Hong Lim Protest Rally getting complicated- Sat 27 Sep 4pm

Below is an extract of Hah Hui Hui’s letter posted at TRE. The details and comments are available at TRE.

Dear all,

I need you to bring your families and friends to come to HLP on 27 Sep 4pm.

Their (PAP) grassroots will have 5000 people coming to HLP this Sat.

Yesterday, a map which shows the route of the march this Sat was being released. I went to collect the banner for our stage at 5pm today, whistles, vanguard and markers are bought too.

When I reached HLP to meet up with the contractor to finalise everything, three tents were being built to block the path of our march.

4 grassroots leaders came out and negotiate with me. They were trying to persuade me not to organise any event.

Their event was supposed to be on Sat 10am, they said their tent will be demolished only on Sun. But if I were to insist in holding an event this Sat, they will change the timing to 4pm and ferry 5000 people down. They also showed me their generator and said that they will get more loudspeakers than us
Han Hui Hui


According of one commentator JayF, there is an event organized by YMCA and the Guest of Honour is Teo Ser Luck. The timing of the event is from 2pm to 8pm.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Comrade Han Hui Hui! PAP is helping to boost up Your Campaign by bringing more people to attend Your Event.
Comrade Han must speak gently and sweetly to the Crowd on the Day. No sharp piercing voice, speak like Leong Sze Hian, calm, cool and collected.
The Extra 5000 will make your HLP Event more worth attending.

Congratulations once again, more success to your campaign courtesy of PAP.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that the HLP is so
highly utilised and popular.

Very soon, HLP may be the next
tourist attraction.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed, let's hope that the meetings will be peaceful. We do not need a rowdy confrontation between the two groups. It would be a shame for HLP to be shut and made into a no-go area for peaceful demonstrations. HHH should advise her supporters to restrain themselves from any rowdy actions. Let there be peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

OK.. I promilee nok to suppork papigs

Fuck hsien loong n papigs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, those attending Han HH's rally are the seniors and very decent Singaporeans that would not resort to violence. I really fear for them as old folks and small in numbers.

Maybe the SOC will be there in full force to maintain peace and order. For sure this will be another peaceful Singaporean affair.

Anonymous said...

I know some old folks can be very rowdy and violent. Take my wife for example. She can pin me to the floor any day.

Anonymous said...

Why is she complaining? Unless the police forcibly stop her protest from ongoing, I think its a good opportunity.

If her protests are so valid as she likes to call it, then those 5000 people, even if brought down by a PAP grassroots events, have good reason to hear it as well.

No need to quibble over how many hundred people go for her events, there will be 5000 people there, and see how many of them are swayed over to listen to her.

Good mah, no good meh? Why she complain that people are trying to drown her out?

Anonymous said...

Resorting to dirty tricks, this is a new one - sending in the rent-a-crowd. Photoshop live.

Anonymous said...


PAP sure win.

Han Hui Hui sure lose.

RB sure got his kopi.

Anonymous said...

The foreign press must be very happy to cover this event tomorrow.

And many bloggers will be covering the event live on their blogs.

If there is any mishap, it will be shown live to the people.

Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking god..

Y bother when 90% daft voters will be voting papigs?

But I promilee nok to suppork papigs any more

So.... fuck hsien loong n all the knn daft

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, SlowMo, let's hope that the meetings will be peaceful ....
PAP should advise their supporters to restrain themselves from any rowdy actions. Let there be peace and daftness.

Anonymous said...

Ebola - It's Far, Far Worse Than You Thought
Ebola could kill a million people by the end of January, disaster planners warned this week as experts said the disease might become endemic and clinics started turning away victims.


Has any PAP Millionaire Fucktards come up with a plan on the Ebola Virus yet?

Anonymous said...

Time to show Roy & Han Hui Hui who really owns Singapore, including Hong Lim Park.
Baby God Gives HLP to Singaporeans.
The Baby God can also take it back anytime.

Anonymous said...

Who in his right mind would approve two mass events with speakers blaring in a small park side by side?


Anonymous said...

Who let the dogs out?


Anonymous said...

There is no need to create a potentially inflammatory situation. Would the authority step in to defuse the situation?

Want to risk another Little India?

Anonymous said...

Why is HHH so worried?
PM LHL already told us PAP is on our side.rmstrav collar

Anonymous said...

Teo Ser Luck should hold hands with HHH and Roy.
And together sing "Kumbaya" on stage.
One Nation.
One Country.
One $ingapore

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a situation like this when two big groups of people are having their own events, this is worst than having an event in East Coast Park, all it needs is a few hotheads to incite or throw something at the other and hell will break loose.

Remember our history. There have been several serious riotings arising from supposedly peaceful events.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Who will draw first blood I wonder?

