The end of Sinkies is near

Over the last few days Sinkies were being bashed by foreigners in the most unbecoming and digraceful way they could ever imagine. A Sambath Kannan from India, a VP in Deutsche Bank, wrote in Hsien Loong’s Facebook chastising and implying that Sinkies are a bunch of misfits that someone like him coming from a continent of slums and with half its population still squatting in the open to shit, without toilet facilities, could teach them how to work and live well.

And there is this Pinoy called Edz Ello, working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, who wrote in his Facebook calling for the killing of Sinkies and to take over the island as a state of the Philippines. His defence is that his Facebook was hacked but netizens quoted him writing those insulting messages for several months. This makes his innocent claim a big doubt. The call for violence is unacceptable and seditious. The Police cannot fold their arms and look askance as if it is a joke like the Joker asking the daft Sinkies to laugh it off.
Threats of taking lives and hurting people are no laughing matter. I too received a similar threat by a Raymond and I made a police report when he cockily dared me to. No one is allowed to threaten the lives of any citizens or to cause him bodily harm and be able to walk away, and for some silly ass to say laugh it off.

Then in the Mypaper today, there is a picture of this huge and burly foreigner cyclist haughtily manhandling a local like handling a little wild animal. The facts of the incident were not fully reported but even if the driver was rude, there is no room for a foreigner to pull up a citizen in that roguish and humiliating manner. And the frequency of foreigners bashing locals is so high that it is very shameful. Why are foreigners allowed to threat locals like little animals? Who is there to protect the foreigners! Yes, who is there to protect the foreigners while the locals are being bashed by foreigners? The local shits are useless daft Sinkies that deserved to be bashed by foreigners?

In all these cases, the important thing is the thinking behind their actions. These foreigners, the India Indian, the Pinoy and the burly foreigner, are treating the daft Sinkies as irritants that should be gotten rid off. They have totally no respect for the daft Sinkies or the local law and authority. And they are right in a way. The daft Sinkies would not hit back and would allow themselves to be abused, insulted and beaten. And the law, the law to protect the daft Sinkies? I reserve my comments. No comments.

All I can say is that the days of the daft Sinkies in the little island they called home is coming to an end. They will soon be a minority, treated like minorities and not only that, regarded as useless pieces of wood or old furniture, to be thrown away and chopped and used as firewood. They are really daft and stupid and unworthy to be here, to be a resident of this prosperous island of super foreign talents. The foreigners built this island and are here to help them and to provide jobs for the daft Sinkies. Say thank you, go down on your knees and be grateful to the foreigners. Let them insult you, threaten you and bash you. And be very grateful for the privilege.

Kopi Level - Blue,thank you.


Anonymous said...

Let them insult you, threaten you and bash you.

Actually such foreigners who insult, threaten, bash Sinkies, or make Sinkie PMETs jobless are only a minority lah. Definitely not more than 40% of all foreigners in Sinkieland. I think at least 60% are good foreigners who also do jobs which Sinkies cannot do, or don't want to do.

U can't expect 100% foreigners here to be good, or PAP to get 100% votes in a GE, can u? 60% is very good already.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

Because you want your wives to be maids in Singapore.
Because you want your daughters to be prostitutes in Singapore.
Because you want your old parents to be toilet cleaners in Singapore.
Because you want your sons to do NS and protect assets belonging to traitors and aliens in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Must see things in perspective, or see the big overall picture.

Cannot expect 100% Sinkies to be happy with foreigners or with PAP, or no Sinkie PMETs will lose their jobs to foreigners, tio bo?

That's why I think PAP is not too worried about Sinkies being insulted, threaten or bash, or Sinkie PMETs become taxi drivers or security guards after losing their jobs to entire village of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Is this what we deserved for
opening our doors wide opened?

Is this what we deserved for
inviting them to come here,
offering them good jobs, etc
etc etc?

SINGAPOREANS have been very
friendly and very kind to them.

The govt has also treated them
very very very well.

Why like that?

Why do this to us?


Anonymous said...

Male Sinkies may hate to serve NS but maybe at most only 40% hate it to the extent they did not vote PAP.

While some hate NS and PAP but are also very scared to accidentally vote PAP out because WP is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Why do this to us?
Anon 9:30 am

For the same reasons why PAP even want to have casinos lah.

Anonymous said...

