Sin City going upmarket – everything 6 stars!

Things are getting better in Sin City. The Jewel at Changi is going to be developed as a destination for air travelers.  Tourists around the world will fly here just to see the Jewel like seeing the Great Wall or the Pyramids. The rich will just fly to Changi to shop at a 6 star shopping paradise. On a cautionary note, just make sure it would not be run by rogue retailers.

As the most expensive city for the rich and famous, everything has to go up scale to pamper the super rich and share their appetite for the good stuff. Recently there was a report of a 6 star dog hotel with pipe in music, leather bed linings, fully aircon, room service and massages for the dogs’ needs on demand.

The latest is a 6 star columbarium in Sengkang West with all the high tech leading edge technical stuff for the dead to RIP. But this has met with a little resistance as the ‘would be residents’ nearby were up in arms against its location, too near to their 3 star HDB flats.  Though they were claiming all kinds of reasons to protest, I think the real reason is the disparity in wealth when their lodgings are the ordinary run of the mill HDB flats while the columbarium will be fitted with the latest gadgetry and all the glittering stuff, laser beams and pipe in music.

This must be it. How can people be living in less comfortable quarters than the dead in their luxurious 6 star niche apartments? The inequality and wealth disparity are simply unacceptable.

Where else or what else will be upgraded next to 6 stars? I think Geylang will be a good candidate. All the red light joints can be redeveloped to be luxurious suites to pamper the rich, to amuse them and make entertainment an art or a new life style where the rich would patronize the place in their limousines. Let the rats go somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

"Where else or what else will be upgraded next to 6 stars?"

New Sinkies lah, of course. This has, is, and will be ongoing all the time, right until the GE and thereafter, to reach 6 star numbers.

Hence I will not be surprised if PAP can even improve on the 60% votes next GE. And it's not for nothing that even Teochew Ah Hia praised PAP for being competent, u know.

Meanwhile real, daft, suffering and money no enough Sinkies can keep their kpkb ongoing lah, for all PAP care.

Anonymous said...

Let's follow the money trail
1) A private listed company can pay a higher price in a tender for a Chinese Temple/Columbarium.
Money goes from private company ---> into the Singapore national reserves

2) Private listed company increases price for urn storage to make back money from its high tender price
Money goes from Sinkies pocket ---> into the private company
I think Sinkies also have to pay GST. So money also goes to PAP government.

In Singapore.
Even when you die.
The elites still want to make money from you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Minister Khaw:
How many more columbariums will be introduced into HDB estaes over the next 10 years?
Please come clean.

Anonymous said...

6 star columbarium also means 6-star prices. There are other selling points as well. Govt is encouraging many many generations to live together. So buy more pigeonholes for the future, before prices shoot through the roof ! What a great way to squeeze more money out of daft Sinkies !

Anonymous said...

Q: How to reduce the cost of living in Singapore?
A: Vote in more Opposition MPs into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cow : Good what ! Buddha encourage you to respect your ancestors. Being so near, they can offer you protection as well

Anonymous said...

Big developers have big money to redevelop hawker centres to 6 star food courts.

Not to worry, the 6 star foodcourts would only charge 6 star foodcourt prices, not restaurant prices.

Anonymous said...

talking about rats....

not only we are increasing our

rats are also increasing their

rats rats everywhere.....

maybe we should construct a
"Rats Rats World" at sentosa to
be your next 6 star tourists

how about it....


Anonymous said...

You forgot our 6 star salaries for our Prime minister and his god knows how many Ministers?
- Cabinet Ministers
- Ministers of State
- Ministers without Portfolios
- Ministers in the Prime Ministers Office

So many Ministers to mis-manage one of the smallest countries in the world.

Anonymous said...

Dr Lam Pin Min, MP for Sengkang West.
Why does he sit together with HDB, URA and Life Corp people?
Why he does not sit with his constituents, the Singaporerans of Sengkang West?


Whose side is he on?

Anonymous said...

Why he does not sit with his constituents, the Singaporerans of Sengkang West?
Anon 11:33 am

Why? But does it matter?

As WP Teochew Ah Hia already said, and it is worth repeating, majority (aka 60%) Sinkies are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out in a GE because WP is not ready to be govt.

That's why PAP Dr Lam Pin Min won with a comfortable 58% votes against WP Koh Choon Yong in Sengkang West(and SMC some more) last GE.

Hence remembering what Ah Hia had said and columbarium issue notwithstanding, I think Dr Lam should have no problem retaining his seat next GE, and PAP should also have no problem forming the govt again.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Minister Khaw:
How many more columbariums will be introduced into HDB estaes over the next 10 years?
Please come clean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ nasty-on-Sunday redbean,

Mate, when you tekan Geylang at the end of your article, you made me see red lah. Especially today when I'm going to Lorong 34 for seafood dinner lah with a bunch of my uncle bros. What happens after...well, that's up to the muse of the moment...so let the chips fall where they may!

For many of my fellow uncles and viagra-fueled apeks, Geylang is where our hearts are, and for some where their hearts will eventually fail, but not our smiles of pure joy ;-)

Singapore is upgrading. If Singaporeans don't want to be left behind and become irrelevant dinosaurs, they must follow their government's lead and upgrade themselves too.

You complain about 6 stars. What is the alternative? 1 Star? or No stars? Heaven forbid...Singapore will tun into a shithole, and my wonderful hotel will be overtaken by Rwanda or Laos---cuntries festering at the bottom of mankind's sewer.

Please lah, start showing some gratitude and appreciating that your mother cuntree is going from strength to strength.

You can only play "The Victim" for so long in Singapore. After a certain point, no one wants anything to do with you or your twisted entitlement mentality. Upgrade lah, the bar has been raised...

How about 10 Star? Can or not?

Anyway, please be gentle about Geylang, as Geylang is a place for gentlemen to conduct gentlemanly activities. It is MALE BONDING, a chance for all of us bros to "connect" with each other over common interests. So for the sake of your contemporaries---those who've been lucky enough to get their CPF at age 55 and "invest" it in Geylang---please redbean, a little more kindness, as suggested by the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, you stupid or wat? RB is talking about a 6 star Geylang and you not happy? You cannot afford 6 star luxury and fun?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12.21pm pls note.....

For pap std, getting only 58%
majority is NOT is NOT is NOT

agongkia said...

Aiya uncle.
Lets encourage the new generation to be filial to their ancestors and dun be another poothowkia lah.
Remembered your so and so and my great ah kong were resettled from the Boo Lim Sua years ago.
Maybe its time our ancestors need upgrade to a 6 star apartment.
Having a 6 star apartment in SengKang is not a bad idea.We can have a chance to upgrade for our ancestors and have more new friends.

If Sinkies can afford 300k pigeonhole why can't they allow their ancestor to stay near to them at about 1% of their apartment value.

What is wrong having our ancestor staying at 6 star niche apartment next to us.
This new apartment is actually something good for the Senkangese.
If MP Lam is smart enough this is actually the best opportunity for him to gain more support with this issue. Too bad he miss the chance to make use of the opportunity by not being able to said the right thing. If I am him the Senkangese may even want me to expedite .

My only concern is that by giving the tender to those non religious organisation it will result in them not getting the THE REAL TRUSTABLE SAI KONG to perform the ritual .Yes I dun think I may want to be there even if its 6 star.

Other than that I have no issue with such apartment built in every housing estate.