SIA no longer the best airline

For so many years we have taken for granted that SIA was the best airline in the world. The latest result, SIA was not first, not second, but third best in the world. No panic, it is just one of those things. We cannot always be number One right?

We are slowly getting accustomed to the new normal, to be not the best, to accept errors, almost daily breakdowns of public transports as the new normal. No longer were the days when the CEOs would wet their pants when things went wrong. Would there be worrying faces among the top management in SIA or among the political leaders? Don’t think so.

I think there is no need to worry too. We just need to bring in more foreign talents into SIA and we will be back to number One spot soon. The problem with SIA now must be the lack of foreign talents and Singapore Girls no longer motivated to join SIA. Our Singapore Girls were once unbeatable in their graces and service. What is happening?

We need the foreign talents to uplift SIA and teach our local girls how to serve well and regain the top spot as the number One airline in the world. Maybe never mind, getting tired of being number One.

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Anonymous said...

True, SIA no longer the best airline but does the 60% still consider PAP the best political party to rule Sinkieland?

If yes, other things not best, including SIA, is secondary.

Anonymous said...

PAP must remain the best party to rule.

WP must remain the best party to be in opposition.

Only then will Sinkieland have peace and prosperity and smart Sinkies, which includes new Sinkies, will have the best life in Sinkieland.

Virgo49 said...

Right RB,

Understand Cathay Pacific override SIA.

Must learn from them. Back from HK few months ago. Was at the HK Airport hours before departure and checked in early.

Was told that spouse and me were given separate seats.

Squeezed in centre seat on different rows between groups of three Caucasians who checked in after us.

Stewardess greeting them as previous colonial masters.

In economy seats, colonial Masters throughout flight asked repeatedly for liquors and wines and were served promptly with BIG BIG smiles.

Asians only served with plain water as we think economy class piah say asked for alcohols.

Anyway, we Asians seldom piss drunk after each flight even in first or business class.

So, must follow Cathay Pacific style of serving good customers as they are the ones giving the reports and comments.

These are the talented class who I think now the most pok with their debt ridden economies.

Anonymous said...

I got siblings working in SIA. Top management is only interested in cutting costs and increasing profits. If you can do that you get performance bonus and promotion. In the beginning it works. When you do it year in year out, cut cost here, cut cost there, the quality declines. Doesn't take a genius to know that. Good local managers who cares for the company are frustrated and they leave or asked to leave because they cannot cut costs. To be replaced by cheaper foreigners (again to cut costs) who don't have a stake in the company. They come they earn they go and replaced by their foreign kakis. This is the state our nation is undergoing. Thank you, Pinky Loong. I love you.

Anonymous said...

The emperor in the Yue Fei series kept thinking and saying it was all for the good of the people. History wrote him off as an idiot, a 'hoon jun'.

Anonymous said...

Anyone realised for a moment that in organizations like SIA there are also many hardworking singaporeans doing their best? Its our national carrier, it will be around whether PAP is in govt or not.

While we at this lets also slam singtel, starhub, m1. How about creative technologies? Or even singapore zoo and jurong bird park? Anything within the establishment here. Even if there are many of our own people there, lets tear them all down. Lets call them PAP followers. Lets accuse them of pandering to foreign talents.

In short, why stop at the PAP? Lets insult everything and any of our national icons! Good idea?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry RB. We are catching up. We are going to be the #1 expensive country in the world.

加油PAP, 加油Pinky。

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is much more competition now. SIA ruled the world’s skies in a time with only a few national airlines, essentially monopolies. BOAC and Pan Am had both gone kaput. The words “air hostess” and “stewardess” used to describe the hot young chicks every businessman tries to chat up were still in use. (Nowadays the gender-neutral “cabin crew” is the correct PC term).

Thus using the “Singapore Girl” idea nowadays will lead to strong backlash from womens’ groups as “objectifying” women and turning them into sex objects by calling grown women “girls”. As you know today’s “public morality” is so fucking insane. If you just say the slightest “wrong” thing — even innocently or as a joke, people across the globe get “offended”; the social media goes haywire, and people will be after your head even going to the extent of asking your boss to fire you.

