To forgive or not to forgive?

This has become a major topic for discussion in the social media. Many are cursing and swearing. Many are asking for forgiveness. There is this assumption that something wrong and bad was done and it is the time to forgive.

There are many questions to ask and many issues to be discussed. In the first place, did the person ask to be forgiven? Two, did the person admit any wrong or guilt? Let’s put aside the victims of the wrongs and how adversely they were affected, how they had suffered. Such calls for forgiveness are not something new. This expectation of forgiving has been repeated over and over again, at the level of ordinary beans, among friends that became enemies, within families, business people, colleagues and in political struggle for power.

The people that committed wrongs against their victims did not know that one day they would have to face the consequences or the maker.  Of course this cannot be true with some exceptions. They knew exactly what they were doing, wrongs against people, rivals in business, family members and friends. People cheated, lied, fabricated stories, fixing other people, all in the course of winning or to gain something. We are seeing it happening everyday, not necessary among the average daft but people who are very clever, too clever for their own good. They knew what they were doing.

Do these people deserve to be forgiven when their time comes when they are on their deathbeds? As we are talking at this very moment, many are still committing their wicked acts and deeds. They did not care.  They did not want to apologies or to forgive.  So are they deserving to be forgiven? They only think of their own interests, their benefits. What is going to happen to their victims and rivals is not a concern.

Under such situations, is there a need to ask for forgiveness for the person that committed wrongs? Look at the wicked things people are doing, and knowing very well that they have done wrongs, and are continuing to do wrongs, do they deserve forgiveness? Do they care if they are forgiven? Why don’t they stop their wicked deeds now and forgiveness would not be an issue when their time comes to go home to where they came from?

Some may even laugh at the daft for forgiving them and call them silly. I screwed you so bad and I did not ask for forgiveness and you stupidly think you are so graceful and kind to want to forgive! How stupid can you be? You deserved to be screwed a hundred times over. And I will repeat it all over again if I have the chance to do it again. Would there be such people and is forgiveness the right thing to do?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

'I screwed you so bad and I did not ask for forgiveness and you stupidly think you are so graceful and kind to want to forgive!'

But what really matters is what do they do after they forgave? Did they still vote for the party that they forgave for screwing them?

Anonymous said...

Yes u screw me hard but I forgive u because if not, the alternative will screw me even harder!

So I not only forgive u for screwing me, but I also thank u for not allowing the alternative to screw me even harder.

Anonymous said...

Until HE says sorry, you can safely assume that he is not sorry.
How many books has he written already?
Got say sorry or not?

Same logic with our CPF.
Do you think you will get your CPF money back if you keep voting PAP?
If you want your money back, stop rewarding bad behaviour.
Stop voting PAPigs.

Anonymous said...



Vrgo49 said...

Aiya time out already lah!!!

What's sorry, sorry, ?!!!

Go and tell it to the HELL emperor!!

9122 buy now or sold out very fas

Huat ah!!!!!!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ "I believe in fairy tales" redbean:

>> The people that committed wrongs against their victims did not know that one day they would have to face the consequences or the maker.

100% UNTRUE. Your massive cognitive error is also known as The Just World Fallacy....the childish belief that there are "ghostly forces" which work to ensure "Moral balance" (what the fuck does that even mean?!?) in the universe.

Will redebean ever mature to the point where his mind finally develops "adulthood"?

Who knows?
Who even cares?

The said...

Who are you referring to, ha?

Anonymous said...

If a few evil doers are frightened enough to stop doing evil, RB would have done something good. According to this ass' definition, the whole world is made of naive believers except him.

Let's wait for his retribution to come to shut his mouth.

b said...

If a man kills one person, he is a criminal. If that person kills a thousand or millions, he is made king. Thats how insane this world is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cockbush country limit.

Anonymous said...

You think you are so grand ah?
LKY need or want your forgiveness meh?
Dunno what is above and what is below.

Anonymous said...

Depends on who you talk to, some say he has done no wrong but only great things for Singapore. There is some truth in that, one must admit. HOWEVER, IN DOING SUCH GREAT DEEDS, THERE ARE MANY WHO HAVE SUFFERED MUCH.

Has Hitler been forgiven by the Jews? definitely NOT. I think it is very easy for those who have not been unaffected to advocate forgiveness. But for those who have been wronged and who have suffered, forgiveness could be hard to come by. Those who have been locked up in prison for many years without proper trials may not be too willing to forgive. Those who have been exiled to foreign land and not able to return to their beloved Singapore may be filled with hatred and forgiveness would be far from their heart.

So it all depends on who you speak to. One must not forget the many good deeds he has done to bring Singapore to this world class status, but along the way many have been hurt.

The only thing one can say now, is " He did it his way."

Reciprocation and Retribution said...

Dear Mr Red Bean,

These are my views with no offence to anyone.

To forgive who? If he had done no wrong to me, what is there to forgive?

He or whoever asking or intend to ask for forgiveness on someone's else's behalf has to ask those whom he had inflicted pains and sufferings, loss and agony, shamed and down-casted or out-casted, exiled, condemned or imprisoned for no real reasons over unreasonably long period of time without redress.

To tell other people to forgive is easier said than done. When the needle does not prick you, you do not feel the pain. Same when you are not inflicted with the sufferings, it is very easy for you to simply say "Lets forgive him/her ..."

In order to forgive, we must also have wisdom. Compassion and Wisdom go hand-in-glove. Having Wisdom without Compassion is not good. Having Compassion without Wisdom is not wise.

One only forgives a person when he/she accepts and repents for his/her mistakes.

One would be a fool to go around forgiving incorrigible crooks and criminals who do not wish nor need your forgiveness.

Moreover, one does not forgive another who refused to forgive others.

In life, we must remember to say sorry to those who are affected by our actions. The earlier we do it the better for both parties. Don't wait until the very last minute, when one is about to die. That is already TOO LATE.

There is a Chinese saying:

"Last Minute Then Hold Buddha's Legs." It is TOO LATE.

This is what being human bean is all about - we must always have the Mindfulness on Reciprocation and Retribution at all times.