Roy Ngerng – The saga takes a nasty turn

For more than a month, nothing was heard of Hsien Loong’s libel case against Roy Ngerng. Privately I thought the two parties were trying to work out an amicable settlement out of court. I personally thought that would be a good thing for both parties. An outright confrontation when both refused to give an inch and went for body blows would only hurt both badly. None will walk away triumphant but with wounds and bruises all over. So I thought wise counsels must have prevailed and both will walk away with the least harm possible. Then I read Roy’s article posted in The Real Singapore, ‘ROY NGERNG: PM LEE TAKES ISSUE WITH 9 MORE OF MY BLOG ARTICLES TO PAY HIS LAWYERS $50,000 - 11 January 2015 - 1:48pm’

What Roy wrote in this latest article was not what I hope to see. Roy was acting like someone being pushed to the wall and would either scale over or bite back with all he got. It is a case of you want me dead, I will fight you to the end. And Roy has little to lose.

I have a lot of misgivings after reading the article. This development is bad for both of them. What happened? I can only guess that Hsien Loong was given the wrong advice again to raise the stake, to take Roy to the High Court and to demand higher compensation in the process. Assuming Hsien Loong won and Roy is made to pay a huge sum for damages, so what? Roy would be down and likely be made a bankrupt. Or he could go to the public for financial support to pay the damages like before. The latter would only excite more negative emotions and bad publicity for Hsien Loong and his party.

What would these bode for Hsien Loong? I could not see any good coming out of this for him. There is nothing of benefit to Hsien Loong. It would not only be a hollow victory but worse. How would the people look at Hsien Loong in his tenacious pursuit of this case? I am sure Hsien Loong would know that it can only do him harm than good. Then why pursue this case to such an unpleasant ending that would cost him dearly politically?

Who would benefit from the fallout of this case? Definitely not Roy, and not Hsien Loong. It would be like the proverbial saying, when the clam and crane fought, the fisherman would stand to reap the rewards. Who is or are the fishermen in this case and waiting eagerly and patiently on the sideline for the two to fall? Who would stand to gain the most when both parties ended in the gutters?

I must say I am taken aback by this latest development. Why is Hsien Loong forced to take this drastic step and in the process hurt himself more than he could hurt Roy? Some may think otherwise and thought this is a good thing for Hsien Loong, that he is doing the right thing. I choose to disagree. I would advise Hsien Loong to take the middle path if asked.

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Anonymous said...

RB, you have not read Roy's article properly. He was not talking about damages but about the legal fees and the other blogs he posted which the PM wanted taken down.

agongkia said...

Consider Heng leow.
If what is reported is true he can easily raise the 50k and hopefully problem can be solved.
I am used to pay for those wan ong payment or summon even though I am innocent but this case is more jialat.

Roast egg even how roasted will not be hard enough to hit against the batu.
He is engaging a state leader so there is a price to pay, like it or not.
大事化小事 ,小事化無事。
Hope the case can be settled with 50k and Roy can lead a normal life.
Give PM a break. Win win situation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes I have read Roy's article. The $50k is for Hsien Loong's lawyer fee. And this is all he has left from the cloud funding.

The damages could go to hundreds of thousands in the High Court.

Anonymous said...

Roy's article as usual was rather long winded though informative. I might forget everything he wrote except the last line of advice to Hsien Loong, "Go stand in a corner and reflect".
Let us elevate this to Quotable Quote of the Week. I really like it. This is the right language to speak to kids who bully others. Teacher must be stern and punish them. GO STAND IN A CORNER AND REFLECT.

Anonymous said...

Roy has a lot of supporters giving him the courage. He receives a lot of advice from well intentioned supporters to fight till the end.

So, he did what he did, to bang his head against the wall hoping it will give out a big BANG and attract attention. The winner, I see, is the WP.

Roy can do another round of crowd funding, from the disenchanted people in Singapore, maybe even some supporters from overseas. It is cost free. Just put up bank account number and many people will gladly donate.

Roy is not worried, he expected it, why you worry ??

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> I would advise Hsien Loong to take the middle path if asked.

Methinks he's acting on his (gangster) dad's advice: "Do whatever it takes to defend your reputation".

Roy essentially accused the PM of being an embezzler/ thief, without providing irrefutable, solid evidence.

