My Sunday sermon – The naked man or The naked truth

My sermon for today is about this man walking around naked in the main street in broad daylight. Then he saw an Ah Pek rummaging a dustbin for drink cans. He was angry and called the police on his expensive iPhone.

The police arrived to attend to his complaint. He pointed to the Ah Pek and annoyingly told the police the Ah Pek was naked. The Ah Pek only had a pair of trousers on but no tops. The policemen looked at each other and then walked away. The naked man kept shouting, ‘Arrest the Ah Pek, he is naked!’

By then there was a big crowd around the naked man. Everyone was astounded by the action of the naked man. They were also wondering why the policemen did not take the naked man away instead. Some were suggesting that the naked man must be an important man. Some were saying he was obviously mad, cuckoo. Everyone could see that there was really nothing wrong with the Ah Pek. The naked man was the complainant.

A few people actually shouted at the naked man, telling him that he was the one that was naked. But it seemed that the naked man was deaf. And he continued strutting around like a peacock, completely naked. I think he sincerely and honestly believed he was fully dressed and no one could see his nakedness.

End of story. End of sermon. I just hope everyone is still sane. And I hope someone would hand the naked man a mirror. I think this sermon is simple enough and no explanation required. This is perhaps an extreme form of delusion. It is not a case of bi polar, neither is it dementia.


Anonymous said...

We are now living in a mad mad mad world.

Anonymous said...

A few people actually shouted at the naked man, telling him that he was the one that was naked.

But these are a few lah, the minority.

And it's no ordinary naked man. Naked but he is also a boss u know, and boss to majority of people. And for those under him, he is also a good or even super paymaster. Like that how to shout at him, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Actually there are 77 naked men and women to be precise.

Anonymous said...

Mirrors that cost $1 million dollars do not cast a true reflection.
They are designed to blind your eyes to the ugly truth.
If you want to see the truth, you have to break the million dollar mirror.

Anonymous said...

Avaricious People Desire Nothing
“…… At present-day society, there a large numbers of avaricious people, but the truth of the matter is that these people desire nothing. They pursue short-term profits and ignore the fact that they lose over the long term. They tell some convincing lies at the outset, but these lies are inevitably exposed and they are shown to be completely untrustworthy. Perhaps they think that if they lie skillfully they will be successful, but their lies will without a doubt be exposed sooner or later. Nevertheless, they continue to labor under the illusion that they will never be found out, and in spite of their bitter experiences they still devote themselves to fooling other people…... They are trapped in their fixed materialistic ideas, and are in a very bad way. For once they are known as liars and have proved themselves untrustworthy, they can never regain the confidence of people, and they are finished. They are subsequently faced with loss of everything, and no one will have anything to do with them.
Now consider this carefully, if they had from the beginning been completely honest and truthful, they would still be trusted by everyone and would certainly be reaping the rewards of their efforts. As it is, they have sacrificed these profits for a short period of selfish cleverness. They have worked and strived for nothing and their avarice and desires have led them nowhere. What, then, did they really desire? The answer must be, “nothing.”
……The most important thing for a person is to be trusted. There is no asset more precious than your good name, and from this asset comes all profit ……”

You are free to do whatever you want to do, but people will be watching. To leave a good name and be praised or to leave a bad name, be condemned and be cursed by the future generations. Do remember, God is watching too!

Anonymous said...

"God watching" no use lah.
God is not Singaporean. Not allowed to vote in GE 2016.

Only Singaporeans can vote.
And Singaporeans are daft.
Will always vote PAP.

My prediction:
Lee Hsien Loong will be the new Senior Minister in one or two years time after GE 2016.

patriot said...

Allow me to add that the Naked Man is staying in a glass tower, fully air conditioned of course.

What about his look?
Must say solemn and haugty is my impression. Maybe he got to project a very dignified fascade, but dignity and integrity do not come from superficiality, it comes from respectability.
Anyway, one Ah Soh Parliamentarian was very sweet on Channel News Asia, highly sugar coated in gestured to and words server with special cares in diction and pronunciation. Sweet and demure for once.

