“To Preserve and Protect the Honour of Singapore”

Our Sacred Duty to Respond to Threats Made to Our Survival

TREmeritus (3 Jan 2014)

The post essentially taunts Singaporeans and wishes them ill. A person by the name of “Edz Ello” wrote that he prays for “disators” (sic) to strike Singapore and wants to see more Singaporeans die. He also wants to kick all Singaporeans out of Singapore so that Singapore will become a new Filipino state:

Well, Edz Ello claimed that his Facebook account has been hacked.  He should file a Police Report and also urged Facebook to investigate his complaint thoroughly.  We are a Nation of Laws, and so the burden is on Edz Ello to prove that he did not threaten to “kick out Singaporeans” and “prayed (wished) for Singaporean deaths”, both I believe must be criminally offensive to warrant Police intervention as a matter of normal routine follow-up. 

To our Home Team: There should be vigorous Police screening of his background, beliefs, values, social habits, known associates (Pinoys and others), telephone conversations,  as well as everything that he had touched, eaten, seen, heard or smelled with whom, when and why during the times he has been in Singapore.

Interestingly in the United States TODAY (Mon, 5 Jan 2014), the Court Trial began for one of the 2 Tsarneav brothers who set off two bombs that killed 3 and injured 260 more people at the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013.  Some had their legs or other limbs amputated. Many are considered “Disabled” today. The older brother was shot and killed by Police when he resisted arrest.  The Tsarneavs were foreign immigrants from Russian Chechen to the USA some years earlier.

Could Edz Ello and his friends or associates be like the Tsarneav brothers?  

A former politician scolded the more than 2,000 Singaporeans who reacted angrily to Edz Ello’s post and chided them as “petty”, “insecure”, “thin-skin”, too sensitive and “easily offended”.  Seriously, Mr Calvin Cheng?

Mr Calvin Cheng, who was a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) from 2009-2011, would just “laugh it off” when someone (and his associates) threatened “death” and “disaster” on his love ones, friends and family.  Say, Mr Calvin Cheng, Edz Ello even threatened the end of Singapore!  

Well, the Tsarneav brothers in their discovered notes also threatened the United States and death of Americans.  To Mr Calvin Cheng, “a great nation (like the USA?) should just ‘laugh it off’’.  

Dear Calvin, please “laugh off” the Boston bombing with the parents of Martin Richard (age 8); Krystle Campbell (age 29) and Lingzi Lu from China; and the other 260 injured, including the amputees.

Singapore is not just a Great Nation; we are also An EXCEPTIONAL People that provide Exceptional Value to the World, including good paying Jobs for our Neighbours including The Philippines.

Edz Ello‘s words clearly exceeded the meaning of mere “insults”.  They balk at and deny our hard-fought Right to Survive – No Proud Singaporean would “just laugh it off”. 

As a Singapore politician, Mr Calvin Cheng did Singapore the greatest disservice when he trivialized our collective sense of duty, honour and national pride.  As a National Serviceman, he has so easily forgotten that he, like millions of us, had also vowed to Preserve and Protect The Honour and Independence of Our Country.  


We can Only hold our heads high as we continually Assert Our Right to Live among the Nations as a Sovereign Nation Deserving of Their Respect, Friendship and Admiration.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you


Anonymous said...

We Have To Be Careful!

Be Very Very Very Careful!

Pls Don't Take Such Warnings Lightly!

Pls Don't Take Such Warnings Lightly!

Don't Play Play!

Pls Investigate! Must Investigate!

Anonymous said...

Give Me a Job;
So I can feed my family,
Give Me a Job;
So I can Insult You,
Laugh at You,
Sneer at You,
Abuse You,
Disparage You,
Smirk at You;
And Threaten You,
And even Kill You.
PLEASE, Give Me a Job ..!

agongkia said...

Read somewhere he is in the health care industry.
If that is true I dun feel safe and secure visiting such institution.
Should suspend him immediately and action to be taken.
Uncle.Dun let your mood be affected by those geh angmo.Only talk rubbish and cause anger nia.
My ah kong use to say such angmosai Seh kway nerng buay heow.Pang kway sai siang kiang.Cannot far one.
Relax lah.

Anonymous said...

COME Work for Me, Please,
I have Plenty of Jobs;
In KopiTiam and Food Courts,
But Pay quite Low;
In my House as Maids,
Have Higher Pay,
Also Can Sleep with Boss and His Children,
But Not at Same Time,
And Eat, Shop with the Wife;
Better Pay in Boutiques,
Be Supervisors and Managers;
Best Self-Employed
In NitClubs and K'OKe
As Prostitutes for the Foreigners
And Foreign Workers
From India, BanglaDesh and Everywhere;
And also the Rich Cowboys
Who Screwed up your Country,
Corrupt Your Politicians,
So that You have to Go Overseas And Work For Me.
BEST Deal is Come Live with Me
Be My Partner-in-Bed,
My Lover,
My Girlfriend,
My Sex Toy,
My Cook,
My Laundry Maid,
My Thingie (U know)
And My Anything.
How Much do You want?
Just the Price, Bimbo;
Just the Price, Lah.

