CPF – What is there to tweak?

To many CPF members, all they want is to get their money back at 55. What is there to tweak? To the govt, it could mean a few things. They believe they were doing all the right things and could afford to be deaf. Now when the muffler had be snatched away, they found the noise too painful to bear, and with a lot of genuine complaints that cannot be ignored, that what the govt was doing to the CPF was unacceptable. Apparently the govt is acknowledging that not all is well.

Credit must go to Roy and Hui Hui and their team of speakers, not forgetting the protestors that spent time and money to get to Hong Lim, rain or shine. No one can keep a rotting carcass in a box forever without the stench reaching out to hit everyone.

Now is tweaking time instead of scheming time. And the govt is going to tweak the CPF, but it is still not going to return the money to the people at 55. This part die die cannot be tweaked. So, would all the impending tweaks mean anything or change anything?

What is the main issue? What is the main bugbear? Would the tweaking deal with the real problem, the real unhappiness of the people?

What do you think? Roy, please tell them the truths, gently, nicely. If they don’t understand or don’t want to understand, keep repeating, keep repeating.

The govt is still practicing selective listening. The part on returning the money at 55 is still not heard, would not be heard.

Kopi Level - Green. Nearly Blue. Thank you. Kopi for those going to Hong Lim on 23 Aug on me.


Anonymous said...

Roy & Hui Hui cannot do everything by themselves.
Remember JBJ Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong and etc?

How many more patriots do you want to sacrifice on the altar to our PAP gods?
At the very least, can you please vote Opposition to support Roy & Hui Hui to get our money back for us.
Is this too much to ask?
Or is what my FT friend say is true?
"Don't die for Singaporeans. They are stupid, hardworking people who have a very high endurance for pain. And they don't know who their real enemies are."

Anonymous said...

The CPF is such a complicated and convoluted scheme that even Ministers assigned to explain it to the public are confused. Take the Minister who advised the retired teacher begging for the return of her CPF money. The Minister advised her that all she needed to do was to pledge her property to get it. It turns out that the CPF rules only allow for 1/2 of the money to be returned. All this tweaking and turning is going to make matters worse. It is time for the 35% President to set up a Commission to thoroughly review the CPF and make recommendations instead of having a good time in the UK watching the Commonwealth Games at public expense.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago.
When CPF was first formulated.
It was a good idea.
And now, more than 50 years later.
There have been many, many "tweaks" that have been added onto the original CPF policy.

And for more than 50 years.
No PAP government has ever evaluated the CPF policy in its entirety to ask.
"Does the entire CPF machinery make sense anymore?"

Instead, each succeeding PAP government keeps adding more and more layers of tweaks.
And now, nobody knows what is going on anymore.

Our entire nation had to be slapped awake by a retired teacher begging for the return of her money.
Is it PAP's fault alone?
We voted for PAP.
We subserviently followed PAP to our current crisis.
We are just as much to blame.

So what to do?
Vote PAP again to solve the problem?
Please lah!
Wake up.

Anonymous said...

We are one of the biggest saver nations. Yet many did not have enough to retire.

Thanks to the robbers.

Anonymous said...

Over the years it is tweak, tweak, tweak. It just gets worse after each tweak.

The rope is already fasten around our neck, so of what use is it to tell the man to be hanged, that they are adjusting the rope?

As a matter of interest, the more complicated the scheme, the less those affected can understand, the better for those who implemented the complicated scheme.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Animal Farm aka Red Dot Paradise.

The animals slogged day and night, saved and thought they could retire, the leaders and their crony animals enjoyed the fruits, and eventually the farm fell into decay and had to be sold back to humans.

What stage is Red Dot in?

Anonymous said...

All this bitching about the hot potato CPF will leading nowhere. RB is again stirring things up by his post. Singaporeans are a pathetic lot. Come GE day most Singaporeans will put their crosses on the PAP candidates. Secretly most Singaporeans will vote PAP, but outside the polling booth they will bitch on all issues. Why you may ask this is the situation? Well the PAP government has been really smart by giving most Singaporeans the opportunity to make money one way or another. Singaporeans are greedy by nature and come rain or shine they will secretly vote in the one who will give them the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Mark my words, next GE will be EXACTLY the same. More opposition candidates in parliament? Don't think so. With more promises of upgrading, angpows, bonuses and redraw of boundaries, status quo will be the result. Sorry for you lot. Live with it. Don't like it? Then move out of this tiny red dot.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are back. Didn't you say you will be leaving this blog?