Abovesaid not a sermon. It is some observations.


Anonymous said...

Naked or not, come the next GE, the same people will be back to dictate to the meek Singaporeans. My prediction is this, the next GE will be won hands down by the PAP. With all the "good" press by the ST, the angpows being doled out, the high profile broadcast on the one and only state owned TV channels, the is no way the PAP will lose the grip on the nation's balls. Singaporeans who hope for an opposition victory should " tangkoko ".

b said...

The law is written by rich and powerful people to protect the rich and powerful people irregardless of whether they are naked or not. Politics are dirty.

agongkia said...

Not in clothing cannot be considered naked as one may have a banana or CB leaf to cover the private part.
Putting on trouser can be considered an offence if one put on transparent or translucent trouser where the private part can be seen clearly.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Politics are dirty.
February 15, 2015 4:13 pm

Politics is not dirty.
Only pigs are dirty.
Pigs are dirty animals.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One good thing about being old and suffering from dementia is that you can essentially anything the fuck you like, and you will be "forgiven"---even if you're unaware of it because your Ah Pek brain is essentially kaput.

I can't wait to get dementia and be roaming the streets. I'll be waving my shrivelled Ah Pek dick at schoolgirls, and rubbing my leathery Ah Pek balls on policewomen...without any serious consequences. I also can shit and piss anywhere the fuck I choose. Fuck it, I have dementia...I am not responsible! I can't remember whatever shit I did! Yipee!!

Good sermon redbean! There are definite benefits to getting dementia, the main one being completely UNACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! Imagine the possibilities :-))

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...


Heard from radio that our PM has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery on Monday to remove his prostate gland (Read more yourself).

Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey Patriot...remember my post-GE 2016 comment...PM Ng Eng Hen...perhaps, maybe...who knows?

Speedwing said...

Wishing LHL a speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

The Great Equalizer.

Anonymous said...

"Wishing LHL a speedy recovery"
February 15, 2015 7:51 pm

Why ??

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura;

Currently there are two Deputy Prime Ministers and though they are both older than Ng Eng Hen, they look much younger. However, it is their higher ranking that I will rule Eng Hen out.

On the other hand, there are two ex-army generals with one that appears like a blue eye boy of Lee Kuan Yew. He gives me an impression of a Kamikaze, how those who are longer in the Cabinet like him, I find it hard to say. But, if both Lees retire for good, my feel is that the ex-military commanders are unlikely to win the hearts of the PAP Parliamentarians. I surmise Heng Swee Kiat could be more preferred.

Btw, prostrate cancer is not life threatening; it just happened that Lee Hsien Loong had Lymphoma cancer. Whether the Two Together will impact on his health is not something I know.
I do hope that they do not make Lee Junior unfit for Office.

Anyway, You apppears to have premonition of a change of Leader. You have Insider Information?


Anonymous said...

The naked truth is that Ah Pek (and a few of his village chiefs) were caught dipping his hands into the tontine can to take the even poorer villagers money to pass to his swanky businessmen friends who had supported Ah Pek.

When caught red handed, Ah Pek blamed others as usual and tried to wriggle his way out. The villagers gasped in disbelief that he could betray their trust. They had known him for years. With hard irrefutable evidence, Ah Pek admitted. Ah Pek promised to put some of the money back. He said it will take time; he will put a bit back by the first year. He didn't say when he would put all back, and villagers are supposed to keep track.

agongkia said...

Me too wish my PM a speedy recovery. I am serious.

However me oso wish to add that me saw a posting on a medical research somewhere that says that regular sex is one of the way to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer.
It also says that sexual activity can help to flush out cancer causing chemical.
Solution. Sinkies men should have more sex activities to reduce risk of getting prostate cancer.
Should allow men to marry more wives if wife does not want sex.
Allow polygamy. Help Sinkies to reduce spending on expensive medical treatment for such cancer due to failure to secure sex.

agongkia said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Some people seemed to have everything!!

What a world!!

Some got much, very much.

Some got little, very little.

Anyway, GOD is fair, very fair.

