Condolence to Charlie and the victims in France

While everyone is in the mood to cry for the 12 victims in the French massacre, calling it an act of savagery and all the strongest words they could find in their vocabulary, I would also like to offer my belated condolence to all the innocent Iraqis that were butchered by the most savage crimes against them in their country, by the invading Americans. How many hundred thousands were killed, maimed, and their lives ruined? How many children were left crippled, orphaned and homeless when their parents were murdered by the flying smart bombs? Their homes flatten, their country and economy in ruins. No more schools, no more play time and many lying in hospitals.

Please offer your condolences if you think your heart is in the right place and ready to show a little kindness to the innocents in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, in Afghanistan and next, the most savage of all, the impending invasion of North Korea.

Ask yourself, what has this country done to you or anyone except wanted to live their own lives within the boundaries of North Korea? Why are the Americans preparing to invade this country, to kill the innocents that never even speak to you or about you, and did not know who you are?

And here is my condolence to the North Korean people in advance, the young and the old, for whatever crime the Americans are going to convict them and to kill them in the name of freedom and democracy.

Who are the real savages? Or the Arabs don't count? Are they not humans?

Kopi Level - Blue, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

RB, while I empythise with your feeling, I must say that those innocent people who were killed in Afghan and N Korea were the result of military conflicts. In war, there is no good guys or bad guys except losers and victors.

The shootings are different. These are a group of individuals who decides to kill for some idelogical issue.

While the line between above two incidents are thin, we must differentiate them. It is just like if you kill a person in the street during peace time, you have committed a crime but if you as a sodier kill a suspected enemy, nothing much will happen to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chua - you are all work up. No one is saying some lives are more precious than others. Be it war or act of terrorism - it is all about power, revenge and killing. It is plain sickening and wrong. There is a Chinese saying - Revenge after revenge, there will be no end in sight. Formal President Bush is an idiot - comment from my US colleagues. It does not matter who carries it out - people in their right mind and morally intact will not support it. There is NO reason to kill just because you are insulted. Terrorist act is plain EVIL and WRONG - no excuse will ever make it acceptable !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No, I am not worked up. I am just being provocative, forcing an issue and forcing people to think. Can you see so much hypocrisies in these killings?

I like to take a mirror to put it in people's face, very close, to see the pimples, freckles and blackheads. I force people to see things they did not want to see and took things for granted and accepted things at face value.

I think I managed to make you worked up: )

Anonymous said...

I like to take a mirror to put it in people's face, very close, to see the pimples, freckles and blackheads.
RB 1:19 pm

So? If these people are evil and powerful, will the mirror make them any less evil and powerful?
Or if Sinkies are daft and timid, will the mirror put in their face make them smarter and braver, or the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Only God can make the daft Sinkies smarter and braver, and also in the process make the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt.

So Sinkies can only pray to whatever their God to make this happen, including making RB and even me to join the Sinkie opposition happen.

Anonymous said...

Angmoh tua Kee. They are also tua kee in sin city.

Ang moh Live is more valuable.
Don,t believe read nd and analyse all the news from the West.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Angmoh not tua kee. Ah neh tua kee. Angmoh super tua kee.

Veritas said...

I am always not align of RB tone towards USA.

USA did NOT INVADE North Korea. It was under the banner of UN under the reason that North Korea invade the South. The declassified USSR information has shown that Fat Kim senior is the culprit who started the war.

The Korean war is a war against God damn wicked Fat Kim and his commie allies.

USA fought and many of her sons died for freedom, democracy and human rights. The China supported North Korea has until today a Sun God over them, and millions starve till death.

In short China and USA by supporting fat kim, has committed crime against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Uh, what you saying?

You like the American Chinese professor saying America is not trying to contain China.

Veritas said...

Arabs are humans but they deserve all their shit and violent due to their wicked nature. They derserve to be rule by tyrant because this is the most happiest outcome for them.

Under Saddam, probably 3000 Iraqi died a year due to oppression. Under democracy today, probably closer to 30,000 died.

Islamofascist have intoxicated themselves with so much hate that they will set loose and kill kill kill under democracy.

Even when Islamofascist migrate to white man land like the most sicko and wretched slum dog, they hope to build a caliphate base on tyranny, murder and oppression.

They have utterly dislike for goodness.

Anonymous said...

What terrorist attack? The whole thing was staged:


Anonymous said...

Anyone holding or investing in US$ is advised to cash out. The rest of the world are signing trade agreements not using US$. There is a run on Fort Knox to withdraw gold deposited there.