The “Singapore Girl” was a creation of Batey Advertising — for many years Singapore’s top ad agency. The idea went viral, and held for about 40 years. Sarongs were designed by Pierre Balmain. Singapore paid top dollar for its pilots and cabin crew, to the point where an “elitist” culture developed amongst crew members with their predilections for name brand watches, expensive fashion accessories like shoes and bags, and hanging out at Singapore’s top night spots of the day: Kasbah at Mandarin Orchard and Lost Horizon at Shangri-la for example. Elitist or not, there was espirit d core — pride in their jobs, and application rates for SIA crew was very robust. All this while, PM Lee Kuan Yew had “hands on” involvement with the airline — to the point he was determined to close it down completely if issues were not resolved during the pilots strike in the 1980’s.

The SIA sarong kabaya was such an icon that street vendors sold cheap knock-offs to tourists. SIA became a global brand, with a reputation for superb in-flight service, and the thing I like most of all, which made me a loyal customer for over 20 years: PUNCTUALITY.

agongkia said...

Please lah .How many times have you travel on EsQuee ?You mean all these while you still consider them as the best?
All these cabin crews are only suitable to be on budget airline.
They should be replaced by PRC,Taiwanese and Korean sweet mei meis if they still want to be no.1

Matilah_Singapura said...

However, the world had changed. If you are #1, you cannot go any higher. Best you can do is maintain as long as possible. Down below you is a hive of activity -- other brands are competing strongly to unseat you or to get closer to the top. Also in come the cheap competition from budget carriers. Inevitably, every king loses his crown.

Not so bad. SIA held strong for many years. It is still one of the worlds top airlines, no doubt about that.

However, the Honkies are a competitive bunch. Don't fuck with the Cantonese "mo tuck ting" spirit. I am not at all surprised Cathay Pacific is #1. They're pretty damn awesome too.

Anonymous said...

'SIA no longer the best airline in the world"
"PAP no longer the most trusted brand in Singapore politics."

Tweak some more lah.
Measure & calibrate some more lah.
Can't believe Singaporeans think this is how visionary, world class organizations are created.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you exaggeration king. Anyhow say wrong things people go after your head? You have been saying all the wrong things here, anyone go after your head? No one will even touch your hair.

Please lah, cool down lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-lamp redbean:

Please lah, you are not qualified to tell me if I'm right or wrong. There are people far better than you who have the wherewithal to do so.

Anyway, I don't strive for accuracy, precision nor truth. I write OPINION.

How many fucking times do I have to remind you of this?

Apparently many times, since your ability to retain info seems to be broken ;-)

Anyway, I like Cathay and SIA. I also like Garuda and MAS (provided they don't fly over war zones :-) ). I absolutely do not like any American and most Euro-trash carriers -- all shit.

Veritas said...

SIA is heading her way to bankruptcy. Right now, she is on a massive PR campaign to shore up her books through one time sales.

Too many scholar type is problem.

And there are also other big blunder like outsourcing the website to India.

SIA web site sucks and if you use MAS website you know what i mean.

Another thing is geographically, the Gulf states are the best place to run airlines. By hubbing in Gulf, you cut the fuel cost as you need not carry so much oil.

The Gulf state has their own oil and by refueling in Gulf, the airlines cut the fuel shipment cost.

b said...

Pls lah. This kind of ranking can bribe, manipulated, misleaded one lah. Who says they are independent, fair and just? Simon?

Anonymous said...

SIA lost its position as No. 1 airline, that is not a problem. So long as Singapore has the best government there is nothing to worry about. The PAP must be the envy of the whole world, so caring, so compassionate and always giving angpow just before elections. Singaporeans are so lucky to have the PAP for the government.

Anonymous said...

Must pray 3 times a day for such a blessing.