You have everything, you want more, I give you more

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

>> Whether the Two Together will impact on his health is not something I know.

Once diagnosed with cancer, it will always be with you. No one is "cured", the best outcome is still "remission".

My guess is that Lee may step down if not before, after the election. When you are the cuntree's leader, holding the highest office, it is NO JOKING MATTER---good health is not enough. You need to be physically and mentally fit. (actually physical and mental and emotional fitness go together). You also cannot afford to have a family who is constantly worrying about your state of health, because that will impact on your ability to work effectively.

I would say that the PAP have a "backup plan". IMO the best choice would be Tharman---he is the smartest fucker there, and by far the best communicator---no contest.

However I don't think Singaporeans will accept an Indian as PM; maybe in another generation they will accept anyone, including a woman. i.e. there needs to be time for the new gene pool to work at producing new citizens with new outlooks, more salient and globally relevant world-views, and not have their psyches inscribed with all the bad cultural shit which prevails now. I stress again and again: politics emanates from CULTURE.

>> You have Insider Information?

Ha ha. Who wold want to share info with an insignificant beach bum like me?


>> that says that regular sex is one of the way to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer.

It's not proven lah, only a hypothesis teased out from the data they have.

The fact is, if you are male, and ageing, chances of prostate cancer increase. Currently the rate among men is about 12-15%, and depends on a MULTITUDE of factors---genetic and lifestyle. For e.g. the same genes which cause breast cancer are linked to prostrate cancer. So if your mother had breast cancer, your risk of prostate cancer is increased.

However, I do support your suggestion of fucking like crazy. It may not eventually ward off the cancer, but it sure as hell is a damn good way of passing the time PRODUCTIVELY whilst you are still able to :-)

Virgo 49 said...

Agongkia, you keep preaching must work two or even three jobs to survive and keep out the foreign trashes.

Stomachs already nearly empty. Have sex some more polygamy??

You want offsprings to be either with pants no shirts or vice versa??

Only chow ang mohs and their counterpart the same features ah neys can have polygamy.

They have the gift of gaps and charisma to attract the no coloued blind eyes yellow skinned banana oriental women.

See even at age 70s, the white skinned stil goes to Thailand for seven to eight years old girls.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Matilah, only remission. If relapse, you are gonna meet your Maker soon.

My niece fought for nearly five years and was given hope of a remission.

Unfortunately within few months suffered a relapse and had two to three months to live.

Now shs is no longer with us.

patriot said...

In my uneducated opinion, making love unhygienically and indiscriminately is the Main Cause for a few types of Cancers.
Those that allow diggings of their genitals with unwashed hands, fingers full of germs and unclean mouth, ulcerous tongue will lead to birth canal prostrate and breast cancers.

Me am just making commonsense deduction.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

Dude, that was truly disgusting! No doubt there are people who have less than satisfactory standards of hygiene, but you don't have to wait for them to get hot and naked before you yourself know this.

You can tell lah from even the briefest of observations: Does the person smell bad, are their clothes clean, do they have open sores, how's their teeth and their breath?

....unless of course you are just unobservant or don't care yourself about being clean ;-)

agongkia said...

@Virgo 49
Read.Uncle.Marry 2 wives.First one dislike sex ,refuse to produce and want to continue working and reluctant to give up her income.Let her work to supplement income so you need not struggle.
Get a second one who love sex and produce babies.She can stay at home just to produce and care for babies.
You can even Kheow Khar at home.Whats wrong with having more wives and babies?
@Matilah.This one we are on the same page:-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, squeeze open their mouths to check their teeth before sex. Quote Matilah Singapura. He does that all the time.

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura;

Iy is said that in the Heat of Passion, animals kill or get killed. It is all in the Order of Nature.

In my personal view, human is animal too and some are extremely passionate; reads highly sex. Not blaming them, they are born or breed to be so. Some think and talk sex when awake, some abtain sex completely. Individual choice.


Virgo 49 said...

Some more, don't work. Tried to smuggle drugs into people's country.

well done the current president if Indonesia.

