William Engdahl - Obama lying to the world about ISIS

Read the following by William Engdahl for a little uncomfortable and unpleasant truth. Highly recommended for suckers like Matilah and the unthinking bananas to cleanse their brains of the rubbish being programmed in them.


‘Obama lying to the world about ISIS’

William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages.
published time: January 22, 2015 15:07

If President Obama was serious in his intention to destroy ISIS, he would cut the US funding for the terrorist group and get John McCain behind bars for his ugly role in the whole Middle East business, geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl told RT.

RT: US President Obama's speech made no mention of the fact that US weapons have in the past ended up in the hands of Islamic State. If there's further support for so-called moderate rebels in Syria, how can he be sure it won't happen again?

William Engdahl: Well, he can’t because ISIS was actually trained in Iraq initially, the al-Qaeda in Iraq, when Petraeus was down there. And if he was really serious, John McCain has played a very ugly role in this whole Middle East business in Syria and also in Ukraine for that matter. If President Obama was serious about that he’d file charges against John McCain for criminal activity, get him behind bars, cut off the US funding for ISIS - the weapons, the training, this is a sophisticated operation. You don’t get a bunch of people, bunch of Bedouins running around the desert on camels who are doing some of these sophisticated things that ISIS has been credited with. So Obama is lying, excuse me for being blunt about it, but the President is lying to the world about ISIS.

RT: What measures is he trying to take to prevent this from happening again?

WE: Well I have yet to find any. I think as I wrote in a book, it’s about to be published soon, on the relation between US intelligence or Western intelligence, but especially the CIA and radical jihad around the world, whether it be the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or organizations like al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in Chechnya and elsewhere. The US intelligence is up to their eye-balls in dirty business using radical jihad as a cover for regime change or destabilization.

RT: Obama showed support for what he called Ukrainian democracy. But Kiev has broken an international agreement by re-starting a military offensive on Donetsk. Why wasn't this mentioned?

WE: Well, because Obama and the US State Department has a one-sided agenda: they put a group of criminals of all regards, billionaires, thugs, neo-Nazis whatever name you want to give them, in a coup d’├ętat, undemocratic, unconstitutional, illegal by norms of international law in February 2014 in order to provoke Putin’s Russia to make a mistake and militarily intervene and start a new Cold War. The military industry behind Washington is desperate to hold their grip on power worldwide. The elites that elect or finance presidential elections I should say in America are getting increasingly desperate. They see the world slipping out of their fingers.

“The new world order,” David Rockefeller used to talk about is becoming a new world disorder for them. I think this is the real agenda in Ukraine. Although, one thing I must say Obama said that Putin and Russia are isolated. I was in Russia at the beginning of the year and I didn’t see people look at all isolated and I haven’t seen any indication. Russia has made strategic agreements on energy with China since the US sanctions kicked in. They made strategic agreements with India, with Brazil. They are all over the globe building architecture of what I think could be a very positive new development to replace a collapsing dollar system that really needs to be brought under control for the good of Americans and for the good of the world.

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Anonymous said...

From Saturday's Financial Times:
"Canal+ programme carried out a significant survey of schoolchildren (in France) and more than half said they believed the Charlie Hebdo attacks were a conspiracy."

The youth of the world have no hang-ups. They are an inspiration.
It is the oldies (well, most of them, RB being an exception) who grew up on newspapers that have their brains programmed by the rubbish from the mainstream media which are owned by owners who have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

"You don’t get a bunch of people, bunch of Bedouins running around the desert on camels who are doing some of these sophisticated things that ISIS has been credited with."
William Engdahl, award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant

Ya lor. And similarly there is more to it than meets the eye that you get a bunch of 60% Sinkies who keep voting PAP every election when PAP has been so discredited online by RB and others.

Anonymous said...

RB cannot discredit the PAP. Only the PAP can discredit itself or like only a person can discredit himself. If an organisation or person did not discredit itself/himself, they can only be discredited by lies and fabrications.

Anonymous said...

Why Obama never sue William Engdahl for defamation?
I think like this ... Obama is not PAP Prime Minister calibre.
Obama is fit only to manage USA.
Obama is not talented enough to manage Singapore.