What a Great Country!
So free and so generous.
Give job and privileges To be insulted and threatened ... !
Man, how many bottles did you drink last nite, RB?
Thot they were just Milk,
Fresh Milk from a Warm Bod, hehehe.
Maybe tasted a little Pina-ish.
Better Go get a Carabolla, my Friend,
Tiny, tough, delicious and
Really juicy. Trust Me.
Then can get Fresh Milk and More Everyday, Anytime and Anyhow.
Enjoy ... while you are Alive.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Sinkies deserve every bit of it. See, none of the Sinkies is angry. They have accepted their fate and the new reality.

agongkia said...

Dun be discourage and feel threatened.
Sinkies should stay strong and learn how to protect themselves and our local citizen in need.

Go and practise kung fu or learn from the WingChun master here on the art of self defence.
2 years of NS seems insufficient to teach Sinkies on how to protect themselves.
How to protect our country like that.
Maybe we should extend it to 3 years or ask for more in camp to learn unarm combat
and learn to be independent , stronger and courageous.

Think of the benefits of serving NS.

Veritas said...

Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain is an Indian. Indians being a caste society is infamous for their ethnic nepotism. First, favors are granted to their inner caste, extended caste and finally Dalits like Singaporeans will have to peddle ass of our daughters to survive.

A very large proportion of FT Indians ascend to white man land elite sphere through criminal activities. There are some sort of alliance between India and white man to contain China.

Anshu Jain cook the book and trade toxic derivative while booking astronomical transient profit, making him a rock star of Deutsche Bank and eventually rise to CEO. Today, Anshu derivative is the biggest toxic in Deutsche bank.

Similarly Vikram Pandit of Citibank preside over the biggest toxic in USA, bankrupting the bank in 2008, until goon GIC bail Indians out.

Meanwhile, these Indian kick out everyone and replace as far as possible all headcounts with Indians.

Eventually white man will realize the trick of Indians and they will no longer have white man favor. Or Indians will bring white man into shit hole.

Veritas said...

Shortly after Anshu Jain become CEO, there is shake up in SG Deutsche bank notably, the top Singaporean boss Loh Boon Chye left.

Deutsche Bank Asia-Pacific CEO Rob Rankin was transferred out of SG and replaced by another FT Indian Gunit Chadha.

Now DB is Indian paradise and Indians no matter how stupid (IQ82) is able milk DB. Meanwhile PRC even though having higher IQ are not welcome.

PAP Singapore is a place that allow such shit to happen. Not a single Indians can replace PRC in PRC homeground.

Even in HK, the top position in banks are dominated by locals and PRC.

Welcome to Dalit land Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Little twerp orad-rage asshole gets his just deserts Sorry lah, as a cyclist who has escaped death several times on Singapore roads---because local drivers are homicidal maniacs---the little anger-mismanaged fuck deserved what he got. He's lucky to be still breathing :-) For me, I want to buy the mat saleh "Equaliser" a beer :-))

The Tan Tock Seng Pinoy is a shit-stirrer. No need to get all hot and bothered. He/ she's just some low-level creep trolling people o the social networks.

Same goes for the Indian senior executive, who due to his "high status" all of a sudden feels that he is ENTITLED to pass judgement on ostensibly "lesser mortals" i.e. the "bucolic natives" from his lofty perch. He's probably one of these caste-minded fuckwits who thinks that working for a European bank automatically makes him a de facto White-man. You know the type? I sure as hell do.


>> for some silly ass to say laugh it off.

Actually, yeah. That's what we should do. We should ridicules these ENTITLED assholes, but maintain dignity and CLASS. Get mad? Sure....BUT don't show it in such a reactive manner.

Why? Because that is what they want---they want you to lose your shit and scream and yell and lose control. Once you do that: THEY WIN!

>> The daft Sinkies would not hit back and would allow themselves to be abused, insulted and beaten.

Well, that's part of the problem. In the heat of the moment, it is not always easy to control the situation, but you must do something but only if you are certain you are in the right.

I once confronted a Brit expat at Boat Quay who was bullying and intimidating cabbies. He would sit on their bonnets, then do a few pelvic thrusts, cupping his balls---Michael Jackson-style. He'd do this to one cab in the rank, then go and do it over again on the other cabs. The drivers were getting royally pissed, but did nothing. This cunt was over 6 foot, I'm a short-arse, but fuming fucking mad. So I threatened him. I called him a "fucking cunt" and threatened to smash him up if he didn't stop bullying the cabbies. Since it was Boat Quay, I had "false bravado"---there were lots of people around and a visible police presence. The guy glared at me, then just walked off leaving the cabbies alone.

My friends who were with me then started to admonish me---WHAT THE FUCK LAH?!? Kanninah, my fellow Singaporeans SCOLDED ME for threatening the Burly Brit Bully.