Chiang pe (firing squad these bastards)

Their government some more fight for them

Tee now.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

Before the "heat of passion" phase comes the "inspection" phase. Before you bang someone, chances are you'll give them a good look-over first lah.

Dun tell me you look at her tetek but fail to notice her gigi rongak? (bad teeth).


>> He does that all the time.

No need to squeeze mouth open lah. Fucker, you got no style lah. No fucking class! Ever heard of "subtlety"? Usually ah, people with some semblance of "manners" can also be subtle when making observations aka "inspections".

Try it sometime...improving your manners, that is. ;-)

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura;

Me am impress with your circumspection and consciousness of hygiene in your basic instinct in sex.
I did read about folks who like naturally soiled undies. What me am going to reveal may not be unnatural too. We know flies and some other animals are attracted to rotting carcass. I did cone across a guy who loves rotting cockles(hum in Hokkien/Teochew Dialects). Many 'mai hum' or do not eat cockles. As for most man that I know, it is no no for 'chow hum', but most do not mind 'chow high/hai'(human female genital). They are most willing to compromise and some are simpky like flies to rotting meat.

Thumbs up for Matilah Singapura, You are more hygiene conscious in sex than in your writings. Quite surprising


patriot said...

Even more surprise that Matilah Singapura is DISGUSTED with practices that are common in parks, beaches and in dark places.Not to mention Geylang, Desker, Joo Chiat and Balestier etc.


Anonymous said...

You have sullied the good name patriot. Now we know the true you. Whoever you are you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You have sunk to a new low. More like a Ti Kor Pek.

patriot said...

Me merely puts in writing what are likely causes that I believe result in certain types of cancer.
The Practices that I have mentioned are facts of life. Few are sane, hygiene conscious and careful with their sex life.

As an oldie and an active citizen, there are many who know me well. Anon 5:11pm is total stranger to me, as such me does not know how he/she claims or qualified the Comment.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

Yes, I am aware that some guys like it "funky" when it comes to what they find "hot" in women. I know guys who like to screw sweaty women who've just finished at the gym. Many of us would eat out a hot gal on her period :-))

And let's not forget our gool ol' friends---the Japanese. WOW! They push the boundaries of "normality" when it comes to dirty (as in lots of germs) sex as opposed to dirty (wicked fun and lots of erogenous affectations)---if you Google "burusera" and "bukkake" you'll get my drift ;-)

Also a quick shout out to the WW2 ally of the Imperial Japs---the Germans. Fucking hell, these people can get down really filthy with their Scheiße Porn (porno involving lots of human excrement), Golden Showers (urination) and a host of other "creative uses" of human bodily fluids!

However the above examples are when "filth" is introduced deliberately to enhance the sexual experience.

What I was talking about previously about "inspection" of goods, was to gauge the general cleanliness and grooming of the person you're going to fuck. Please lah, they have to be at least "presentable" and at least LOOK clean.

And if they want to add "dirt" for the sake of sex, it is a conscious choice rather than their "default" condition of persons who lack self awareness and presentation---especially how they present themselves to the world. (You can tell alot about a person by noticing how they present to the world...i.e. What is the persona they are projecting?)

patriot said...

Sex sells and sex is a non ending topic. It is a subject that I find time wasting. As it tends to be introduced into the discussions here, I am in some way pique somewhat as many of the Discussion have little or no link to the Subjects and Topics.

In this particular thread, I am stating my observations of human sexual behaviour. Human is not only sentient, it is also the Only SPIRITUAL BEING; that is HUMAN IS CAPABLE OF THINKING, REASONING AND INNOVATE.
Other sentient species are not as capable, their propagation are dictate by Nature, some have seasons, some can reproduce without mate, some duplicate themselves. Human have sex NOT JUST TO PROCREATE, sex is more for gratification to the Human Species and they devise all kind of sex related industry which other species are ABSOLUTELY INCAPABLE OF.

Sex is business, entertainment, leisure and vice, all to just satisfy gratification in humans. Because of sex, the Human Species have through it caused some fatal diseases. The Failures in hygiene in sexual activities is my personal opinion, the Main Reason for many sickness and disease. It includes mental and emotional problems.