The chances of Singapore repeating what it achieved in the last 50 years are zero.

This was what Kishore said in his article last Saturday, and a forumer by the name of Yeoh refuted this in the ST yesterday. In Yeoh’s view, Singapore is just beginning and there are many more good years to come, and Singapore will only get better.

I must disappoint Kishore and agree with Yeoh on this. Singapore can only get better with the Gov’t’s policy of meritocracy and bringing all the best talents in the world to be here. In the last 50 years we achieved with no talent or daft Sinkies to become a first world country. Now, with the Govt opening the door to all the talents, how can we do worse than before?

Is Kishore saying that this open door prostitution is bad and a wrong policy? Is he saying that all the foreign talents we brought in will only make Singapore worse than before? Cannot be, right? With so many talents here, especially the best from the 3rd World, hungry and willing to work harder, and are bragging how good they are and how they sacrificed for coming here to help us and not their motherland, Singapore can only prosper and get better, in leaps and bounds. Even if we don’t have faith in these fake or funny talents, surely we must have 100% faith in our super talents paid in millions to bring us up another level right?

Unless Kishore knows something, that these talents are fake talents, useless bums that would only bring us down, then I can agree with him. There is really no future with so many fakes here, or is there?
Who is right? What do you think?

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Veritas said...

Hi RB, maybe you could open a thread on Islamofascism during this period where local Malay get increasingly radicalized.

I saw a lot of rubbish in TRS and many whinners.

Anonymous said...

Of course zero lah, when he compared the son with his father.

Anonymous said...

RB, with many third world FT here, what do u think will happen? It will bring sinkie land back to their home country standard which is third world? Tio Bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, there are some topics that are best to avoid. Race and religion and pink.

Hi Anon 9:04, maybe not true. They are here to help up to be better than what our forefathers have done. There is hope that our lives will be better with them around.

Kishore is wrong. The best is yet to be in an island filled to the brim with fake talents. Oops, I mean foreign talents and local talents.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha,
It does make sense; reverse psychology.

b said...

Sg is a stopover for FTs waiting to go Oz, Eu, US. You can check with the police dept how many PCC they processed each month for FTs.

b said...

Not US but CA.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speedwing here. Just my 2 cents worth. Singapore could advance as fast as it did over the past 50 years, IF and only IF, all Singaporeans pull together along the same direction. This is indeed possible if there are common goals. With the influx of talents from overseas and the talents of true blue Singaporeans nothing is impossible. The friction between the new FTs and the local Singaporeans MUST be set aside and all who reside on your tiny rock must work as one, all pulling in the same direction towards the same goal. What do you think RB?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our instant tree strategy works on a small scale. When this is recklessly implemented, instead of glueing the people together, they would dilute the glue and all the parts will fall away.

The use of money to solve all problems, including buying FTs has very serious consequences in nation building. In a small way, it creates frictions. In a worst case scenario, the original citizens will lose their country and homes to the foreigners.

We buy people all over the world to fill up whatever positions when there is a shortfall. We forget that we can train our citizens to fill up those positions. We alienated our citizens, displaced them and made them under employed or unemployed.

We are hiring a couple of millions of foreigners but creating a big pool of unemployed but qualified and experience Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Instant tree policy does work in Singapore. Remember the paddler team imported from China? Singapore can also apply the Instant tree policy to get a World Cup team. Money can buy anyone. if the amount is sufficient. A few billion should be enough for a world class team for the next World Cup.