Eulogy to Lee Kuan Yew He Finished Well

Today’s the Funeral of Lee Kuan Yew,
Founder and Father of Singapore
And all Singaporeans;
Rains pour from the skies from the early morn,
Restrained for the past 6 days when he passed;
Washing the streets ahead of his procession
From Parliament House passing City Hall
Along the Padang to Trade Union House,
Through Bukit Merah, Queenstown, Commonweath
Before reaching University Concert Centre at Kent Ridge.
Along the streets his beloved Singaporeans in millions await,
For whom he loves and gives his life, wisdom and all.
Tears and raindrops merged before they hit the ground,
Heaven and people combined in united grief.
Many reached out to see him for the very last time;
Few know him face-to-face, mostly at a distance,
Many have seen him, heard his speeches,
In every general election, most have voted for him,
To lead us, our children and theirs into a better tomorrow;
We have not been disappointed.

Fifty years ago, Lee Kuan Yew wept for Singapore
When tossed out like a pariah and garbage from Malaysia;
Today, Singapore weeps for Lee Kuan Yew  
For the Metropolis that he promised then to build;
A better place than the one we left,
More prosperous, harmonious, peaceful and safe;
A Garden City by the sea,
A Nation par excellence,
A People rugged and resilience,
To continue his nation building vision
For the future of the world, and
For our generations to come.

Much are written on how he began,
How he define my future and us all,
How he fought, persuade, lead and organise,
For us to become his vision made real; 
Around us his handprints and footprints
Leaves no doubt LKY’s the Architect and Builder,
A Servant Leader by any measure,
A mortal human being,
Extraordinary by exceptional degree.

Heaven’s rains and our tears mixed,
Surge forth like a tidal wave
United in joyful celebrations,
To carry his remains to eternity
And preserve his immortality among the Greats;
We can choose to feel abandoned
By the loss of LKY in our midst;
Or to grasp the inheritance he left for us,
To continue his work to our very end.

Singapore is LKY’s dedication;
We are his pre-occupation.
He took us on a path of no return,
Promising a journey demanding
And worth the effort;
He made my life his endgame,
And Singapore his life;
He set his sights on Singapore made exceptional,
To achieve the things that really matter,
That we make a difference to the world
To make a difference in my life.

At every stage of his life,
LKY put forth his best effort
To the very end of his life,
He fought a good fight for Singapore;
We should now show the same diligence
To the very end of our lives;
Be involved and help others positively,
Never leave the weak, poor and sick
And leaving no Singaporean behind;
Do them with his enthusiasm,
To finish well like him.

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Anonymous said...

RB friends must have writers' cramps reading Mikospace comments.
The truths by Mikospace have much merits.
Those who flamed LKY for whatever reasons are now speechless;
No LKY to abuse and taunt anymore,
They look silly when they try;
Better shove your piece up your posteriors,
Pick someone else to blame for your frustrations and lack of
backbone and guts,
As you hide behind anonymity
Knowing not your own shits will return to their owners ...
always and soonest!

Anonymous said...

RB's blog is not about censorship. Both sides can have their takes.

This Miko does not hide where he is coming from unlike the sneaky IBs. He is a man that wears his badge on his chest. You got to respect him for that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, by now you should have noticed that Miko holds a PBM. He is an old friend of mine. We don't agree in many things but we are still good friends. I have friends is both sides of the divide.

Differences in views, especially political views, must not be a reason to be enemies. I am not always right, and very often wrong in my views and many here have openly said they don't agree with some of my views. This is fair.

Neither should we disregard people like Mikos for being on the other side. He has his right to express his views and everyone has a right to disagree with him. We must not behave like small minded politicians that see everyone as enemies if they are not on the same side.

We can't be making enemies with everyone that don't see eye to eye with. At least Miko is proud of his views and association. He is not ashamed of his asociation unlike the shameless IBs.

The hideous IBs got to learn from Miko if they are proud of what they are. It is not a crime or a sin to believe in different political philosophies or in different parties.

patriot said...

I like to say that personally mix, listen, read and discuss anything with young and old irrespective of gender and race.
I am also found by many to be audacious even lack of shame for talking about national and leadership issues, all because of lack of academic qualificatiin and achievement in life.

I read Miko here and I watched Amos Yee and I like Both, without Them I learn less. Despite the Extreme Difference in Impressions of the Man and his Leadership and Characters, I read them and enjoyed every bits of them.

Hope that can be more materials about the whereto from here and that the Academics and those capable of contributing to building better livings for Sinkies will volunteer and offer their wisdoms.


Anonymous said...

"We can't be making enemies with everyone that don't see eye to eye with."

Why you tell us?
Why not you tell LKY and LHL?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why do I have to tell LKY and LHL? They led their own lives and made their own meanings of life.


The intelligence of a person is not in the degree. Many people did not have the opportunities to study at tertiary level not because they are less intelligent. Many people got that degree not because they are more intelligent.

In the internet, you are as good as what you wrote and the clarity of your thoughts, not your degree or no degree.

You are a very sensible person and write very well. There is no need for you to feel inferior to the graduates.

If you read the posts and comments you will have a good measure of the intellect or lack of intellect of the persons behind them. There is no hiding. The maturity or immaturity will all showed up.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are many pro LKY eulogies, and not so many anti-LKY ones....the most notable being the one by 17 yr old Amos Yee, now in police custody. (Booo...freedom of speech means freedom of hate speech, offensive speech and speech you don't agree with)

Anonymous said...