The current run up of US$ is manipulated. Demand for US$ is going to collapse soon.

Run for your life.

Anonymous said...

The Americans no need to hate but went killing for fun and for the money.

b said...

The whole thing seems like a scam. IMO, the eu gov is going to raise monies/tax for "security" reasons and the uncle sam is going to invade some weak small country for "security" reasons. Ask yourself, if you are a terrorist with a rocket launcher, why target a cartoonist?

No doubt there is some extremists around but crazy people are everywhere irregardless or race or religion. People become mad due to how people treat each other. Its an effect not cause. The cause is due to the bully culture that is very deeply implanted in the barbaric dna.

Anonymous said...

Some will say they are the civilised ones. The barbaric ones are those in North Korea and Iran. See how many people they have killed? Zero. But they are the evil ones. They killed last time.

The Americans never kill anyone. They only drop bombs. And in war, killing is ok. Not savagery.

b said...

The civilised ones invented clothing, the barbaric invented bombing. Without chinese, everyone still running around naked.

Anonymous said...

Chinese invented gunpowder for fireworks. The West turned the gunpowder into bombs.

Anonymous said...

Once you claim that North Korea is going to be invaded your whole post, and by extension, your blog, kind of loses its credibility.

I don't really feel like arguing the whole thing, but let's just say if anybody were to invade the DPRK they would pay a terrible price for it. And there's not much to gain from occupying North Korea either. South Korea would not support an invasion because it would be flooded with refugees and its infrastructure would collapse. China, of course, would not support a Western invasion of its neighbour.

You also act like if the West wasn't involved at all, the Middle East would look like Dubai. That's incredibly naive. The West may have kicked you down, but if you don't get up, it's your fault. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, S. Korea, Japan, hell, all of SE Asia except Thailand -- have all been meddled with by the West in some shape or form, yet they don't resemble the chaos of the Middle East or the poverty of Africa.

Maybe you can let me know what's the difference.

Anonymous said...

So? The drumming of the North Koreans are crazy, going to develop nuclear weapons to nuke the US are real? N Korea has the capability to hack into Sony Pictures are real? Saddam Hussein had WMD was real?

Who is real or who is the joker?

What is the diff betw a blogger and reputable western media farting? What is so real about professors farting or Obama, Bush and his gang farting?

Must RB justify to you, to please you? If you are not happy reading his stuff, you are free to go elsewhere to find more credible posts like the White House or Washington Post, the CIA or the Straits Times.

Take my advice, go and read the credible news somewhere and no need to get so frustrated reading unreal stuff here.

Virgo 49 said...

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

This should be how a sane person behave and made to behave.

If otherwise, then he/she belongs to the IMH league of heros.

Those who preached otherwise and condemn the happenings are the worst culprits in doing the worst to their fellow brings.

So, here goes, now they held hostages and these frenchies has to learn the way- DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT OTHERS WOULD DO TO YOU!!!!

What bullshits revenge will never end.!!!

IF a country trained and prepared its armed forces not to fight and deter its enemies, that what's the fuck for to waste resources and manpower on building them???

Just simply surrender and let them in saying Peace Bros welcome in.

Violence met with violence and fight fire with fire.

This world id filled with wickness of human beings bullying their own kind.

Anonymous said...

While I like and agree with 90% of your postings, I am puzzled by the way you completely contradict yourself once you go on your rant against the west and the USA, or when you completely support China in their South China Sea ambitions.

I am NOT saying the U.S. or the west are angels, but the choice is to just leave the middle east completely alone and let them murder their own citizens without any interference. The "west" is in a no win situation: if they don't act against human atrocities, they will b blamed for turning a blind eye, if they do act it is called interference.
My own view (and I am an Ang Mo) is to just let the Muslim world fight it out by themselves and NOT get involved, because, no one will ever get thank yous for trying to help.
And, by the way, considering Singapore has such "great" press freedom, I am surprised you seem to gloat about the free press of France being attacked.

Unresolved Grievances said...

a lot of things are being bought with money. some ppl serve their whole life but no bbm or pbm. some ppl has it. why? must buy is it? so can sell our vote for next ge?

Virgo 49 said...

Free press does not means you must insult people and their beliefs.

Asian cultures does not usually provoked others just for the fun of it.Especially on religions and other sensibilities.

Ang mohs no proper up bringing of heir children. Let them do what they want with no consideration of others feelings. Called this independent, smart, ingenious znd whst hsve you.

To us kena siah- no big no small. Grow into adults behave and go according to their whimps and fancies hurting others.

