Die a natural death

After some release of pent up anger, most issues raised in cyberspace would die a natural death as expected, just like sunrise and sunset. The AIM issue is long gone and forgotten. The latest ballot box issue is already on its way to history. That is the beauty of a first world society, all sensible and rational people. Everything talk only, no violence, very civilized. All they want is the right to express their unhappiness or frustration. Once this is allowed and done, anger dissipated, life goes on.

The govt must be comforted by this development. The earlier fear of the internet is unfounded. The freedom of expression that was more limited in the pre internet days when nothing much was heard for good reasons became a worrisome preoccupation of the govt when internet first came into the picture. How would the people react given this new freedom? Should they be controlled, should internet be controlled? How would internet interfere with the politics of the country? How would internet influence the way people think and vote?

The truth is that nothing really changed. In fact internet has offered an avenue for people to let off steam, vent their frustrations when they needed to and to feel good about it when done. And in most cases there is a feeling of well being when they could get things off their chest in the internet. They had their final say.

Tan Jee Say and Tan Cheng Bock had their pieces published in cyberspace questioning the suspicious reappearance of the ballot boxes. Having said that and done with, case closed. There seems to be a closure that the main media could not give. With internet, the injured or supposedly wrong party or victim has the right to have a last stand. This is an improvement over the old ways when these people would have to swallow whatever perceived injustice quietly as they would not be heard. And that could lead to them harbouring deep grievances that may seek an outlet sooner or later in the most unexpected way.

Such feelings of outrage and seething sense of injustice could be ameliorated by allowing the parties to say whatever they want, curse whoever they want, and go home and have a good sleep.

This is a great contribution of the internet, to defuse a time bomb, to make people feel better. Yaacob should take note of this and take his hands off the internet to let the unhappy people say what they want. Better this way than street protest and violence. With internet there would not be any Spring. People will talk about their problems and dissatisfaction verbally and better still if the govt could engage them verbally as well. Uh, they called this communication and engaging the people.


Anonymous said...

Everything dies a natural death except a 90 year old grandfather.
Here's a picture of the old bloodsucker.


Anonymous said...

some years back an old man give this to me......

john, life is short....we only live once .....simple living....don't chase after things....don't follow the crowd .....you come empty.....go empty .....do what you love ......do what you can ......but most important....


Anonymous said...

What is AIM and empty ballot box issue as compared to winning an election?

And it is not the internet that can make PAP win or lose elections.

Only when smart Sinkies cannot make money and so join opposition and strongest opposition is ready to be govt by contesting 100% seats like the PAP.

Then PAP may lose the elections.

Or else ah, PAP will never lose one, no matter what and how netizens scold the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Tan Cheng Bock and Tan Jee Say is not even a leader of a political party, let alone a strong one like PAP that can contest 100% seats in an election.

Like that kpkb so much got use or not, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

@September 26, 2013 10:32 am
/// Or else ah, PAP will never lose one, no matter what and how netizens scold the PAP. ///

I agree.
So why are you still here?
Fuck off already.

Go and rob more money from the poor.
Go bully the handicap.
Or suck more time and energy from the young.

I don't know what it is that you do, but it's certainly not for the good of Singaporeans.
You are definitely not on the side of Singaporeans.
You are the enemy of Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

"You are the enemy of Singaporeans"
Anon September 26, 2013 10:55 am


If that is the case, Singaporeans themselves are their own enemies.

patriot said...

'Singaporeans themselves are their own enemies', well said!
Infightings everywhere in Sin amongst Alternative Parties, Netizens, Activists and All.
Oh! Not real fightings, only RIVALRIES that make the Rulers very happy.


Anonymous said...

/// If that is the case, Singaporeans themselves are their own enemies. ///
September 26, 2013 11:10 am

We Singaporeans have only one natural enemy ... the PAP

b said...

Democracy is a number game. The majority, whether right or wrong, good or bad, always win. If the majority is blur like toad then the minority is better of selling off and emigrating than to try to change them.

Anonymous said...

All the issues you mentioned are not dying a natural death. It's like a volcano, just staying DORMANT. When elections are very near and during campaigning, everything and all these issues will erupt and explode..

b said...

It is not a natural death. So long as more and more sinkies start to think like RB, Matilah, Patriot etc the days of pro aliens oppression will be over soon. LKY no matter how sly, cannot outlive the internet.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dr. Tan cheng bock comes back again and win his place, that will put justice where it belongs, then hope he'll like what he says put his nose into everything pap does, instead of letting them take money like no body bussiness...until that poor yes man don't even know how many times it was.

Anonymous said...


I thin he may end up like ex president Ong - vomit blood and die. There is no point doing anything for the naive 60% people cos they deserve to be screwed by the pro alien party while the 40% people already emigrated and out of the picture.

patriot said...

Forget about the Presidency
Anyone going for it is only going for the money and privileges.
Travel the World, talk cock and be carried around on sedan chair.
Anyone serious and sincere can contribute like Redbean, Tattler of Singapore Notes and Yawning Bread.
Do it and show the People, i say.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cheng Bock and Jee Say should demand a thorough investigation on the empty ballot boxes. One of them could be the president now.

Anonymous said...

So what if a demand is made and suddenly they found out that there was foul play, just like usual, one head will be up on the chopping block and the rest will remain silent, most likely eating peanuts in their resort, a problem of this large proportion should have an national inquiry in place, the position in question is not just your everyday run in the mill job, its for the president position of a country.

Like many issue, this could only happen in sin, the, "we say there is no problem", ends it eveytime.