A very good example will be the posts of those IBs. Many are likely to be grads, but see how silly were their comments and how silly were their behaviours?

University education did them no good. Complete waste of money to make these people without shame and moral righteousness. They have no sense of right or wrong except for their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Defend a young man's freedom of speech and expression. Say NO to internet censorship.
Re-upload all of all stuff taken down by the police who are supposed to defend the citizens, instead of being slaves to a totalitarian regime.

LKY and Thatcher Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

?? said...

Defend a young man's freedom of speech and expression. Say NO to internet censorship.
Re-upload all of all stuff taken down by the police who are supposed to defend the citizens, instead of being slaves to a totalitarian regime.

LKY and Thatcher Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

Anonymous said...

The choice, to cultivate and polish this young man, or to destroy him before he blossomed.

Where is the wisdom? Don't expect it from cardboards.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Too many ignorant Sporeans do not know that even the US Supreme Court and UK High Courts rule that free speech is NOT absolute. FREE Speech EXCLUDES hate and inflammatory speeches. Dunno what Amos Yee did, but if he did the crime, he must do the time and even be caned! No need to be rude or offensive. Disagreement can be polite and cleverly crafted. You lose the merits of your arguments if you have to be rude and offensive.
BTW, all of us should thank LKY for bringing universal suffrage ie
one-man-one-vote to Singapore BEFORE the USA gives the vote to everyone. In 1965, even Chinese and non-whites cannot vote in the US .., but your fathers and grandfather did in Singapore.
So why copy someone else latter democratic traditions?

patriot said...

Amos Yee is talented and brave BUT too vulgar for his own good.

There must be much angst in our youths, be it the Group that braved the Danger to spray their shared feelings in words at top of HDB Flats or the Student that screwed the DPM and the Many Oldies that showed frustrations at bus stops and else, the Angst is manisfested State-wide.

What about suicides and homicides that arose from challenges of survival in Sincity?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Notice that the AG was at least SMART ENOUGH not to use "defamation", because dead motherfuckers don't have any rights. To have rights, you must have "personhood" which has one requisite: that you are ALIVE.

Instead the BRILLIANT Singapore legal scholars decided to use the statute against insensitivity to religion.

And they are WRONG. Amos didn't slam religion, he slammed Jesus.

But Jesus is a fictitious character (invariably portrayed as a WHITE GUY with BLUE EYES, although he's supposed to be Semetic) or at least remains an imaginary person until someone can actually PROVE that this asshole walked the earth, doing two-bit "magic tricks" wherever he went.

So it would seem that in Singapore---a small nation which waves its big dick in the face of the other nations---supposedly TOP in education, TOP in honest govt., TOP in GDP, TOP in social engineering and national development, TOP place to do business, TOP place for expats coming to Asia, TOP place for low tax....

....supposedly so fucking awesome, but just cannot, will not tahan the 8 min expression of a 17 yr old boy who used words, to fuck the shit out of:

1. One dead person
2. One imaginary person, also presumed dead.

Voltaire said "Even though I disagree with what you have to say, I will defend your right to say it." which was one of the anchor principles of the Renaissance. Nothing is sacred---not a person, not an idea----that it cannot be ridiculed, scrutinised or dissented and disagreed with. The Renaissance was a fight against the authorities of the church and the kings.

It is easy to defend Amos if you agree with his video---I don't, some of his facts are flawed and incorrect.

It is not so easy to defend his right to express---his ideas in words of his choice, not words which you are "comfortable with" when you don't like it. It takes people with mature and developed minds, who have HUMANITY, and are at least "tolerant" of the discomfort they selfishly feel from taking offence to defend THE PERSON and HIS RIGHT TO EXPRESS, not his ideas.

The way to fight speech with which you disagree with is MORE SPEECH, not calling in the cops and the govt just because a person like Amos made you feel "discomfort" or "anger".

Fuck you Singapore, you are not "there" yet. 1st world wealth. Total shit, below zero on emotional intelligence.

Sorry Singapore, I have just downgraded your awesomeness. Oh, you don't care? No worries.

Oh BTW, What would Jesus do? He would forgive. Shove that up your arse, Christians.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. It seems that many of them screaming for Amos Yee's blood, his head and the death of his entire family missed the "punchline"; the positive message at the end of the video.

"Let's all hope for change, for good change...for every possible kind."

Veritas said...

Miki write too many piece of shit. He is typical Singapore academic, piece of shit.

patriot said...

I shall sum it up with yhe Ponder of Mts Lee Kuan Yew nee Kwa Geok Choo of why there was, as much hate as love for thr Man.
Lee Kuan Yew had made himself a controversial man with his doings. He did good for the People NOT for the People but for HIMSELF.
He got all the Glories of Power, Wealth, and Fame. His Family gets to enjoy the Fruits he harvested exclusively. Members of his PAP are also rewarded handsomely.

The People do gain stability and peace from Lee Kuan Yew Government, as they, the Sinkies are cowered to become SHEEPLES.



Anonymous said...

"BTW, all of us should thank LKY for bringing universal suffrage..."
March 30, 2015 1:31 pm

Lee Kuan Yew also freed the black slaves in America.
About 7 years before President Lincoln stole credit for LKY's idea and action.
LKY also mentored Martin Luther King.
LKY is the Founding Father of American Civil Rights.