No can do lah. Sorry for Roy---who comes across as an "ok" guy---this is Singapore. If you're going to do such things, be prepared for severe consequences.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are factions within PAP who would benefit if the Lee family were to retire from politics permanently.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You're engaging in wishful, magical thinking by asking people to quit a highly successful family business.

Ain't gonna happen lah. So far, the great majority of Singaporeans give their undying support to this family enterprise.

The people get the government and the cuntree they deserve

Anonymous said...

I was not elected into PAP's CEC.
For sure I will benefit if the Lee family were to retire from politics permanently.

Veritas said...

In every revolution, some blood need to be spilled. Now Roy is in the altar.

While Roy may initially choose to be a coward, LHL stupidity may eventually make him a martyr.

Nothing can be better as a rally point.

Anonymous said...

Roy should know that if you throw shit at others, expect shit to be thrown back.
Or at least, you have to pay for its cleanup.
Let's have objective political debate, impersonal and policy-based.
Impugn the integrity of anyone, not just politicians, expect to pay the consequences.
I dun cry for you, Roy, because you bring political debate to the gutter level and insult the intelligence of Singaporeans.
Just pay up and move on.

Anonymous said...

I think Roy has raised the quality of political debate.
Roy asked the questions Singaporeans were too afraid to ask.
"Where is our CPF money?"

If it's my money, why can't I have it back now?
Is voting Opposition the only way to get back my CPF money?

Anonymous said...

I am sure Hsien Loong would know that it can only do him harm than good.

But what make u so sure it can only do Hsien Loong harm than good?

U sure 60% will vote opposition next GE?

Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure that it would not cause him more harm?

Anonymous said...

Any one can ask questions.
Especially idiots!
Greater idiot are those who just jump on the stupid questions asked, but never ask "what's your point with those questions?".
Some bloggers have pointed out the fake statistics used by Roy to support his fabricated arguments.
Roy started OK and has lost credibility!
The blind should stop following the one-eyed man ... he's also blurred in the other eye.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Hsien Loong would know that it can only do him harm than good.

I disagree. LHL has the lowest EQ of any elected leader in the world. (He was not really "elected" to this position.)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have many foreigners, Americans and Europeans, reading this blog. I think they must be laughing themselves crazy at the kind of things happening here.

Amazing Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Angmos reading your blog? OMG !

And they keep quiet ?

Must be daft Angmos then. Or they are smart angmos but laughing at your silliness.

Every country is different. We do what works here. RB not happy here, I say you can go angmo country and receive their unemployment benefits. Property is cheap, cars even cheaper. You get deflation there, you love it right?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, you will also have to fight with lots of immigrants there. Legal plus lots lots of ILLEGAL immigrants for jobs.

Obama just signed something recently to make it legal for the illegals to stay in America, Tio Bo ?

Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.00, RB silly or you silly? Why you so silly everyday come here and get frustrated? Or you are IMH case?

You know what is gong kia? or Seow kia?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, RB, you are really something. You have these seow kias coming here everyday to pray to you and smell your shit.

You are like God to them.

I hope they don't become crazy smelling too much of your shit: )

Anonymous said...

To the little boy posting as anonymous at 3:00pm, allow me to introduce myself. I am 'angmoh'. And many of my 'angmoh' friends have been ardent followers of Redbean's discourse. It is refreshing and an eye opener to us and giving us a good feel of the locals' thinking.

Are you not happy that we, the 'angmohs' also read local blogs like Redbean's?

Grow up little kid. There are many things you need to learn and take my word for it, growing up can be very difficult for silly boys like you.

Anonymous said...

Actually it seems the court ruled $20000. Final amount should be somewhere in between.

Some of the comments here, you think will happen? Will people again gladly donate to Roy? We only need to see the result of the last crowdfunding for the Hong Lim incident to know. Barely $15000 collected for 6 people.

Will people turn out at Hong Lim in protest for Roy? Same few hundred maybe, as always.

Even LTK party joined in the criticism of Roy, and many other opposition parties don't bother even to speak about him.

This is why Roy stopped posting after feeling a lack of support overall.

There are some business owners among the Return my CPF group. Why doesn't anyone offer him a job? Why don't Tan Kin Lian offer him a job?