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

"Preserve and Protect the Honour and Independence of Our Country", unquote.
it did NOT mention Our People
Pardon me if I am wrong; the Quote Above means Singaporeans have to PROTECT Sin, it does not obliged the Duty to protect Sinkies.


Michael Heng PBM said...

Dear Patriot
It's in our VOW spoken at the beginning of National Service.
Yes, We the NSmen are to "Preserve and Protect the Honour and Independence of Our Country".
NO ONE WILL come to help us - The Key Lesson Learnt by our parents and their Parents nearly 50 years ago.
LESSON is still Valid Today.

Threaten Our Existence and Survival?
It's No Laughing Matter, please.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Patriot, did the Sinkie government protect the rights of its citizens???

Even TTSH employed more foreigners than Singaporeans in various departments and eager to fire an employee having his rights to protest and speaks for his fellow men.

Did the sinkie employers protect the rights of their fellow men, comrades in arms by giving them priority in employment??

The pledge of loyalty and honour holds no loyalty and honour if it is also not honour by the other party.

Just an inspiration perhaps???

patriot said...

Hi Prof Heng PBM.

Virgo 49 responded to my comment and maybe he and me are about the Same age, we share similar sentiment.
As for National Service, me had never like the Idea though me was conscripted. I did see the Need for NS maybe during the First 15 years of independence. However, to say that Singapore can defend itself on it's own is a delusion to me.

Suffice to say that in my opinion, the Best for me, or rather I share the Vision of Lee Kuan Yew that a remerger with Malaysia will take place. This obviously is not going to happen in LKYs' Lifetime. I do wish and hope to see it happens.


Anonymous said...

'Threaten Our Existence and Survival?
It's No Laughing Matter, please.'

yes, but who threatens us and who is protecting who? From what is happening, govt is protecting the foreigners who came to take our jobs and to insult us and to bash us. and the daft citizens are to protect the country and govt who then protect the foreigners who threaten the existence of the citizens. Logical? Something is not right isn't it?

Michael Heng PBM said...

Dear Patriot
Note your sentiments, and respect our different perspectives on Singapore's Future. Beside the early 1962 Battle for Merger with Malaysia, I have lived through the politically motivated 1968 racial riots in Malaysia and, more recently the May 1998 Indonesian racial riots targeting Chinese shops and women by Army thugs encouraged by corrupt politicians. Much of these news were shielded from Singaporeans "for your own good" (wonder what this means?). To me, the issue of reMerger with Malaysia is a no-brainer given the state of corruption and insidious cancer of political racism there.
True, in a war by attrition, we may not prevail as a small nation with 2 million NSmen trained to kill. However, our ability to inflict casualties on the enemies by more than hundreds of times our numbers should discourage anyone from even wishing us harm, let alone attack us to rob our wealth and fortune.
For me and my generations, this Red Dot is worth fighting and dying for, for the sake of my children and their grandchildren.
I fervently hope your generations would have the same sense of patriotism, duty, courage and collective identity. Just know that we have no one but each other when we NSmen shall be mobilised for that Last Stand. And let our final Battle Cry be always "No Retreat, No Surrender and No Prisoners!". Singapore WILL survive the next 10,000 years if we take care of and show compassion for one another.

Anonymous said...

Michael Heng, you are out of date. Singapore's survival is going to depend on the foreigners turned new citizens. At least this is the plan of the fools.

b said...

singapore is not sinkies. they are different things. one is dead and one is kicking. a country honour is conferred upon by her people. when the people cannot even met basic living standard and lead a respectable live, that honour never really exists.

agongkia said...

I dun agree on your view on NS but is with you on remerger.
Our neighbours are getting friendlier and racial riot will be something of the past.
Dun be a toad living under the coconut shell.
Even the governer of Jakarta is now a Chinese .
Sinkies will only face threat if they think too highly of themselves.

patriot said...

There is a very high probability that the Sin NS Men will be mobilized in a General Election with a resukt deem as 'freak' by the Loser.

Though I find myself hard to like Lee Kuan Yew, I do find him quite a seer in many ways. His vision of a remerger is likely due to the inherent limitation that Singapore could sustain in the Long Run.

As for mobilizatiin of the Sin Armed Forces for 'freak' election result, I suspect he knows in his bones that it could happen soon. I even think the Deployment of the Military is his idea.


patriot said...

Lee Kuan Yew plans strategies and schemes ahead of time in ever preparedness.