No fight no fun lah ;-)

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Teo Ser Luck is a Minister of PAP or a Minister of Singapore?
Can he be a unifying figure at Hong Lim Park?

Anonymous said...

Got cricket match at Hong Lim Park meh?
Why do we need 5,000 OB markers?

Anonymous said...

In hockein we call this:
"Very Eat Strength"

Anonymous said...

Hoot ahhhhhhhh

Sorlee..... huat ahhhhhh

Soooooo... who exercising maximum restraint

Woo ang chia n riot polilee on alert anog

Anonymous said...

Rb, based on astrology, there might be plentiful shower of blessings in the pm?

It might be a test of "who is the stronger 落汤鸡"?

Rb, pls mass broadcast to your "troops" to bring "poncho" ( rain coats) ?

And standby some thick clothes or jackets or wind breakers?

Drink some hot ginger tea before and after events if oldies can take heaty stuff and especially if the sky "does open up generously " with torrential showers of blessings?

Good luck?

Anonymous said...

So, it shall be a test of resolve against inclement weather, thunders, lightnings included and the potential of any flare ups. MS must go if he so much wants a good show.

On the other hand, if the SPF does approved both parties, they maybe very sure that it will be peaceful or it has everything in its' control. As such, attend the events with no fear.
It shall be peaceful and for the first time with big crowd.
Hopefully, no party will call off their event.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in MS. He will faint when he sees blood. And he will be the first to scoot at the first sign of trouble.

That is the real MS for you.

Anonymous said...


Y the sama group of old farts keep going to hong lim park?

Since this place famous for old gay rendezvous... think the reason is obvious

Leemember ... dun over exert yourselves,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Resident geomancer has spoken.

Bring your umbrellas and rain coats hor.

Anonymous said...

Great... practice safe sex


Nok so daft after all

Leemember... overthrow papigs

Anonymous said...

To allow two events in Honglim to clash is madness.

Or someone is fixing up the rulers and the dumbasses still sleeping.

Anonymous said...

After the clash, the park will be closed for security reason.

Anonymous said...

According to atheistic geomancy, Singapore must not use SIN as the Abbreviation for its' identity. Mankind is the Only Species conscious of evil and sin is not tolerated for long. It will be put away ultimately.
Man used to sin will ultimately realizes that he/she should not concludes his/her existence in sin.
The wrong abbreviation represents a negative and sorrowful destiny(宿命).

Sgp shud be the ideal abbreviation.

Anonymous said...

Are they sending in a 5,000 strong army?

Anonymous said...

If these PAP supporters already know how underhand the PAP is in organizing the event and yet choose to attend it, they deserve to be called traitors and lackeys.

So will be happy to see their faces through the net. So next time, if these clowns and lackeys ever complain about rising cost and cockup ... please tell them straight at their face " You fu@#$cking deserve it and fuc@#$k off of my uncaring face !"

even ymca is becoming political tool, and some more they can talk about HONOUR organization been non-partisan, my asshole , OK !

Anonymous said...

5,000 pigs concentrated in small Hong Lim Park.
Does AVA need to be consulted?
Any danger of swine flu?

Anonymous said...

Lol. Look at all the ranters and losers down here. YMCA event, bunch of uncle aunties maybe. Cause riot? Lackey? Running dogs? Traitors?

Failures, you people. A true activist will see this as a chance to promote what they are speaking and protesting about to this crowd. Some of the 5000 maybe are simply there for fun and family event. If you have a good enough message and broadcast it on the loudspeaker, they people will hear it. And you would have made your message known to them.

If I am HHH, and this is the reality, then I will embrace the chance to make my voice heard beyond the few hundred jokers that usually come to HLP. After all, in an election you go walkabout, you are competing against supporters of the other party also what. If you are afraid to do even this, then what VTO you talking?

So typical of losers and complainers to immediately jump on the negative and KPKB, while a true activist and opposition politician might see this as an opportunity to broadcast themselves even wider.

Sibeh jialat all these online warriors. Fail man want to rely on them to VTO.

Anonymous said...

Ever watch documentaries about the Savannah Sub-Saharan desert plain?

Anonymous said...

Animal mass migration and the eco system there?

Anonymous said...

What is the reality of the system in the jungle vs the international nation states system?

The king of the jungle is the final arbiter of the law right?

The hegemonic power likewise is akin to the king in the jungle?

So now a bunch of antelopes compete among themselves to show who is the STRONGEST male among them!

After long, arduous, tortuous and at times heart wrenching moments, finally one badly bruised but nonetheless victorious male antelope emerged as the champion among their herds?

But then does it matter?

Nearby the lions and tigers were quietly observing in the bushes and encircling the herbivores who were busy fighting among themselves especially the MALE ANTELOPE to prove who was the strongest inside that herd?

