Malaysia living under a racist time bomb

It is very chilling to hear Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO’s YouthChief telling the non Malays not to forget the Malay’s sacrifice to let them be part of Malaysia. The AGENCIES reported him in a speech at the UMNO ‘general assembly that looks set to stoke racial flames’, Khairy ‘hit out at non Malays who refused to accept the status quo’, ie Malay dominance and political supremacy.

This is most puzzling as the non Malays, after May 13, 1969, and so many years of threats, have long accepted the status quo. Even if there are some little corners that are disgruntled about it, there is nothing that can change the situation. Why is Khairy harping on this issue? Is he feeling insecure, or the Malays really feel threatened that the status quo can be change by a minority non Malays that have no political military clout to do anything? Any non Malays that dare to challenge this would not see daylight tomorrow.

Najib also showed slides of the May 13 1969 racial riots which was not a riot per se but the killings of non Malays by the Malays. It was racist killings, a one sided affair, to remind the non Malays that it could happen again.

What is Khairy’s agenda or what is UMNO’s agenda?

DAP Lim Guan Eng made the remark that Khairy ‘is now travelling the “dark road” of racial extremists’. Not to worry, only the Malays can make such racist charges and it is acceptable. Lim Guan Eng also added that ‘Putting the blame on non Malays is dishonest and evil politics by Khairy because it is simply false and malicious that the non Malays questioned such rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution.”

It is not an issue of who is saying the right thing. It is a case of when the extremists will use this excuse to carry out another blood letting against the non Malays. It is a matter of time, of when. This is the peril of the non Malays in Malaysia. This demon of racism will always be exploited by the racist to serve their agenda and the consequences could be very extreme.

The call by Khairy would not be the last and will be repeated as often as they like. But who knows when the threat would turn into ugly reality? It could be tomorrow.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Loud & Clear! Loud & Clear!

The reported remarks by the top
leaders there are loud, are clear and are very very ...........

BEST of luck to those invest
there, have properties there and
plan to retire there.

YES! It is true. You need plenty
of luck, plenty of luck and
plenty of luck.

Please don't ask me why.

Don't play play!

Cheers. TGIF.

Anonymous said...

At least nobody can say 60% of them were asleep while the country was taken over by foreigners.

agongkia said...

Dun be frighten by any threat even if there appear to have.Live humbly and harmoniously and act gonggong and life in this peninsula is most meaningful than other cities.
Being a minority has its advantages.
I have confident that there is no issue.

Anonymous said...

I like your gong gong attitude. When they castrate you in your sleep you won't even know what is happening. Life is a bliss to the fools.

Anonymous said...

Just leave it to those backward people to run the country and you know where it will head to.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Malays who are succeeding generations of migrants from Central Asia, holding the Political Power are not as primitive and tribal as portrayed here. They have worked hard and modernize themselves, are internet savy and as globally connected as any other cosmopolitan people.

There are of course some that have innate tribalism in them: these are however just little genetic trait that will wear off.

The Younger and Newer Generations know peace is the Way to prosperity and wellbeing. They know that conflict and war shall destroy everything, including themselves. Only those extremely sadistic and violent want to fight and kill senselessly.

Malaysian Malay certainly will not wish to deal with the Two Largest Tribes on Earth. Not only the Chinese and Indian are amongst the Largest Components in the Population, both are superpowers in their own ways.

Globalization has also opens up the Racial Psyche of modern mankind, there are many Malays in Australia, New Zealand, England and soon in China as trades improve.

The Political Leaders of Malaysia in time to come, will work to improve the live of the Malay Race by cooperating with other tribes and working peacefully to be prosperous and happy. They wont be foolish to jeopardise their own future wellbeing.

b said...

Sg will benefit greatly if they want to use the race cards to ruin their own future.

Anonymous said...

The point is that they will be that foolish to destroy themselves, but before that do all the silliness there is to be done.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This has shades of Hitler Youth circa 1939 playing the anti Juden card.

IMO the dangerous fuckers are Perkasa -- the "Malay supremacy" organisation. They are straight out of the Nazi playbook. ("Juden Raus!!" -- "Out with the Jews!!")

"Non-Malay" as most of us know is code for "Chinese" - the Indians and Seranis are just thrown in there, but it THE CHINESE these motherfuckers are going after. Yessir, fellow Malaysians, born and bred in Malaysia as their cuntree, but DISCRIMINATED AGAINST because of / they are: [ fill in any dumb illogical reason you can pull out of your ass ]

1930s Nazi Germany

Present day UMNO-Perkasa Malaysia

Other disturbing news: Apparently on Fridays after afternoon pryers at the mosques, there are groups of men chanting "ISIS! ISIS!" as they emerge from their Friday prayers in their "Religion of Peace".

Backward, Tribal, Pig Headed, Barking Mad Dog Mother-Sister-Brother-Father-Cousin FUCKERS.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah. UMNO general assembly every time the umno putras make the usual noise lah. then back to business as usual. nothing new. it's been happening for decades.

Anonymous said...

Racist people are simply fucked up bastards who do not think ahead. Their mentality is the same as the shit in their arseholes.