Desmond Lee, what is the agenda?

The attack on the heinous crime committed by AHPETC cannot be simply ignored. How can AHPETC allowed 29%, or was it 22.9%, of its residents be in arrears in S&CC fees? This is unforgiveable. There cannot be anything more serious than residents not paying S&CC fees, not when they are in financial hardship, not when they did not vote for the WP, not because they are not happy with the service provided by AHPETC. What kind of precedence would it set?

What is losing millions in bad investments compared to this outrageous offence of not paying S&CC on time? What about anyhow aim? What about incurring huge deficits to be covered up by govt grants? You want the truth? These are nothing really. If they are important and serious, the ministers would surely have spoken up about them. The minister knows what is important what is not. Anyone got more clever investment ideas?
And why are the people brining up the millions or billions of dollars lost in bad investments? What have these got to do with residents having difficulties paying a few dollars of S&CC fees? These are separate issues. Anyway, it is over, water under the bridge. Let’s move on.

The AHPETC must come out clean, be transparent and let the people know why the people are not paying S&CC. This is a very serious thing and the town council will become insolvent and unsustainable. And worst, other residents would have to subsidise those in arrears. Really? How? AHPETC, please explain, if not this will become top election issue.

Oh, please close the cupboard and don’t let anything fall out. What, why keep repeating and bringing out grandmother stories? What is inside the cupboard must stay inside the cupboard ok. What, got worms, got skeletons? Where, where got?

Now AHPETC must be very busy trying to explain this big problem and got no time for anything less important. And the people would all be talking and thinking about this grave issue and nothing else.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

This is a very serious thing and the town council will become insolvent and unsustainable.

Tiok. And with this failing on the part of WP, I think PAP with even the new and light weight potential candidates unveiled so far, will win back Aljunied GRC next GE.

And islandwide, PAP will improve on its 60% for sure.

Hence there must be good reasons why PAP is raising this matter.

And for the same good reasons a over 90 year old, as long as the body is still warm, must become candidate again next GE.

Anonymous said...

PAP to take back AHPE?

the AHPETC arrears in S&CC fees
issue would not be the last issue
for WP.....

new issues against WP are likely
to surface in coming months....

they will be added on to the
earlier list of issues against WP
regarding cleaning of market,
illegal festive stalls, etc.

with so many "negative" images
surrounding WP, it is easy for
PAP to "recaptured" AHPE even
before the next GE.....

Is getting very interesting.....



Anonymous said...

There is no problem at all if the people want to delay or defer payment for 12 years. What's the big deal? It is not a national security issue such as serving in the SAF.

Anonymous said...

I do think the PAP really lost its focus and is now in 'anyhow AIM' mode. That must be their war cry for the next GE.

Sure there will be other issues to scare the opposition voters in opposition wards. They have been doing that for decades. But opposition voters do not cower easily.

When the PAP scared the opposition voters in Hougang with 'rubbish piling up to the third storey' they were not convinced and still voted WP.

When the PAP scared the opposition voters in Aljunied about losing the foreign minister and two other ministers, they were not convinced and still voted WP.

Now the PAP is trying to drag up issues with AHPETC to scare opposition voters that AHPETC is not doing a good job of managing the wards. They can say anything and 'anyhow AIM', but I am not convinced.

Anonymous said...

The more they try to fix the angrier will be the voters. It will hardened their support for the WP. The voters are not stupid and can see what is happening.

Don't treat the voters as daft just because you called them daft. They will show you the middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.48am & 10.21am pls note ....

Both of u so confidently think so?


We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering whether this is deliberately one of the issues raised by PAP to fix WP as what the Clown Prince shamelessly told us how he has to spend his expensive time fixing the opposition ?

The best part is PAP without haste send out lawyer's letter to those in arrears but now says they will send people to help investigate those in arrears ?

Is PAP not playing the role of Devil's Advocate as well as the role of the Good Samaritan to help the poor people ?

No wonder so many people see how fake PAP can be ?

patriot said...
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patriot said...

It is getting very interesting indeed.

WHY IS THE MINISTER OF STATE AND IRONICALLY NETIZENS ONLY INTERESTED IN AHPETC, When most other Town Councils are also in deficit, with some said to be worse than AHPETC?


b said...

This ruling party is very 'smart'. One does not own the flat but still has to pay maintenance charges. The charges should be paid by HDB who 'actually' own the flats.

Anonymous said...

I am Desmond & not able to respond to all your questions cos I already Chui Tat Lan

Anonymous said...

Aiyah... Lee hsien loong. Knnccb