In the end, whoever wins still end up as lunch for the lions and tigers in the jungle?

Is it not the international system is as anarchic as the jungle?


Look at the middle east?

So do YEW think a piece of barren rock is the herd of antelopes or the predatory lurking lions and tigers in the bushes?

Is the MALE ANTELOPE clever or plain silly trying to prove who is champion among their herbivore kind only to end up in the stomach of the carnivorous predators. It is not a "one shot one kill quick death "? The antelope usually die a painful death surrounded and torn apart piece by piece by the predatory pack?

Should the dominant MALE ANTELOPE set up a defence against the real danger/ predators or lead a fight among themselves to determine who is the champion in the herbivore pack tearing the herd apart in the process?

Who is selling all these dumb "civil war" ideas to the DOMINANT ( DUMINANT ) MALE ANTELOPE?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese would call this:

" 瞎搞"?


Anonymous said...

The "blind leading the blind "?

Anonymous said...

Whose dumb idea is this?

Please KEE CHIU?

Can somebody pls "google" who this person is?

Anonymous said...

Hong Lim is not a hot place that is fully booked every Sat or Sun. Why hold an event on the same day as the CPF event?

Why? What is the motive?

It would be evil to lead the innocents to a fight without them knowing. This is like the coalition in Syria. Innocent nations being dragged into a war they did not have reasons to be in, and many would be killed or wounded in the process.

Beware of karma.

Anonymous said...

No worry about fight or clash.

PAP cannot even afford even the Slightest Skirmishes.

So, no worry, bring your friends and family if the weather is good for a walk walk.

Your safety is as good as assured by SPF which approved the Events.

Anonymous said...

This is to teach you "who is the boss"

Anonymous said...

Hoot ah....

Hong Lim update.... so crowlee now

4pm ... dun know have free packet dinner for ymca supporkers anot

Whether pgp ah pek, ah mah cumimg n b calefare anot?

Leemember.. hhh supporters piss show restraint

Anonymous said...

Hlp..... now huating or hooting

Riot polilee god show maximum restraint boh

Chee bye kia see liow woo kong lan chao wei boh

Mango charbo woo lai suppork papigs see liao boh?

Mango charbo working where now... boh seow boh sik leh... woo tee PA keh boh? Neh neh offer to who?

Leemember, dun vote for papigs

Anonymous said...

alamak ...

no hooting and huating

why why why ?????

revolutions using have flow of blood but in stinkapore

dafts attend leevolution ....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha !

Anon, your lingua is "rather interesting "?

The dafts are not so dafts lah?

Sappork at charity will be LEEWARDED lah?

" 黑色会" era is still dead lah?

To some people, it is " 黑心会" era 到来啦?

Do YEW agree, pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

HLP is the only place to "protest" without ending with the "whole machinery all over protesters' heads and what have YEW"?

Have YEW not heard of the "HAMAS" "using children, women and old folks " as human shield against "missiles" ?

As much as it is not right to "frighten" special needs kids with "sound from a protest ", would it have made sense to hold such a charity event say in "ISIS controlled territory in IRAQ AND SYRIA " and "blame the whole world " if the "kids" are frightened?

Similarly, if YEW would not make sense to hold a children's charity in "war zone ", does it make sense to have it at a "protest site "?

Unless the intention is similar to "HAMAS" to use the "kids" as "human shield "?

Who is more "EVIL" ?

Pls KEE CHIU if YEW have the answer?

Anonymous said...

Who agree some people's " 良心" already eaten up by the Sub Saharan Savannah desert's hyenas and use "children" as "human shield ", pls KEE CHIU?

Anonymous said...

Imagine tomorrow what might some "state" "slime " leedia leeport in their front pape leepers?

"Astrologer" already GIVE "HINT" "HINT" but to "NO AVAIL "?

But "lackey" oops "lucky" "turn out " NOT SO "big" ?

Otherwise if " ..........." in front of children , imagine "....................." ?

Think astrologer also " give up hope " liao?

Why some people " 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行"?

" 有必要吗"?

Even if this time "ok" , what about the next "one" ?

With now " 黑心会" in vogue, isn't it " 明枪易挡,暗箭难防"?


Who doesn't agree, pls KEE CHIU?

Does it matter if the DUMINANT MALE ANTELOPE emerged victorious?

What is the price to "pay" ?

Astrologer decided " plastic 盆洗手"?

从此 "退出" " 枪 壶"?

Leemember, this time use "children" ?

Next time " 黑心会" use " 80+, 90+" old people as "human shield " how? Still go? If some old people kena " heart attack " and ........., "state slime " how going leeport in their leedia?


Astrologer " 从此告别了"?