Things that Obama cannot do

There are things that Obama or any American presidents cannot do, beyond their power to do, and if they dare to do it, they would not only be voted out immediately, they would be pronounced as insane. Constitutionally they cannot even dream of remaining in their office for more than two terms. This is totally out of question. The Americans would not allow it, would not allow any individual to be entrenched in the Presidency to abuse the authority of the position. They knew this danger two hundred years ago and their wisdom on this matter has never been in doubt. The corruption of men in power is so real and so scary.

There are other things that Obama would not be able to do. He cannot tell the Americans that their life savings, money saved over a life time, is no longer for them to decide how it should be used. The American Govt will henceforth decide for the American people how their life savings should be used, would be used and when they are to be returned to them, the rightful owners of the money. The Americans have no say in their money? Obama or any president trying to do it would be bundled out of the White House in no time.

Any American president thinking of doing it would be accused of insanity or suffering from bi polar syndrome. Or they would risk an assassination bullet in his head for meddling with the people’s life savings as if it belongs to the govt.

Obama would not be allowed to spend billions of American tax payer’s money as he likes, like using it to pay for the education of foreigners, to pay their expenses instead of spending the money on Americans without the consent of the American people, without informing them. He would not last his full term, not to mention a second term to do such a darn thing.

Obama would not be able to allow the reckless influx of immigrants to the US without the approval of Congress. He is still fighting for his life over his immigration policies to give amnesty to the illegal immigrants. It would be foolish for Obama or any American president to bring in foreigners to replace the Americans in good jobs in big numbers. He would be accused of being a traitor and sacked from his Presidency. I am sure the Americans reading this would nod their heads and shake their heads in disbelief if he did otherwise.

Would Obama dare to spend his time fixing his political opponents instead of running the country? No way. His ass would be kicked sore if the Americans know that their President is playing partial politics everyday to keep himself in power. Anyway he needs not try as the constitution would not allow him to stay on after two terms.

And Obama would not be able to write his own paycheck or the paychecks of his staff. If only he could do that, with the size of the American economy and his responsibilities on world matters, he could easily justify to be paid in billions, not in hundreds of thousands as he is being paid today.

Because there are so many limitations in his power, that could be the reasons why he is paid so much lesser than other politicians with practically unlimited powers. The more power a politician wields, the more he can pay himself and can do anything as he likes, as he is the law.

Poor Obama, poor American presidents.


Anonymous said...

We have a President holding a key to our Reserve. Maybe appoint another President to oversee the limits of power of our politicians. Only thing is that we have to make sure these presidents are not related to the people in power. Good idea?

jjgg said...

RB...poor choice for comparison. Singapore's constitution n electoral system so different to US. Our main problem is our electorate..we've allowed ourselves to be so corralled n hog tied that we sheepishly bleat our way through life as if there's nothing we can do to overturn our fate. Singaporeans, if a comparison need to be made,are like the N Koreans who eagerly await the pronouncement of the day from the Palace.

Anonymous said...

Things that Obama cannot do that LKY can do.
Like what part of an Advanced Medical Directive don't Yew understand?

Is it really so unclear?
"Some time back, I had an Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) done which says that if I have to be fed by a tube, and it is unlikely that I would ever be able to recover and walk about, my doctors are to remove the tube and allow me to make a quick exit."

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:14. This AMD is good only when you are able to communicate when you are sick or when you have no money. Otherwise doctors may not pull out the tubes.

Anonymous said...

But no money ... of course the tubes will be pulled right?

Anonymous said...

Obama cannot increase the price of oil ... but Singapore can.
How low can Crude Oil prices fall if there is nowhere else to store it?

In a world awash in crude, oil producers and traders are facing a billion-barrel conundrum: where to put it all. U.S. crude-oil supplies are at their highest level in more than 80 years, according to data from the Energy Information Administration, equal to nearly 70% of the nation’s storage capacity.
A U.S. storage hub in Cushing, Okla., is expected to hit maximum capacity this spring. While estimates are rough, Citigroup Inc. believes European commercial crude storage could be more than 90% full, and inventories in South Korea, South Africa and Japan could be at more than 80% of capacity.
The danger of running out of places to stash crude: Some analysts predict prices, already down 50% since June, could spiral even lower as producers sell oil at a discount to the few remaining buyers with room to store it.


patriot said...




jjgg said...

Singkies are a special breed...have money they can't use..have representatives they didn't vote for..have outsiders telling them they are rich n still 90% live in subsidized housing..n the list goes on n on n on

Elephant said...

Anyone can tell me the latest changes to CPF rule,

a. Even if have $155K now in the special account, you still use your house to pledge the $77.5K, and withdrawal keep only the minimum sum of $77.5 cash only.

b. When does the government now start the stupid decision to delay until when the CPF life payout date than most you to decide at 55 years old!

b said...

Just vote for a party that allows the people to withdraw their cpf. Unfortunately, such party does not even exist. Politics is a diry game.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, such party does not even exist."
March 10, 2015 4:11 pm

When JB Jeyaretnam was fighting for Singaporeans.
How many Singaporeans were willing to fight for him in return?
It only serves us right that we now have nobody to fight for our CPF.

Anonymous said...

Congress and the President can print money out of thin air. That they can do and will do.

Anonymous said...

No money not even 1 tube will be provided; terminal case, no chance of recovery.