Cost of land of HDB flat

Roy Ngerng wrote in his latest article claiming that the cost of land of an average HDB flat is about $200,000 for a $300,000 flat. This will be raised in the 3rd ‘Return Our CPF’ protest rally at Hong Lim on 23 Aug. I am not sure how Roy derived at this number. Taking it as a good estimate, presuming Roy has done his homework, let’s see what this figure means?

Assuming that Roy is talking about a 1000 sq ft flat. And assuming that the block is 24 storey high. Now multiply that $200,000 by 24, it will give $4.8m. It will mean that each sq ft of the land will cost $4,800. Is this a reasonable sum to pay for a 99 year lease land on which a 99 year lease flat is built on? And the figure will be a staggering $6,000 per sq ft if it is a 30 storey high block of flats, and more if higher.

How much is the land cost in the private sector? Looks like Roy’s number is too high, or is it another undiscovered truth that Roy is going to talk about?

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Anonymous said...

It is a damn good way to make money and get more votes for nothing. Sell the people over-priced flats and they still tahnk you for that. How much dumber can you get?

Anonymous said...

More skeletons are popping out from the cupboard?

Anonymous said...

As with the reserves, CPF money, and unknown skeletons in the cupboard, they are not going to reveal to you how much the land cost or the cost of building those HDB flats. That is their secret of squeezing your neck and making you come back for more.

b said...

actually the land costed nothing when sg rulers took over from the british. the british gave the land back to sinkies FOC. its sg rulers trying to make a buck out of the pheasants and the pheasants voted again and again for the sg rulers to make money out of them. thats why the sg rulers have give no respect for the pheasants and even called them daft and yet the pheasants enjoyed voting for them again and again. its a sad situation lah.

Anonymous said...

Will any opposition be able to contest 100% seats as one party next GE and ready to be govt?

If they want to defeat the PAP and find out the truth, the opposition must be as strong and united as the PAP mah.

If not, how to win the 60% over, u tell me lah?

And if cannot win the 60% over, does it matter Roy's number is too high or not, done his homework or not, or undiscovered truth or not?

Anonymous said...

True, it's a sad situation for the daft Sinkies.

Because daft Sinkies cannot make lots of money and yet have to pay and pay lots of money for some HDB pigeonholes due to the high cost of land fixed by the PAP.

And so daft Sinkies naturally are very angry and will not vote PAP lah.

Luckily for PAP, daft Sinkies are only 40% even in the worst of times in 2011. Now things are much better than in 2011.

Anonymous said...

How come Hylam Ah Kor or Techew Ah Hia all the while never question the cost of land leh.Or is Roy over stressed ,depress calculate too much ,become bi polar?
Please bring him to the correct path.

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans paying for the cost of land?
We are not owners of our HDB flats.
So why do we have to pay for the cost of the land.

When you rent out your condo to the expats.
Your rent is at the market rate.
Where got ask the expats to also pay for your cost of land?

Anonymous said...

All of us.
Singaporeans and PRs.
We are all just tenants who own the lease allowing us to stay for 99 years in the HDB flat.

So why is the HDB (owner & landlord) asking us tenants to pay for lift upgrading?

Expat tenants who rent and stay in private property.
No owner (landlord) ever asks these expat tenants to pay for lift upgrading.

Anonymous said...

Why no MPs ask about the cost of land?

Anonymous said...

If an MP ask about cost of land.
Daft Singaporeans will brand him as a trouble maker.
Just like Chee Soon Juan.

No MP wants to die like JB Jeyatretnam.
It's actually very stupid to sacrifice everything for ungrateful Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

MPs and smart Sinkies won't ask about cost of land. What for?

They will rather ask themselves how to make more money as a result of the high cost of land.

And make money they did!

Anonymous said...

/// They will rather ask themselves how to make more money as a result of the high cost of land.
And make money they did! ///
July 25, 2014 9:58 pm

The 1st generation father win from the high HDB flat prices.
The 2nd generation of two children lose because of the high HDB flat prices.

1st generation = father = one family WIN
2nd generation = 2 children = two families LOSE.

You must be a PAPig.
Typical give one chicken wing and then take back an entire chicken PAP policy.

Vote out these mother-fucking pigs.

Anonymous said...

"Vote out these mother-fucking pigs."
Anon July 26, 2014 8:30 am

R u contesting the next election against PAP?

If yes, u sure u can win?

Anonymous said...

/// R u contesting the next election against PAP? ///

busy organizing an anti-PAP voting bloc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The comment at 9:33 is posted by a mother-fucker, not me.

I have justed posted an article by Singapore Hall of Shame where such shameless people will be deified one day.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, he is so proud to admit he is a mother fucker. He must be making his mother very happy. Or he thinks so.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Are the people who are unhappy with the CPF anti govt? Or are they angry with the govt's policies of not returning their money at 55?

Are the people who are angry with 6.9m, with so many foreigners here taking their jobs, anti govt/PAP, or angry with the policies?

There is a clear distinction between angry with govt policies and anti govt/PAP per se. But it needs a little intelligence to know the difference. This cannot be expected from dull minds, even at the top, and low life.

Anonymous said...

"There is a clear distinction between angry with govt policies and anti govt/PAP per se."

What are you talking about?
- This is a PAP government
- To be anti-government policies is to be anti-PAP.

“I make no apologies that the PAP is government and the government is PAP”
Lee Kuan Yew, 1983

Anonymous said...

I recently did an analysis on HDB BTO flats and tried to derive their construction costs and land costs. I also tried to derive Condo, EC & DBSS land costs as well and did a comparison of their Land Costs.


Can you kindly take a look when you are free and see if what I did made sense? Thanks.