The rats are greedy, so says the lion

The lion was feasting after a new kill. The carcass of the antelope spreaded below his dripping jaws of antelope meat. It was a great feast that would last several days. While the lion was enjoying his sumptuous meal, a few rats were hurrying around taking little bites at the meat. The lion did not bother as it was busy taking his fill.

Soon more rats appeared and started to nibble at the meat but staying away from the lion’s sight. One rat managed to rip a small piece of meat and ran away with it. Now the lion got angry when he saw that. ‘You rats are greedy!’ He roared and at the same time lashed his paw at the rats. ‘Why can’t you be satisfied with the nibbling and must tear a piece away?’

The rats meekly jumped back and stared at the mountain of meat before them and the eyes of the lion. That big chunk of antelope could feed the whole rat community for several days. Each rat would be very happy with a small bite of the meat. The lion was having his lion’s share and calling the rats greedy.

The rats could not talk back of course. They spoke in different language and would not understand the other. Size mattered too. No matter how angry the rats were, they could not do anything except watching the lion eating his hearty meal all to himself.

Many thoughts ran through the heads of the rats. Greedy lion still dared to scold them little rats as greedy for a small piece of the antelope. They kpkb but could only dream of what they could do to the lions and his greed if they had their way. As it was, nothing would happen to the rats and the lion.

This is the law of nature, the lion is at a higher pecking order and the rats are meant to be contented to be scavengers, picking the leftovers and the crumps. Any desire by the rats for more is greedy. Having a mountain of meat for itself is normal to the lion. The lions must have their lion’s share.

Accept your fate rats. Don’t be greedy or you will be squashed by the lion’s paw. Know your proper place and all things will be fine, all peace under heaven.

Kopi Level - Red


Raymond said...

The rat are pests that weasels into tight spots, scavenging for filth, and they obey no rules in their dark underworld.

Lions, on the other hand, must rule in the light. They must be seen to be mighty and strong, just and fair, and do not resort to the underhanded tactics of the rats.

Such is the design of the land. Such is the design of God.

For a nation is come up upon my land, strong, and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion. Joel 1:6 :) :)

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, can quote the BIBLE!!!

Seen many and heard many who used to proclaim JESUS CHRIST are as EVIL AS SATAN.

Anonymous said...

Wolves in sheep clothing. Yes the rest are the rats. The rats are greedy. The wovles are not.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lions are nature's "natural elites"--they've won the right to be king of beasts through evolution, action, and luck.

In Singapore's credo of meritocracy, the natural elites will rise to the top, and given permission by the collective majority (mandate) to govern the fucking island, and make decision which affect everyone's lives. It is a meritocracy, so the natural elites must EARN their right to govern, and whether or not you like or approve it, they have....time and time again.

This city-hotel-island-state is not 'Ratopore' lah, it is the LION CITY--Singapore. The natural elites are lions, get used to it :-)

Thankfully, they eventually got rid of the ugly piece of shit--the Merlion. What an epic fail that was!

The said...

Are you talking about the the politicos in the lion city or the rat city?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. In the 1976 GE, "Lion, King Of The Jungle" Lee sends "Ratcatcher" Fong to hunt down and destroy "Rat" JB Jeyaratnam.

Score: Ratcatcher 1, Rat -- zero.

So Uncle redbean's advice might be salient. Respect the Lion ;-)

Anonymous said...

MS is right. Nothing can displace the Lion from the throne. Those who wish or hope that things will change will sadly be disappointed. The way forward for the Singaporeans has to be " be quiet, accept your fate, accept the influx of the FTs from all over the world and most of all be thankful for a clean and caring PAP government." Your rice bowls are very dependent on the economy of the country and without the FTs Singapore will never be able to compete on the world stage. So why not just accept things and be content????

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Nothing can displace the Lion from the throne.

No, I didn't say that.

You can attempt to:

1. Subvert the lion's mind to be under your control/ influence.

2. Replace the current lion with a new lion.

Prides of lions are one of nature most CONSISTENT meritocracies. When the alpha male is old and/ or weak, a young alpha will come to challenge the old apek for power and rule over the pride.

If successful, the new young alpha will KILL ALL THE YOUNG OFFSPRING of the old lion. This forces a biological mechanism in the female causing her to ovulate' and is soon producing a NEW BLOODLINE of decendants form the young alpha. The old bloodline is completely wiped out to ensure "purity".

Nature is effective, if a tad cruel and brutal occasionally. Nature is very entertaining :-))

b said...

No lion rule forever. All lions eventually will lose their lionesses and prides to stronger lions. THe lion no matter how strong is just an animal.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if the new lion king has learn the trade from the old lion king. If that is the case it will be same o same o.