A future without the people’s consent

The govt has charted a new future for the Sinkies and wanted the Sinkies to unite and move forward together in the name of this future according to what Chan Chun Sing said at the ITE College East. Now what is this common future? Anyone knows?

I can’t remember any minister telling us what this common future is except what they are doing. Perhaps the people can make a guess as to what this common future is. For sure it must be a future led by the PAP Govt. This must be a given. The next thing that is a given is the 6.9m population and maybe more with the original Sinkies become an absolute minority core.

What else is given? More foreigners, more local PMEs driving taxis or being retrained by WDA to do manual jobs while foreigners take over their jobs? What else? A couple of days back, over the news Hsien Loong was talking about a smart city with the computerization of the city to make city living so easy. If I am not wrong, in a smart city the computers will do all the thinking and make all the decisions for the peopel. The people only need to take the instructions from the computers, guided by the computers to do what the computers think best and most appropriate. No thinkings required.

And the oldies that are not so clever with the computers will not be left out. I guess they will plant a computer chip in each of them and turn them into living C3POs. The little chips planted into them would be a miniaturised R2D2.

The common future looks interesting but where is the meat to beef it up so that all the Sinkies would know what is in it for them. For starters they can expect a big bang kind of celebration next year for SG50 with a lot of goodies for everyone, including babies and their parents. More good news in the pipelines?

Why is this common future so skimpy that I could not figure out what it is all about?

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Anonymous said...

Like you, I did not see any beef in the burger.
So was it really a speech about common future or was it just more mental masturbation from our tax dollar funded Millionaires?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Get fucking real lah. No one can prdict the future with 100% certainty in all areas.

The PAP likes to think itself damn fucking smart, to the point its arrogance is legion.

Dun worry lah Singapore. Think short term -- enjoy plenty, die happy. You might as well, since you're going to die anyway :-))

Matilah_Singapura said...

P. S. The govt requires the people's "consent" for social engineering. This is known as LEADERSHIP -- you do what you do as a leader, and fuck the negative chit chat form the chit chattering classes of the unwashed masses.

Anonymous said...

Spending money is the easy part of "Smart Nation Technology".
- making it do anything useful is the difficult part
- if PAP's SMRT cannot even protect our trains 4 times in a row from vandalism ... what hope this smart technology?

See Russia's $12 billion dollar International Business Hub.


Anonymous said...

I dare minister chan to go to real men like Darkness and say what he says.

Anonymous said...

Real men are our WP members who sacrifice their careers to be in Parliament, and they have suffered for a long time.

b said...

This ruling party is not good for the common people lah. Only can create security, cleaning, taxi driving jobs for locals and all the knowledge jobs go to the foreigners. Tolong tolong wake up and stop voting for them next round.