Now WOGs or yellow bananas eat too much burger and fries also themselves and children behaved the same. Thinking they are smart, ingenious and kena siah.

Their ancestors will stirred in their graves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:54,

Welcome to the blog and thanks for identifying yourself as angmoh. No offence on the term used. It is colloquial.

I know it is uncomfortable for westerners to read my rants against the USA and the West in general. It is unfamiliar territory to them as they have been ranting against the Afro Asians and China in particular for centuries as rubbish. So we are talking back and telling the hard truth.

The Afro Asians have been subjected to all the distortions, propaganda and demeaning news from the West, and it is still happening, like the way the Western media is portraying N Korea and China and the Axis of Evil, all jingoism, all bad and evil. This diet is fed daily to Afro Asians and all English readers that they have subconsciously believed them to be truth and began to think like Westerners to ridicule and abuse Afro Asians. You must be familiar with the term bananas.

Other than returning the favour in some provocative views, I wrote from a historical perspective which the West would not want to acknowledge. China had been robbed and raped and looted by the West, including Japan, of everything, including territories. China is standing up to reclaim what it had lost over the centuries by unequal treaties and conquest.

The Americans and the West conveniently branded China as assertive, aggressive, belligerent, with ill intent, which to me is hogwash. They know that China is reclaiming its rights to what belongs to China, nothing more, nothing more than the Brits fighting a neo colonialist war in claiming Falklands. Falklands belong to the South Americans just like those lands China lost to Japan, Russia, India etc. belong to China.

Am I biased to side with China to regain its rights and territories? What I am saying, my views, may be ranting to you, but they are based on historical facts and are much more credible than the untruths churned out by the Americans and the Western media to indoctrinate the rest of the world and to instigate interstate rivalry.

A clear case is N Korea. I have nothing to do with them. But the Americans are provoking the N Koreans daily and branding it with all kinds of mischievous lies. And the daft and innocent readers just believed. Even the resident joker here, Matilah Singapura, believed every word the Americans told him.

As for the ME, they are at a different stage of development, different culture. They would kill each other, the strong bullying the weak. But they would never have inflicted so much damage and deaths among themselves without the intervention of the West.

The Americans and the West have destroyed them and killed and wounded more of them than they could do it to themselves over the last few recent invasions.

Is that good, virtuous? Is the American and Western intent really altruistic or because of vested interests?

The narrative of what is right or wrong, who is right or wrong, is no longer the monopoly of the West. As rational and informed individuals, we should be able to look at matters objectively, from both sides of the coin.

My postings are mainly from another perspective that the West refused to see or write about. I am doing a balancing act in a way.


Anonymous said...

There is an urgent need for an alternative narrative other than the Western one or the Afro Asians would only get more daft, feeling ashamed to be Afro Asians.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Redbean (the Angmoh here)
I am not arguing with you. It is historically correct that the west were the colonial conquerors with all the bad that came with it.
Nothing to be proud of, but we do live in a different world and most nations have more or less become more "ethical"
I personally believe that there are two great evils: history and religion. History because people are trying to right a wrong that happened ages ago, and religion, well I won't comment.
When we teach our children that such and such nationalities are bad because of something that happened way before their time, we will never come to a peaceful world.

There'so nothing as beautiful as seeing children from different nationalities, races, religions play with each other while they are still innocently ignorant of history.

But it's when we adults, politicians, etc start indoctrinating them with our views that things start to go wrong.

As to the West's involvement in conflicts, I am on your side. I think they just should stay out, regardless of the human atrocities. But that means that, e.g. should the PAP lose an election, and not accept the result by declaring martial law, arresting the oppo politicians, Singapore stands on its own, no matter what tragedy happens.

By the way, that' sweat the west did in 1939 when they let Hitler get away with murder.

Do we want this?

Let's just agree to disagree. Keep up your provoking thoughs! I love them.

b said...

"The Americans and the West conveniently branded China as assertive, aggressive, belligerent, with ill intent, which to me is hogwash."

- they love chinese, what they dislike is communism. communism is a fascist regime where a small selective group of people controls almost everything.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 12:58,

You sounded like a reasonable man should. I do share many of your views including this one.

'As to the West's involvement in conflicts, I am on your side. I think they just should stay out, regardless of the human atrocities. But that means that, e.g. should the PAP lose an election, and not accept the result by declaring martial law, arresting the oppo politicians, Singapore stands on its own, no matter what tragedy happens.'

