Medishield Life panacea, now CPF panacea

Or is it Medishield Life panadol, CPF panadol? Another panacea in the making? The committee members are so happy. Hsien Loong is also so happy that he even said the CPF is a good scheme getting gooder, not his exact words. But it is a scheme that is getting betterer and betterer. I can hear champagne bottles popping and corks flying everywhere. A great scheme and a job well done.

Singaporeans are really fortunate to have so many super talents helping to govern the country and to rule them. I am sure the average politicians in the world would not have thought of such great schemes to better the lives of their citizens. The rest of the world must be very envious of Singaporeans and how well their lives are gonna be.

There are so many things to talk and praise about these two great panaceas. I am so excited that I lost the cork of my champagne bottle. It must have flown out of the window. ‘Now where is the cork?’ Just a glimpse of the great stuff in the new approved proposals. How many of you have your salary adjusted for inflation every year? Some may get more with promotions and increments. Only very few did not get any increments. Is there anyone out there where the company gives you a raise to compensate for inflation?

In this proposal, the CPF account holders will have the privilege of their savings being adjusted for inflation so that its value will not be badly affected. There will be a 3% adjustment to the retirement sum, I take this as the minimum sum, to account for inflation and rising household expenditure. Like that it means their income from the CPF when they are eligible to withdraw will always be enough. Whether an account holder gets a raise, no raise, or jobless, he will still have to make up for this 3% adjustment with his CPF savings.

Employers that did not compute an adjustment to the salaries of their employees to account for inflation and rising household expenditure should be put to shame. Maybe this will be the next step the govt will be taking to make it compulsory for employers to do so. What do you think?

I just do not know where to start on this CPF panacea. Let me just touch on those things that were not said, not recommended, but spoken loud and clear by this proposal. One, you are not going to get back your CPF money at 55 that CPF account holders are expecting. And when you get back some, the large portion of your CPF savings would still be stuck in your CPF account. Two, the govt still retains the right to decide how, when and how much of your money you can use. You Do Not have the right to decide on your life savings. Three, many of you may die young, before 55 or 65, sorry, you would not have the pleasure to enjoy your life savings. Four, many of you will leave behind quite a sum of money after you pass on in life in your CPF accounts. And for this, make sure you sign the right form to allow the balance to be taken out in cash by your beneficiaries and not transfer to their CPF accounts unless you so decided. Five, the minimum sums would go up and up, oops, I mean the Medisave Minimum Sum. Six, there will probably be more committees set up to make the CPF even betterer in the future if there is another Roy in Hong Lim.

I am lost for words for the moment. Let me recollect myself and my thoughts before talking about the details and the fine prints. Very tired, really. Am I happy with this new proposal? Or are you happy with this proposal?


Anonymous said...

Is the government trying to tell us that these 13 cartoons would replace the whole bunch of civil servants running CPF? If the answer is yes, then we would be super duper efficient and productive. No QCC, TPM, TQM or Six Sigma programs in this whole wide world could come close to these very specially select-group of 13. Funny, coming to think about it, the number somehow sounded so LUCKY. If the answer is no, then why are these 13 clowns making a fool of themselves on national level. To the 13, hand to heart, tell me and all Singaporeans that you are doing all these with convictions without fear or favour. Otherwise, come clean and at the very least, say sorry and apologise to your fellow citizens and withdraw whatever garbage you have compiled. Do you still have that little thing that separate human from beast, called conscience?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You beat me to this hand to heard confession. I wrote a short post on this and maybe I shall post it today instead of later.

Many jesters and jokers are claimig to be caring and compassionate, but would they put their hands to hearts and ask themselves are they real.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that the masses
are not confused further confused
further confused further by what
had been said so far from
so-many-people about CPF!



Anonymous said...

Rb I very happy leh. In fact channel 8 at 8.30 pm even run a show focusing on medishield life with all the good stuff. After watching for 10 m I am so happy and contended that I felt no need to watch anymore cause so happy already.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why the PAP always claim that Singapore is difficult to govern, so the ministers have to be paid the highest salary in the world.

I just wonder whether the problems dictate the salaries or the salaries were dictated by the problems wilfully created.

Singapore's problems are unique eg
taxis, gambling, smoking, vehicle onwership, CPF and retirement issues, GRC, all hot potatoes. How did they come about?

Another 50 years and we will still be talking and trying to find solutions to solve the present solutions created that will become the problems in future regarding the CPF policies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

Everyday to make cases for why people should never allow their govt to "look after" them. Worse still, they should never expect their govt to fix any problem or make their lives "easier".

Anyway redbean, I have a pill for you that would make everything a lot better ;-)

I take one every morning before I open the news :-))

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, Sinkies besides been efficient in their jobs/professions for 35 or 40 years experience multiply by one or even six months being routine after that do not give a damn who are leading them by the noses.

As long as my family is OK,I am Ok and look forward to the next holiday trip or the next shopping destination why cares so much what the PAP wants to do!!

Cheng Hu kong eh! must be correct and good.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You can have your pill all for yourself. And don't forget to go out without it. And don't forget to take every morning.

patriot said...

To prevent anymore nightmare and heartaches, I say to Fellow Sinkies



Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:


You're forgetting: The People Get The Govt They Deserve.

Singapore govt is made up of Singapore people---like us. Same culture, product of the same system, we speak the same languages, eat the same food, recognise the same local "celebrities"....the only difference is the big group HANDED OVER the "management duties" of the island paradise to a SMALLER GROUP, which the Big Group collectively chose as the best people from the ENITRE GROUP.

So if the govt "exploits" it is because "exploitation" is part of Singapore culture.

Singaporeans are constantly looking for ways and opportunities to EXPLOIT and thus reap personal profits for themselves. It could be cheap gas across the causeway, a packet or 2 of cigarettes smuggled in, work their maids to death for a few hundred bucks a month, illegal / handicapped parking (hoping there's no LTA around), rush, push and fight for free Hello Kitty...loads of examples...Singaporeans are EXPERT EXPLOITERS.

So it comes as no surprise if the govt they support---the govt of the same people---does exactly the same to them.

b said...

THe medishield is another great con scheme. Thats why WP said PAP is CONpetent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ b 408:

The CON cannot work unless the "mark" (aka victim) is willing to be conned.

You can't cheat an honest man!