So you see lah redbean, how lidat? You don't even get support fro you local bros when you want to wallop an ENTITLED mat saleh asshole, who apparently left his manners at home. (In fact I chided the big Brit: "What happened to your sterling English manners mate? Did you leave them at home, yer fucking cunt!"

I suggest a few good wallopings will change the dynamics. Sure, the government will come out swinging, full of buster and "damage control". So what lah?

In the past kwai lan tourists always kena wallop. Could it be high time to resurrect some of that "street justice" to re-balance the situation.

Sometimes you might need to break the law to make a point. CAVEAT: But only if you are in the right.

Matilah_Singapura said...


1. Response to hater words/ shit-talk: laugh it off, tekan back with sarcasm. Maintain grace, dignity and class

2. Response to PHYSICAL bullying and intimidation: smash the motherfucker up. Then split as quick as you can.

Different situations require different responses.

Anonymous said...

These people are already put on the pedestal and worshipped Foreign Talents (FT) since the GCT days.
So rightly, they need to behave as such. And who are we lowlife Sinkies to complain?
Foreign PMETs are here to stay and even replace the local ones under this Govt and as GMS says if you like the status quo, keep voting for the PAP

Anonymous said...

Derivatives are the biggest con jobs. All the banks that are playing big will be broken in the next derivattive collapse. The DB and the DBS would not be spared.

agongkia said...

Share the same view with you but I am not short arse that can split as quick as I like.
Will gong gong wait till mata come and will be instead seen as a bully because of my size.
How lah.

patriot said...

Lao heroes like Matilah Singapura, Redbean, Virgo and others are all tamed by age and the Authority. Cannot 'accy' anymore. Last time hor, before the 70s Chinese Singaporeans prayed to 'Quan Khong' the Deity of Chivalry and abided bu the Spirit of Brotherhood leh. Today Sinkies say You die your business lah. Best of all, this You die your business Culture is nurtured by the Locals who became Rulers.


Anonymous said...

The root of the problems is that our govt relied heavily on them for cheap cost aka linked to GLC companies and LHL kept coming out to defend his wife the need to have cheap foreigners to up the obscene bonuses of shareholders across the govt sectors linked to GLC. Adding insult to us is LHL constantly out to defend the need to respect, obey and kowtow to these foreigners. When defending them turned into regular songs and dance by our PAP. Singaporeans are the one receiving the bashing, not just physically by foreigners, but verbally by those in ivory towers. If PAP became stronger, Singaporeans became weaker. Alex Aw has righly predicted, the doom days is near for Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I am a short arse by Singapore standards. So you can imagine how I am in a place like Oz where average male height is > 5'9" or 176 cm and average weight for these fat-arses is 86kg. After living a few decades in Oz, my "lack of stature" is no longer an issue---in my mind.

When you are smaller than your adversary, kick/punch balls, kick knee caps and shins....and stay out of the way of his fists, elbows and legs (usually legs not an issue, these fuckers are very uncoordinated and unbalanced). However you must NEVER EVER allow their punch or kick to "connect". If you do it is instant "lights out" for you. :-(

The key is DON'T FIGHT--you will lose, painfully and probably some of your bones will break. Strike, and run like fuck :-) Use surprise. Be as dirty as necessary. Use chair, poles whatever improvised weapons that happen to be within reach. And whatever you do, NEVER strike his head!

agongkia, since you are a big fella, just wallop the fucker lah, and split. Dun be foolish and hang around for the SPF to show up. Nevermind the fact that because you are big you will be considered "a bully". The fucking sg.gov will shit on your head for "spoiling their brand".

In fact, you already know lah...next day MSM will editorialise how "violent" and "cowardly" and "ugly" some disgraceful Singaporeans are. Fuck that shit lah...what would you expect these lap dogs to do anyway...Meanwhile on Sammyboy, Hardware Zone etc. you will get thunderous support. I guarantee.

Comes to a point that you can no longer be passive and cop shit from these ENTITLED guests. Smack them. Hurt them. Let them spill their guts all over the internet as a warning not to trifle with the locals.

Many "pacifists" will argue: "Violence is not the answer" then start quoting Ghandi and Buddha. Sorry lah, the real world doesn't give a shit about pithy quotes from long-dead cock-talkers. You are not Ghandi or Buddha...you are just a local chap who has ben pushed to the limit, and is out of options.

Violence? Hell yeah!

patriot said...

Like it or not and there is no right or wrong, we are going to have biases.
Some will loathe species like themselves as clear cut as Siamese Fighting Fish or lions.
There are also others wishing to be born Jewish or angmo.

I happen to be one who think the Younger Japanese are peace loving, unlike their earlier generations.