Would any idiot attempt treason by imposing martial law in Spore? This act means there is no return to normalcy and many would end up in very sad endings. Today is no longer the same as in the past where any idiot could use the barrel of the gun to coerce the people.

And would the Americans intervene when it happens? There are obvious things that the Americans are not welcome to mess around and there would be things that are controversial enough for them to intervene or welcome. Not everything is clear black or white.

Glad you raised this point. I have no answer.

patriot said...

Why should the Self claimed International Police and Democracy Advocate(Enforcer?)
intervene ONLY whence a UNLAWFUL Martial Law gets activated?
Is the US blind to the UNHAPPINESS of Singaporeans over the Ridiculous, Sinful Self Remunerated Rewards they pay themselves? It has been a grouse of Sinkies for decades and the Remuneration is many many times more than any politician in the World including that of the President of US of A. Even a Sin Cabinet Minister is paid many times more than the US President.
Lower income Singaporeans probably earns below two thousand Sin Dollars a month working long hours in menial jobs.

Btw, the US is suspected of going for oil and interfering in others international affairs to create markets for its military wares and NOT TO UPHOLD DEMOCRACY AND JUSTICE.
So, please do not make the US so noble. Quite the Contrary.


patriot said...

'...Self Remunerated Rewards they pay themselves......' to be amended to 'the Sin Rulers pay themselves'.

My apology


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, you are advocating US intervention here? This thought is dangerous, amounting to treason.

The Sinkies must be able to run our own business independent of foreign powers. The Sinkies only need to exercise their right to vote wisely.

patriot said...

Chin Leng;

me not advocating anything nor does anyone in the US will listen to anybody.
I am just telling your angmo fren that the West is not as noble as he wants us to believe. In another words, he/she fails to know the Characters of his fellow species. The Motive of the US is wellknown as history has shown.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


I am not worried about the West not listening to you. I am worried about the wrong people listening to you.

patriot said...

Chin Leng;


Thank You for your concern.

Much appreciated.


Veritas said...

North Korea is provoking the entirely humanity including PRC. USA did not provoke N Korea, and N Korea are forever finding a way to suck USA cock, bypassing PRC.

Fortunately, USA reject North Korea like a dignified man who reject the dirty cunt of prostitute.

Meanwhile PRC watch N Korea flirt and fume in anger. PRC nevertheless feed N korea and help in this crime against humanity.

RB you need to research more on this.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

The facts. If N Korea take a wrong move they would be flattened. No buts. They are no fools to want that.

The harping and hyping and the provoking are all done by the US, conducting wargames at their doorstep, sanctions, now hacking their computer system. What did the North Koreans do? They have no rights to build nuclear weapons?

Other than this, they are a closed country. They don't care a shit what is happening to the rest of the world. They are threatening S Korea? That is another big bull shit. Answer in my first para. They walk across it would be the end.

The Americans and S Koreans are doing a Charlie Hebdo on them everyday.

Anonymous said...

@patriot: from the Angmoh
I am not claiming the West is "noble", but who in this world is "noble"? Name me one big power in this non-western world that is "noble". Russia? China? Japan? Brazil?
One of our biggest problems is that we equate the citizens of a nation with its rulers, its politicians., so we start hating them because of the deeds by their leaders.
You could say, yes but the people chose those leaders.
You and I know that in this respect, democracy doesn't always result in the true view of the people. Of all countries I would even say that the democratic system in the U.S. sucks and is far from what Americans like to think they protect.
I've lived in 7 countries and none of them had a true democracy. So I'm a skeptical democrat. What I believe is the most important in a nation is a free and independent press. It comes with its disadvantages, but as long as their is a watchdog on those leaders, a watchdog that can dig up dirt, at least those leaders have something to count for.
That's why the "Charlie" is more than about 17 people dying

patriot said...

Dear Angmoh;

thank You for responding.
I said that You should not have made out the Angmos TO SOUND SO NOBLE. My impression of the THEN BRITISH COLOBIAL MASTER WAS/IS NOT TOO BAD. Me shares the Feeling of a Malay Malaysian Parliamentarian that the British was far BETTER Ruler than Local. Me speaking about my personal experience as a British Subject before Sin Independence.

As for FREEDOMs, be it for expression and anything else, I rank it as high as Happiness in no order of merits.

If Angmos are as willing to ensure democracy and justice, they should not wait for injustice and or abuse to develop. Worse is for them to exploit and make use of the Situation to take advantage for self benefit.

Must say there are good and bad people in EVERY tribe.

Good to see that Redbean has a righteous Angmoh Commenter and me most happy to read You here