Time to get rid of the prostitute mentality

Our immigration policy is not much different from what is happening in Geylang. Anyone can walk through the door, pay a fee, have fun and then walk away. And if one has a bit more money, can double his fun and stay longer. Anyone, regardless of nationality, can walk into a whore house and be treated very well, like a good customer, a value customer.

We have foreigners turning new citizens to be appointed in top jobs, in parliament as MPs and ministers. We have foreigners turning new citizens and instantly qualified to buy public flats at below market value, enjoyed medical and education subsidies, entitled to national bonuses etc etc.

Are we being generous, unthinking or being silly? We were once a country of immigrants, a colony of the British who did not care a damn what citizenship meant as long as it served their interests in the short term. Our forefathers were immigrants squatting in a country that was yet to be a nation, a colony actually.

We are now an independent state, a nation, NOT a city state still work in progress to be a nation. We cannot allow people to treat this as a non country or non nation. We are citizens of this country and we own this place as a collective people. The foreigners are outsiders. If they want to be one of us, they have to pay a price. A prostitute also demands a price. We don’t have to offer ourselves for free or worse, to give foreigners an incentive, subsidized housing, subsidies and bonuses to be one of us. Unless we are just a pariah state that no one wants to be here. Or simply a cheap prostitute.

Hey, we are first world, a country with a lot of jobs and well paying jobs that made many foreigners very rich. There is a long queue waiting to come in, some paying to snake heads to be smuggled in. Why are we so silly to pay them to come in, to beg them to be nice to our people, and even deprecating ourselves to tell the foreigners they are here to help us when many are shits or beggars begging for a job?

It is time that we put rules and regulations on foreigners wanting to be one of us. NS is a must, if we are good enough and they are desperate enough to want to come in. No subsidies for the first 5 years or so. No public office like MPs for new citizens, only for those born here. No sensitive appointments. No top jobs unless the person is so damn good that no daft Sinkie talent is good enough to fill the job. Are there really such people around that no Sinkie is better?

We have seen many fakes and mediocres everywhere being carried on the shoulders as talents. What a joke? Actually the joke is on ourselves for being so silly to praise the fakes and bow before them.
Maybe everything here is fake. We are a 3rd World city in a mess. Our people are all daft and need to be helped. The foreigners are here to create jobs for us. We need to worship the foreigners like Gods.

Go watch the Patriot, Yue Fei showing in Channel 8. It is about an emperor that thought he was doing all for the good of the people, but actually to protect his self interest, his throne. And he was willing to kneel to the foreigners wanting to occupy his country to protect his rule.

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Anonymous said...

" We are now an independent state, a nation, NOT a city state still work in progress to be a nation. "

How about our Prime Minister?
Is he also a work in progress?

Anonymous said...

I once saw two Chinese prostitutes arguing and fighting with each other in an alley in Geylang. One of the prostitutes caters to only China Chinese clients. The other takes anyone. The first one called the other a whore. The other said the same thing. All the on-lookers had a good laugh seeing two prostitutes calling each other whores.

Anonymous said...

Wrong RB. Time to get rid of the pimps.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on most things except the MPs. In a way being an MP is not the easiest way to really milk money out of singapore, but a job that requires oneself to be under public spotlight. Someone who has been an MP is unlikely to turn tail and leave singapore.

Look at chen show mao, not born in sg but serving well as an MP. If we had closed the door totally on those not born in sg he would not be in parliament today.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore is a city state, and like all great city states it purrs with awesomeness.

The "prostitute business model" is THE OLDEST business model in the world, and is the basis of trade and capitalism, and every modern political economy.

So why change what works?

Anonymous said...

Chen Show Mao has been a citizen for more than 10 years or 20 years.

It is the Johnny come lately that we should keep out, the type that turned new citizens on condition they get to eat the cake.

These are mercenaries.

Anonymous said...

"Are there really such people around that no Sinkie is better?"

Not that such people are better lah. Rather they are cheaper and more readily available than Sinkies.

If I were a boss that need people but Sinkies are not cheap or available, of course I will hire these available people lah, if they can do the job cheap and good. And indeed they are cheap and good!

If I were PM Lee, of course I will approve lots of these people to come here too.

RB, u are not boss or even PM so I don't really blame u for writing and also not understanding the whole thing lah.