Singaporeans must either don't care two hoots about Roy, or they must be the most ungrateful lot ever, to leave him in the lurch isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04, Roy raised $80k, no support? Can you raise $200?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12pm

Roy raised $110K, not $80K.


He drew a crowd of 3000.


After that, refer to my post at whats been the kind of "support" he got as time went by.

You see, Roy doesn't need support in the form of you talking and talking here.

What he wants is crowd on the streets and money donated to him.

Its not enough that he might have swung some votes. He wants the public to come out in full blast together with him.

If its still forthcoming, would he have expressed disappointment?

By the way no, I cannot raise $200. Not sure how much you can raise.

Anonymous said...

RB can raise some money from selling the paintings right ?

And also donate his kopi money ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What are you people arguing about? From the tone of Roy's post, he has made up his mind to fight to the end.

How much support he will get, esp in financial terms, we will have to wait and see. From the look of things to come, getting $200k is a non issue. This time people are prepared to donate more to support him. Go and read other blogs/sites to get a feel of the ground swell.

Anonymous said...

How much are you donating RB?

I am still waiting for govt to release my CPF funds. I got no money.

When I get my cpf money, I will definitely support him.

Anonymous said...

My take, anyone asking the PM to go all out against Roy is as good as giving the rope to him to hang himself.

Anonymous said...

From the look of things to come, getting $200k is a non issue.
RB 4:31 pm

So will it be an issue for PM Lee? Will 60% vote PAP out and the Sinkie opposition ready to take over as govt next GE?

Anonymous said...

What I want to see.
Roy Ngerng sue PM Lee for a list of our Singapore Reserves.
Singaporeans all donate to pay for Roy's lawsuit against PM Lee.

Anonymous said...

My take, anyone egging Roy on is also giving him plenty of rope to hang himself.

@RB. I don't like Roy, but I hope he gets out of this fix. He needs money to settle this case, then it would be good if someone offers him a job.

Anonymous said...

Roy getting $200K or even more in financial support will not make the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt, and 60% Sinkies will not vote for an opposition which is not ready to be govt.

PM Lee had sued Aung Juan Soon Chee before, and PM Lee and PAP could still go on to win big in the GE. So why should suing Roy be any different, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

No matter who PM Lee sue, I think PM Lee and PAP will still go on to win an election to form the govt.

And so daft Sinkies will continue to suffer under those PAP policies.

Hence the only solution is for daft Sinkies to become smart, and not to hope for Sinkies like Roy or even Aung Juan Soon Chee to speak or fight for them successfully.

Anonymous said...

At Anon 5:01pm.

Tiok. Thats why I think need to be careful and stop egging Roy on.

I am whats the use you keep telling him verbally "Roy, fight on, you make me want to vote opposition, don't give up, we are behind you."

Then in the end the support is half baked, people criticize him, he does one stupid thing after another. What's more, can you guarantee he can making the ruling party be voted out? There can be 1- 1.5 years to go for GE you know, a lot can happen.

In the meantime he is destroying his own life for half hearted support? Or worse, no support from those he believes he is fighting for? KPKB on blog and online is not going to put food on his table you know?

Think twice before you egg him on. There are some who can sustain the fight, some who can't.

b said...

LHL is a petty man (aka pm). Having a petty man as pm will screw sinkies lives. Vote properly.

b said...

LHL should also sack his advisors that made him the ultimate petty man in this world. He really lives up to his pm name!

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising really. Heard of the Chinese expression "杀鸡儆猴", i.e. kill a chicken to scare the monkeys. This is exactly the same tactic to instil fear to anyone who digs up the dirt of PAPigs. In other countries Roy could have already been assassinated or met with a mysteries accident.

Anonymous said...

What I want to see.
Roy Ngerng sue PM Lee for a list of our Singapore Reserves.
Singaporeans all donate to pay for Roy's lawsuit against PM Lee.

Anonymous said...

Roy says Return our CPF.

Redbean also wants his CPF; in fact RB has been calling the return longer than Roy.

RB, what are you doing to do to help Roy ?

Tell us , put your money where the mouth is RB.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee.
Huk pui to you.
Ham Kar Ling.
All Singaporeans will donate to sue you.

b said...

roy=charlie, so lhl=?