How to deal with stupid people? Make hay while the sun shines

‘I honestly have nothing to say today except that I really don’t want to be ruled by the stupid.’ This is what Marina Mahathir, daughter Dr Mahathir, said in response to Najib’s retraction on his promise to remove the ISA. I am not sure if she is referring to Najib or Mahathir as Mahathir is the one that ‘spearheaded the call to retain the Act that Malay groups and most in the party say is crucial to defending the sanctity of Malay rights and Islam.’ Now the big question, is Najib stupid to retract his promise just because Mahathir instigated the UMNO ultras to force him to do so, and now looking stupider to everyone, to the bumis and non bumis? Or is Mahathir stupid to get the ultras to push for the retention of the ISA?

I think whoever is the stupid one is not material. What is important is to know how to deal with stupid people. Yes, make hay while the sun shines. Singapore or Hsien Loong just did that. After two decades of wrangling with the recalcitrant Mahathir to redevelop the Malayan Railway land, and in total failure, here came the white knight in Najib. In his new promise of a pragmatic leadership, to push Malaysia to a higher level of economic development, putting aside unproductive politicking, an economic and pro business deal was struck. An agreement was signed between Najib and Hsien Loong to remove this historical baggage of ill will. Both sides are happy with the deal. Malaysia was lagi happy when they won the international court ruling on not having to pay redevelopment fees on the use of the railway land.

The funny thing is that Singapore was deliriously happy with losing that legal tussle. I have been wondering why for quite some time. Now the answer is crystal clear. There was a small window to make things happened. Without losing a second, Hsien Loong was all graciousness and generous and offer everything that Najib asked for, topping it up with more icing. He probably knew that the window would be shut anytime without any notice or sign of a change in their party politiking.

When dealing with stupid people, this is the most important and effective strategy. Make hay while the sun shines. You wound know when the dull clouds would return, follow by thunderstorms and monsoons. But a word of caution. This strategy can only be adopted when the assets are here in Singapore where the rules and laws or agreements cannot be changed, cannot be retracted.

Things in Malaysia are quite predictable, really, if you understand what Marina Mahathir is saying.

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The said...

/// Make hay while the sun shines. ///

Problem is - the sun shines most of the time in Singapore. In fact, we get too much sunshine - I wish we have more clouds and rains.

And why would we want to make hay? We don't have any cows - only the cow peh cow bulls.

Anonymous said...


Whether ruled by stupid people in Sinkieland or Matland, smart citizens can still make money. And lots of it. And they did. And of course also voted for the stupid people to rule them so that these smart citizens can continue to make money.

And with enough smart citizens and some gerrymandering, stupid people can continue to rule over all citizens, whether smart, stupid or in between.

Daft citizens will course suffer lah, even if ruled by smart people.

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines.

Make money while stupid people rule.

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines.
Make money while stupid people rule.
November 30, 2014 10:17 am

- Better is make money while daft people form the majority voters.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, when talking about being stupid, u must be clear about in what way and for what lah.

For instance, PAP may be stupid in not being able to help suffering Sinkies. But they are definitely not stupid on how to rule Sinkies with a strong hand, or how to deal with the Sinkie opposition.

Hence stupid is not a blanket adjective to describe people, much less rulers.

Raymond said...

Kudos to PM Lee. :)

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you succeed in making hay while the sun shines, does that make you a rainmaker? English -- so confusing at times.

The cuntry's sheeple get the government they deserve. So the question is who are really the stupid ones:

1. The people with the absolute power


2. The people who voted and chose to hand over absolute power and authority to the first group.

"How to deal with stupid people?" There are many ways, but probably the MOST EFFECTIVE is:

Don't give stupid motherfuckers any power or authority over you, because if you do, that would make you dumber than a Saturday rally at Hong Lim ;-)

Anonymous said...

Raymond said...
Kudos to PM Lee. :)
November 30, 2014 10:56 am

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Anonymous said...

Raymond Lee still around huh? I thought police arrest him oredy after making threats against RB?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ I failed English comprehension 203:

Please lah. No one made any implicit or explicit death threats to the neurotic roadside story teller who also happens to own this blog.

As a storyteller, it should be unsurprising that Redbean has the specific capacity to jump to the most RIDICULOUS CONCLUSIONS - - consistently demonstrated in his daily ramblings about how China is going to kick Yankee ass, or how PMETs are "entitled" to a Lotsa Bucks job.

Anonymous said...

Please lah no one is calling you a smelly retard that is sick in the head and rotting at the bottom. Every time you are here everyone has to pinch their nose from the pungent smell emitting from your foul gaps.

Look at that silly monyet portrait of yourself? Looking at it will get a nightmare. When are you going to hide into oblivion?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 524:

Not bad. Not bad at all. At least you're marginally funny. But you should dig into your anger deeper. Let it out. Take Revenge for your broken dreams and failed objectives. Embrace your pain, so others might ENJOY your torment :))

BTW, all humans are an ape species. We live on the planet of the apes.

Monkey got banana?

Anonymous said...

Knnccb.... pubor kia

Kee kum ni lao hsien loong chao karcheng

Anonymous said...

RB... might b a papig ploy to draw n identify daft like us

But limpeh no hew..

Hsien loong... beware your last few years.. kuan yew is a good example