But luckily 60% understood and support PAP for that in 2011. I have no doubt they will do the same again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

I wish to remind the current prostitute government that in the 1970's when my Uncle from Djakarta wanted to take up PR or citizenship in S'pore he had to put up $750Ks or $3m upfront by way of bank guarantee, fixed deposit or investment in fixed assets.

He couldn't afford the $3m so he had to settle for a PR.

Requirements to gain PR or citizenship were so stringent in 70's, but yet we progressed.

I can only conclude that this prostitute government led by Lee Hsien Loon is taking shortcuts.

Anonymous said...


Don't say foreigners, even real Sinkies who are smart and became bosses also prefer to hire foreigners.

Because such Sinkies can make lots of money in this way.

So only daft Sinkies cannot be bosses, cannot get jobs and cannot make money.

Of course these daft Sinkies will get very angry with PAP and vote opposition lah, and despite the opposition not ready to be govt to help them. Luckily only 40% Sinkie are like that.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Its a balance between discovering the chen show maos, and repelling the freeloaders.

Incidentally, I can see why filipinos are so vilified nowadays. The perception is that they are neither the truly talented ones, eg. Scientists, nor are they the low level construction workers that we need. They compete directly with mid level people for jobs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tiok, I am not the boss of this country. But collectively we are the boss. Not a handful of individuals elected by the people.

Anonymous said...

"They compete directly with mid level people for jobs."
Anon 11:31 am

Not really lah. Partly also because there are not enough Sinkies to do or want to do all the mid level jobs available.

Do Sinkies like to do jobs in nursing, retail, F & B, and general service line, with long or odd working hours and which do not pay well even at supervisory level, u tell me lah?

b said...

Some may make money out of the system. However, many will end up in huge debts making money to serve these debts and making the bankers and the state very rich. Just like any p scheme, need a few success stories to lure the masses in for the kill.

Anonymous said...

There we go again. RD and his trouble making writings. Why don't you look at the positive side of the whole thing? The FTs are actually doing a fine job of increasing the GDP and the growth of Singapore. In my honest opinion RB is just tapping on the jealousy of the Singaporeans who are not faring well and hence blame the more successful FTs for their shortcoming. In any society there are always the successful one, the middle of the road group and the less successful ones. The FTs are not to be used are a punch bag for these people in the lower group of society. But this is exactly what RD is trying to stir up. All his posts are the same, he never changes his approach. Not once has he written about the valued contribution of the foreigners who have come to Singapore to help build the country. RB is a bigot and he will always try his best to make trouble. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

RB, since when your name change to RD? Lucky thing our friend, Anon 5.15pm, didn't type R2D2.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:15, I hope you won't lose your job and be kicked out of your country and become boat people one day.

The simplicity of your thought is frightening. You are like those airlines flying over Ukraine, everything is fine, don't worry. MAS was the unfortunate victim and all scoot immediately. But it was too late for MAS.

Anonymous said...

Ft's the gem of this nation, the gods that we should pray to, pls read the attached, and see how they try to have dual citizenship,


Admire their sprit and their loyalty.

Anonymous said...

FTs are the darlings of the regime.

Anonymous said...

Yue Fei was the epitome of loyalty to his country but his war efforts sabo big time by qin hui who helped the Jins


How many in the streets actually respect those running this BIG WAYANG?


Just like Song Dynasty, those at the top only know how to jiak liao bee and sell their countries like only what cowards and traitors know best. Period.

卖国贼该死。死一万遍! said...

Rb: // Time to get rid of the prostitute mentality

Our immigration policy is not much different from what is happening in Geylang. //

In the EYES OF MANY IN THE STREETS, the PROSTITUTES AND PIMPS in GEYLANG are MUCH MORE RESPECTABLE than THOSE traitors, cowards and scums WHO would SELL anything and DO anything for that gold nugget.




Big crisis in Eastern Europe coming?

Let a big crisis hits where it hurts and send many scums reeling from their mutiple leverage properties rode on this massive prostitution at the expense of the ordinary folks in the streets.

Let their pockets bleed and the red ink flows like a river BIGGER than sinkie river.

Geyland prostitutes are more honourable than SINKIELAND PIMPS AND PROSTITUES said...

Geylang prostitues sell bodies and cunts.


Who has more respect?