IB has no choice ya?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.50

When I have made enough money I will not only move out of this blog, but move out of this country, and with gladness.

Anonymous said...

I know, all foreigners are here for one purpose, make money, laugh at the daft Sinkies and move out.

Anonymous said...

Stop shielding the GIC and Temasek Holdings, the finance ministry must let us, the public and the voters, know all the failed investments they have made since the last financial crisis

if not we the voters will pry open the shield with 'f-16 guided bombs ,tank and artillery shelling' via the BALLOT box in the nest election

It is HIGH TIME to cut down their sizes if it needs to take so many men years to count the fighres !

Anonymous said...




b said...

"The govt is still practicing selective listening."

- That goes without debating. All gov do that. They have to cut off the voices from the minority voters. Why waste time on those minority even if they are 49.9999999999%. This is called democratic.

Anonymous said...

The Sin President is a member of the Ruling Regime.
He is a member of the Pack.

Anonymous said...

The PAP govt is doing the best investment to provide income for the pension of the pioneer generation. PAP govt doing a fantastic job to increase reserves. Do not be blinded by RB's posts. He stirs up lots of discontent and often tells half truth. Do not be fooled by him. PAP is the best for Singapore for the next 50 years. After that 50 years maybe the oppositions will be able to be in the position to govern.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition in GE 2016.
It will be our best investment decision yet.

How has voting PAP benefited us over the last 10 years of LHL's Leedershit?

Anonymous said...

Wow RB, here comes the bombarbment. The IB will step up their presence and pressure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41, can you tell us which part of RB said is half truth?

Anonymous said...

"Evolving" our CPF rules is a little like farting
- easy to do,
- mostly hot air, and
- yet it typically warns of something else coming down that isn't going to be pretty.

And for those who see the writing on the wall, they know it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41, you accused RB of stirring shit and telling half truths. You are given a chance to explain. What the fuck why now you become daft and dumb, and nothing to say?

Shameless IB got nothing between the ears but coming here anyhow shout like those from Woodbridge.

Singapore Hall of Shame will get you unmasked.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about money in the hundreds of billions of dollars, of both the citizens' life-savings and the State reserves BUT the opacity, the lack of information available to us or when asked by the ex-President, an answer was hard to come by.

This is certainly not right the way to handle our finances !

Anonymous said...

Well, I voted Opposition in the last elections and I haven't seen any significant positive changes that came about that decision. I'm seriously questioning why I should vote Opposition again come 2016.
Frankly, as someone who is neither pro-PAP nor pro-Opposition, the likes of Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng turns me off voting for the Opposition. I can't help but wonder why HHH chose to seek and accept Singapore citizenship when she appears to hate it so much.

Anonymous said...

/// I'm seriously questioning why I should vote Opposition again come 2016. ///
@ July 27, 2014 12:07 am

Vote Opposition if you want your promised CPF money back at 55 years old.
Vote PAP if you want your CPF money to be held back under a set of ever "evolving" rules.

Anonymous said...

/// I can't help but wonder why HHH chose to seek and accept Singapore citizenship when she appears to hate it so much. ///
@ July 27, 2014 12:07 am

HHH loves Singapore.
HHH does not like PAP's policies or ideology.

Not supporting PAP does not mean not supporting Singapore.
PAP does not equal Singapore.

Singapore = Singaporeans
Singaporeans = Singapore

Anonymous said...

Frankly, as someone who is neither pro-PAP nor pro-Opposition, the likes of
Lim Swee Say, Lui Tuck Yew and Lee Hsien Loong

turns me off voting for the PAP.
I can't help but wonder why LHL chose to seek and accept prime minister of Singapore when he appears unable to move Singapore forward without a mass importation of aliens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05, no point explaining to an ass that cannot think.

Anonymous said...

Ass IB, where are you? No shy shy leh. You doing all the right things your papa must be very proud of you.

No respectable MP would want his name to be linked to this IB thing. They would let the shameless and despicables to do the job. They know this kind of ass people would not mind, do not know what is shameless.

I bet you when asked, ministers and MPs would swear they are shameful of IBs.