Beware of professional robbers

Case One. Victim had some pain on the neck. The specialist recommended 4 injections. Husband of victim was cautious, asked for second opinion. Was advised to take some medication. After the medication the pain was gone. Cost less than $100.

If victim would have taken the specialist’s advice, each injection costs $16,000, 4 injections would have cost $64,000. And this did not include other consultation fees, and the pain for going through the injection regime, all for nothing.

Case Two. Victim had shoulder pain. Specialist recommended injections and operation. Total cost easily $50,000. Victim bought Elliment lotion to apply. After a couple of months, pain gone. Imagine the savings and the pain to go through the operation. Imagine someone laughing to the bank and the victim feeling stupid without knowing why.

Case Three. Specialist confirmed one artery was 25% blocked. Recommended stent insertion. Cost about $10k to $30k. Victim went on a diet of apple cider, ginger, lemon and honey. After 3 months went for review. Blockage gone.

What is the moral of these stories, all genuine? Don’t be suckers to the professional robbers. Be very careful and save your money. Always go for second or third opinion with a reputable professional that is recommended by people you know.


Anonymous said...

Is it the same with political parties.
After 50 years.
Is it time for a second opinion?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ redbean:

Nothing is perfect lah. You will get cases of professional legal daylight robbery now and then. Especially in cartels and monopolies. You can make the argument that after around midnight, taxis have a monopoly on late-night public transport, and thus the "midnight charge" is too cheap. ;-)

However, the alternative is NO DOCTORS. Which means you can't even get proper treatment even if you have the money and are willing to pay anything.

PRICE and VALUE lah: Price is what you pay, value is what you get, or expect to get. You pay the price with an expectation of some value. When you get the value, then you'll discover if the price you just paid correlates with the value you receive.

Fortunately, there is some "competition" in healthcare---i.e. you can always venture to China/ Thailand to get "cheaper" medical treatment, or to Switzerland or USA to get "better" medical treatment.

Or stay in Singapore and just pay lah. Healthcare in Singapore verdict: damn good lah. Good enough to keep you alive and productive so that you can enjoy the wonderful awesome lifestyle on this magical island :-)

Anonymous said...


Just google "diet of apple cider, ginger, lemon and honey and blocked arteries" and all the natural cures will be listed out.

Just google and self medicate. Very simple, cheap, and most important it is effective, if it happens lah. Hahahahaha.

patriot said...

An elderly fren was warded at Changi General Hospital for a swollen leg. Two days later, he was told that he had some bubbles inside and around his neck and biopsy was recommended.
Fren told me that he had no unusual sensation on his neck, shoulder or anywhere else other than his swollen leg which was recovering.

After talking about the bubbles with me and his family members, my fren decided that biopsy will be his last measure for the alleged condition. Immediately after the Biopsy, he requested to be discharged. Biopsy Test found no malignancy and the Patient had been up and around as per his normal self.

Many people are informed of medical conditions which they do not know or care about as there were no sign or abnormal sensation. In most cases, some conditions are due to tiredness or minor infections. Due to the Modern Medical Equipments, a lot more conditions are detected despite patients not feeling anything unusual. There seems to be a lot of kind folks in the Medical Industry who are prepared to give patients the Maximun Health Possible for a price.



Anonymous said...

January 23, 2015 12:01 pm

I think patriot's advice may also be applied to political parties.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Some medical experts are singing the song that getting cancer is whether you are lucky or not.

Of course there are many many stories about cheap and fast miracle cures.

It depends on what is your problems.

Some can delay, some requires immediate action.

Frankly, we need plenty of luck, from meeting the right specialist to your treatments, each stage need luck.

Sorry, very sorry.

If your time is up, it is up.

Life is short!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ everyone:

Every human being has cancer calls, but under day to day normal operation, the human body disposes of them quite well. As long as your body can deal with the cancerous cells, you will be ok. It's only when this mechanism fails that potential problems arise.

We are mortal---eventually something will kill you. However, we treasure life enough to try to stay alive as long as possible---if only to fuck for just one more day.

And since most of us are not doctors, we're going to need them. Doctor's diagnosis is a HYPOTHESIS, and thus thorough testing and 2nd or 3rd opinions are definitely wise choices.

And no, apple cider vinegar is not a miracle cure, as there are no miracles or cures which are miracles. Apple cider vinegar is best used for cooking or in douche solutions to wash out that smelly cheebye.

b said...

The gov should dictate that no treatment should exceed xx amount. This will force the doctors to give more natural and economical solutions. Unfortunately, the gov controlled by politicians are elite class facilitators who will just exploit the exploited class and make the elite class richer.

Anonymous said...

Professional robbers comes in many guises.

Some are rich and some are poor.

Anonymous said...

I think the PAPig children in parliament have not been very well brought up by the Mental minister.
It's time to send in the adults into parliament to restore law and order back into Singapore.
Vote Opposition in GE 2016!

agongkia said...

Thats why I say cpf must be Cheongkong in exchange for free medical.
Who dare to kotok Cheng Hoo.
Raising the MS is the way to go.

agongkia said...

My love one suffer from stage 4 cancer and oncologist says life span left 2 months nia.My kaki recommended a type of herbal grass and after consuming, angmo oncologist oso surprise how come the cancer can shrink.
Stop consuming after feeling its too cold n when someone claim its poisonous.
Luckily with some sinseh knowledge, went to forest to pluck lingzhi and with some herbs manage to live like normal till now.
Everytime tell me if cannot kill the cells make friends with it.
Cancer is just a name by those you know who to frighten u n dun be frighten by it.
Receive free treatment with monthly income till now but of course not here.
Another kampong neighbor says his wife recover after seeking sinnseh prescription from a free clinic here.
Just contribute whatever amount she want and even without contributing its still fine.
There are many good sinseh and physician too.

Anonymous said...

OMG, after being sabo-ed by this political party for the last 50 years, do you still need a 2nd opinion? It's a no-brainer lah.