Anyway, I worked for a Japanese Conglomerate for a few years though my Late Father was captured by the Japs during WWII. Luckily he managed to escape the Massacre and was much forgiving, his nature.

Each man has his nature, cant say that every wrong is a crime. Neither can we expect any propriety in any war.
Victors call the Shot and Rulers overwhelm the Ruled, it is facts of life.

Should there be war, who are we to stop it or blame any party? For natural disasters, not caused by humans, who are we to blame? Maybe for believers, they could feel glad to meet their makers. For those who manage to escape, well they are lucky. And may we Sinkies be lucky that we are not prey upon by others.


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Each man has his nature, cant say that every wrong is a crime.

Please lah patriot. We all make judgements---especially moral judgements. Usually it is no matter---your "morality" might be "evil" to me, and so we discourse and argue like drunken philosophers.

However when the shit becomes PHYSICAL and action is taken in the real world....then you'd better be able to make a judgement and take action in response, or you, your family or your friends might fucking die.

Peace is great, when we have it. However in the instances where there is no peace, then you have to fight for your right to exist. Thankfully, these are EXTREME circumstances, and don't occur very often. But should they occur, best be "in the correct frame of mind" to deal with whatever it is you have to deal with.

Virgo said...

Hi Patriot, Lau Heroes cannot "accy" like young Ah Quays nowadays but still has fire in the bellies as harped by LKY.

See 50s and 60s Lau Heroes of yesteryear like Mr RB who now writes to save the sinkies from oblivion without many of them realizing it. Pen is mightier than the swords. Also MatiLah who still dares to confront and fight injustices as our natural traits in the old times.

We went through the times of rough neighborhoods-practically with every kampong and shanty towns with lots of good brothers decorated with all kinds of dragons and tigers.

But frankly, we feel safe with them around as we are from the same neighborhood. At least they have their code of conduct of their own chivalry not to disturb our own kind be it children, womenfolks or the elders.

Many chow young ah quais with tomahawk hairdos and women of today with their bodies decorated with all colorful ang kongs think that they are very "accy".

Most are ass holes bandits with gaits like women. Gym built well sculptured bodies like Lou Ferangoo the Incredible Hulk will ran away from the scene with the first sign of troubles.

Many youngsters of today do not realized that without the Luo Kwang Bros of Chinatown and their kungfu lion troupes, many of their grandpa and grandmas would not able to procreate that they are here today during the race riots.

You think the Malay Regiment soldiers and the chow Gurkhas gonna protect you yellow skins.

If we still have a segment of these Ho Hia Tees around, you think these Ah Neys, Sick men of Asia, the Whites dared to bully us???

See Matland, the Indons, the Thais, bloody whites chopped into pieces to feed the dogs and crocodiles.

Virgo 49 said...

Ok lah veritas.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I see the Ah Peks' blood are boiling, and so is Veritas.

I just want all Singaporeans to believe this is their country and not some asshole's country. And you have to fight to make sure the country still belong to you and your children. Screw the traitors.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Also MatiLah who still dares to confront and fight injustices as our natural traits in the old times.


1. Only as an absolute last resort. I'm not delusional. I know I can get injured or charged in court.

2. It is not an "us vs them" "local vs foreigner" "yellow/brown vs white" thing for me. Most of the people I've challenged are LOCALS e.g. queue jumpers, dangerous drivers, fuckers who ride their bikes in corridors, idiots rush in who don't allow you to alight the MRT or lifts...only PHYSICAL STUFF, and they are all actions from ENTITLED ASSHOLES. The challenge invariably begins very politely. Most of the time people are cool and apologise. Occasionally you get some super-entitled prick (usually drivers) who is "not satisfy". Then it is ON!

The point I think we all agree is that, in our past, we used to look out for each other. Cannot suka-suka tekan people or behave in ways which inconvenience others and mess up their peaceful lives. If you want to kwai lan, and behave like 歹囝 (pai kia==bad boy) then expect kiam pa (consequences).

I think it is time to re-introduce the "spirit" we lost thru decades of soft, consumer-centered living.

Anonymous said...

"And you have to fight to make sure the country still belong to you and your children."

I thought if you have a good life, the country already belong to you and your children, tio bo?

And under PAP, smart Sinkies know how to make lots of money and have a good life without having to fight.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi agongkia, whether you big or small size, as long as you are a sinkie who dares to fight a foreign talented talent who are here to create jobs for you and your daft fellowman, then you shall be rewarded by our gallant men in blue who has the expertise to handcuffs little boys with either a charge sheet in court or a letter of warning for fighting or creating an fracas with him.

I also gong gong kena bashed by a drunken Brit who stays above my unit.

