religion just because they happened to be your children.

They must have their choice to embrace whatever religion as adults when they have seen the hypocrisy, wickedness of.human nature.

Which religion is most suitable to their lifestyle. I had friends from Christian homes who denounced and remain as atheists throughout life. Mind you, they are true blue god fearing Christians for generations.

Gentle, kind and passionate humans. Unlike those born again holy than thou just superficial hypo Christians who went round condemning other religions. They said a little know all is a dangerous thing.

These are the fellows who tarnished the true teachings of Jesus.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hollywood should buy the rights from Amos and make a movie out of it.

Anonymous said...

This Amos kid is so lucky that they did not burn him at the stake.

Goh said...

IMHO if the parent fail to prevent the children from being westernised and name them or allow them to name themselves names like amos and behave like angmos then its the parent fault.
Western culture and behaviour are different .
Naturally amos will behave like angmos.
And if the grandmother fail to tell the son to teach the grandson to honour and be proud of their names then many such behaviour can happen and the grandmother has no reason to be disappointed.
Learn a lesson here. Be proud of our name , honour our ancestors , respect our elders and avoid changing faith or give ourselves or our children angmo names as it can result in loss of filial piety.

Goh Ah Gong

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

You are talking nonsense. The people that are sick are those they tried to lynch this kid. Come on, what has he done that he has to be crucified?

The evil and wicked are obvious, not Amos for sure.

Anonymous said...

“such sexual desires and lascivious thoughts would have a corrupting effect on young minds.”

Whoever said this about Amos crude cartoon must be living in Alice in Wonderland or inside a well.

b said...

we are living in internet age but ruling party still using medieval age way of governing. there will be more and more amos yee in time to come. accept and embrace and lets allow the young generation a space to express themselves. they are afterall the rulers of the future, not an elderly who is 70yo.

Anonymous said...

No more internet. Sooooo dangerous.

b said...

sometimes, i wonder whether the gov has anything better to do rather than spending time and (taxpayer)money going after a teenager who live in the other world (ie internet world).

b said...

Amos is definitely different but that does not mean he is bad. He is just different. All kids are different. THis world will be boring if everyone is the same, same thinking, same everything.

Those principals who have sex with underage are worst off. Those politicians who cheated poor people monies are more worst off. Those bankers who made people homeless are much worse. Why are they not prosecuted?

Anonymous said...

"THis world will be boring if everyone is the same, same thinking, same everything."
May 13, 2015 4:55 p.m.

But maybe PAP Ministers want all Singaporeans to do the "correct" thing even if it makes us boring and un-creative.
It does not matter if the cost is making Singaporeans into digits ... as long as PAP remains government forever tio bo?

So is it true?
The "correct" way to say "Fuck Yew" is to vote Opposition in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

LKY died.
And all I got for my inheritance is Lee Hsien Loong and his team of Ministers.
Just like Amos Yee's grandma.
I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

@"A wise person is not necessary an older person, the parents or grandparents. You cannot measure them until they open their mouth to reveal their foolishness and ignorance."

A most prescient observation indeed, now that the dear boy has admitted (on Facebook, no less!) to lying about being molested. Why let the good name of a benefactor stand in the way of the futherment of one's own little agenda, no matter how juvenile.

Such potential. Redbean is spot on!

Righteous Boy Follows Righteous Leeder Lah said...

Why is Amos Yee grandmother so disappointed with herself?

Because she feels that she did not bring up her son properly and as a result her son did not bring up her grandson properly?

If next time, Amos Yee becomes the Best Prime Minister of Singapore or become a very rich man like Bill Gate, will the grandma still be disappointed with herself?

I think she is so disappointed with herself because she cannot live to the day when Amos Yee would become the Most Famous and Sought After Statesman in the World when every other world leader would come and consult him, like those leaders who consulted LKY in the past.

Yes, that must be the only reason why Amos Yee's grandma blames herself and got so disappointed with herself. And that is why she said she was disappointed with Amos Yee or Amos Yee's behavior, right?

Ya, I think I am very right one. Because we are all very righteous people taught by our very righteous leaders and following our very righteous Grand-Leader's examples.

Who can fault my judgmental criticism of everybody else except myself?

You dare to say I am wrong? No way. How can I be wrong when I am always right?

This is the way to go, man. Isn't it so? You tell me lah.

Righteous Boy Follows Righteous Leeder Lah said...

Why I said Amos Yee will be a very rich man?

He now has the Rights to all the Drama, Thriller and Suspense Movies that the Whole Wide World will be interested to make money out of his REAL LIFE STORY (AND MORE STORIES COMING UP).

Refute me if I am wrong now. But how cocksure are you? Can you see the Future? I can.

Of course, I can. You ask me why?
So simple also don't know?



Anonymous said...

A wise person is not necessary an older person, the parents or grandparents.

Tiok. In fact, even worse due to aging of the brain, dementia, Parkinson disease and what not.

Don't believe, just look at LKY, before his recent death.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Amos Yee grandmother so disappointed with herself?
Because she feels that she did not bring up her son properly and as a result her son did not bring up her grandson properly?"
May 14, 2015 7:49 a.m.

What about LHL's grandma?
I wonder if she is proud or disappointed with her grandson's achievements?

Anonymous said...

What about LHL's grandma?

Does LHL even knows he has a grandma?

I have never heard of him talking about his grandma. Have you?

All I have heard, seen and read are always about his Papa or his PAP.

I also never heard him talk about his two wives, especially his excellent First Wife.

Have you?

Anonymous said...

Just pray that this boy will not be burnt at the stake. The lynch mob is still out there finding every excuse they could to lynch him. Every misstep by this boy is enough to be played up as the most heinous crime to execute him.

How many of the righteous out there have not done anything worst than this boy?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:45, how old are you? You have not done anything similar or worst than Amos when you are at his age or older?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Amos is only 16. How many of you have the maturity at 16 not to do some silly things? This kid will make many mistakes along the way. If he gets a good person to guide him he could turn out to be a very decent and intelligent adult in the future. If misguided he could turn the other extreme.

There is something brilliant in this young man and there is a lot of potential in him.

Let him grow. He is now put in the deep end and could be burnt alive if he is not careful. He could be tempted, provoked, misquoted, let into a trap etc etc to destroy him.

They are many wicked people out there waiting to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Agree. This country is looking so evil. So many adults wanting to do harm to a boy. What is happening to the morals of the people? Kindness, forgiveness, compassion, merciful, graciousness, loving, caring, all gone.

Anonymous said...

Some adults still immature inside, although holding very high position in life, are very revengeful and vicious. Once their ego is hurt, they will go all out to destroy you. These are the real dangerous people in our society. Because they have the power, the means, resources, wealth and manpower to do whatever they want to you.

Amos Yee's case is a very clear example of witch-hunting. lynching, bullying and vengeance to satisfy the immature mind of a very selfish egoistic person, has still not grown up despite his/her age.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Amos is in the US, he would be just like any other American kid, and his way would not be seen as anything criminal.

He is likely to be the darling of his teachers and would do extremely well academically. He could really blossomed into a bright young kid.

In this stuffy place run by monks and nuns, it is like hell to kids like Amos.