The silly lies of China having designs on its neighbours

Two countries, India and Vietnam, are insane in their obsession of a China invading their countries. The Americans used to cook up the menace of Yellow Peril with Chinese wading ashore on their western coast of California to occupy America. Historical facts have proven in numerous occasions that modern China since its liberation from the western yoke of colonialism has been law abiding and sticking to any unequal treaties it signed during its Century of Humiliation by the western and colonial powers.

The cases of Macau and Hong Kong were evidence to show that despite its ability to take over both territories way before the expiry of the unequal treaties by force, as the territories were seized from China by force, China abided by the treaties to the very day that the treaties ended to reclaim these two pieces of land.
In the period after WW2, China fought two wars with its neighbours, India and Vietnam. In both occasions China was victorious and marched into India and Vietnam only to withdraw to the original borders and maintained a status quo till today. Any ambition to expand and seize territories from neighbouring countries was proven to be fictitious.

And there are several neighbouring countries that were militarily weak and a walk over for China if it harbours any wild and aggressive intent, like Outer Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, they have no border incursion by China. The borders of these countries with China have been peaceful ever since. And they have no fear or need to cry wolf that China is having designs on their land.

As for the Philippines’ dispute with China over the South China Sea islands, it is a one sided claim by the Philippines on Chinese territories. The Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands were Chinese territories and it is a matter of time before China take them back from Japan, either peacefully or through war. Now, this is not an expansionist policy but a reclamation of territories lost during the era of unequal treaties.

All the hypes by India and Vietnam are for their own political reasons. In fact both wars that China fought with these two countries were provoked by them instead.

This China lie of having an expansionist policy is a western construct that is being perpetuated to instil fear and for political domination of countries in the region, and for the sale of weapons to these countries to benefit the American arms merchants.

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Anonymous said...

China should annex Vietnam into its fold.
Vietnam was part of China in the Past when it was known as Annam(安南\南越).

b said...

Only peace can bring prosperity. Since China worships prosperity rather than God/gods, they adorn peace much more than the rest of the world. Unless provoked or threatened, China cannot be bother to go to war. Making money is their prime motto.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Peace is to China's favour. China has found the right formula for growth and to bring prosperity to its people without going to war. China would avoid war at all cost.

Only countries like the USA is inciting wars. It thrives on wars to support its war industries and to incite fear to control its allies and semi colonies. Only the USA wants wars and is engaging in wars everywhere, Not China.

But the USA is trying very hard, using all means, to provoke China and other countries to go to war.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Colonialism and Expansionism are simply NOT in the overall Chinese psychic, unlike the European British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Americans. The British continues to interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong even AFTER agreeing to "Restore" Chinese sovereignty in the Sino-British Agreement returning HK on 1997. The American likewise continues to retain the Chinese Diaoyu islands through its proxy Japan who had occupied Diaoyu illegally in the 1930's.

The Best evidence of the absence of Chinese designs on her neighbours in Indo-China and South-East Asia is the FACT that if China had such intentions, she would have conquered all these countries in the 13th Century with her mighty Navy commanded by Admiral Zheng He who took his 5,000 warships from Nanjing to Malaya, to Java to Bombay (India) and some said also to the Americas. In the Event, We will be speaking and writing Mandarin TODAY.

patriot said...

PBM Heng has it logically deciphered and showed that the Chinese did not and does not have design on others territory and or subvert others cultures.
Most Chinese Migrants to alien lands have by and large adopted and adapted themselves to local languages and other practices.