I Just five feet five post war baby eat only broken rice with sauce of 65 years.

He, the Brit only late twenties. Muscular fellow of five feet ten rushed out and knocked me down twice with his punches unaware by me.

Just went up to tell him not to make so much noises at 3 in the morning. Got salah meh?? Some more on floor kena spit by him.

Warded with hospital bills of 300 plus. No reimbursement some more.

Wah piang go hospital some more kena scolded by PRC doctor for fighting with him.

Went xrayed , some more by filipino radiographers that looked like lorong tai sengs good brothers.

SPF also tells me your words against his words that I hammers him first. Next time asked your son or daughter to take video of him bashing you.wah piang must be actor somemore.

After two years of investigation and interviews up and now police hq and courts was given a SPF warning letter for creating a fracas with him in public areas.

He now still lives above me and each time he sees me with a can of give the man a Tiger in hand will give me a sneer.

You sinkie deserved it to antagonise me!!!

LOnG LIVE the PAP and SPF.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many Sinkies are still having a good life. But please look further than your nose and see what is happening and going to happen.

What I see is very frightening and very bad if we don't change course. The assholes are all thinking of themselves and their vested interests. The average Sinkies are going to suffer big in a few years time.

Take action now to change course or regret for the rest of your lives and your children's lives. It is going to be real bad.

Do not be so daft that you are being sold and not knowing or not wanting to know.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked!
The foreigners are very nice people. Must integrate them. They are here to help you, to create jobs for you.

patriot said...

It occurs to me as odd that netizens seems to think that the Younger Singaporeans are questioning and less conforming to the Authority.
In my many years as an active citizen, my personal experiences tell me that forum participants in most of the Local Newspapers were and are mostly middle age and old, ditto call-in programmes in broadcasts and telly casts.

I got into Cyberspace somewhere in 1999 and was, am a regular at Hong Lim and attended a number of activist and election events as active participant. At most events, there were always FEW YOUNG PARTICIPANTS. Conversely, the most vocal and active are those from late 40s to 70s.

Had met many activists, volunteers and many fellow netizens for many years and I cant help feeling that the Younger Singaporeans are pretty apathetic to national and social issues. Ariffin Sha, Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui are the Exceptional Ones. There were few others but they lack stamina.

Rightly or not, I see the Apathy of our youngs as a symptom that will adversely affects the Social Foundation that we the Oldies talk about. The so-called 'look out for each others' had died and gone forever. It is now each for oneself, how long can the Society last when kinship, neighbourliness and nationalism are buried for good?


b said...

Ever since I started work twenty years ago, sinkies are already bullied by foreigners. First the angmo, then the malaysians, then the chinas, then the indians and pinoys etc. The problem does not lie with the foreigners. Humans whatever their race, religion and nationality have the tendency to bully each other and resorting to barbaric ways. The problem lies with the weakness of the locals, refusing to stand up for each other and next, the weakness of the local gov, refusing to stand up for the local people.

Vote pigs and you get pigs. Pigs are not animal that stand up for each other or their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Poor Singaporeans !!! You are feeling the treats from FTs who have invaded your comfort zone. Having been pampered all your lives and having a government that nannied you for the last 50 years has made you soft and weak. Singaporeans are like little children who would not dare to fight back when bullied but would run home and cry on mummy shoulder. Unless the new generation Singaporeans change their standing, they will always be bullied by the lean and mean FTs from foreign land. So my advice to Singaporean is to stand up and compete fiercely and not moan and whinge all the time.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon @0538.

We do not get treats from the foreign talents. Only THREATS!!!!

LKY tried to play God and encouraged Graduates singles to get married to their own circles so to procreate a generation of intellectuals and peasants with carrot monies to get ligated to produce less.

Even priority in many cases of educational help etc. But did he realised that many graduates couples also produced duds with no backbones and can only be service soldiers and research lab technician in soil studies.

Also quite a number with down syndrome and albino kids.

Now they let in influx of gung ho good genes talented gang rape expert ah neys, filipino, the stampede expert PRCs, the war fearless white cowboys playing with guns. Hopefully they marry our daft sinkies females and produces a new generation of kopi susu, brown tarts and white ass whites of intellectuals.

The true mixed Singaporeans can survive the next fifty years.

Old sinkies, please fade away.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>>having a government that nannied you for the last 50 years has made you soft and weak.

I have to agree with that painful, hard-to-swallow truth. HoweverI would have said "soft, weak and ENTITLED"

b said...

After 50 years, sinkies have become "domesticated" - The silver fox experiment. A fox domesticated for a while will behave like a dog and even bark and change their features to a dog.