No one will be deprived of medical treatment

TRE is trying to contact a couple to see if they can help to raise funds for the operations that their 21 month old baby girl needs for a ear implant. Chan Chee Keong, the father had written to the authorities and CPF for help. This is a part of his letter pleading for help and mercy in the ST online.

'Allow Medisave use for daughter's ear implant
MY DAUGHTER was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at birth and fitted with hearing aids when she was five months old.

Now, at 21 months, hearing aids do not help her any more and doctors at KK Women's and Children's Hospital recommended that she get cochlear implants.

While I am happy to know that she would be able to hear much better after getting the implants, the bill would come up to $39,000.

The maximum government subsidy was allowed for the first implant. However, the second implant, which therapists said would enable my daughter to hear more effectively in school, had to be paid in full.

In January, I sent e-mail messages to the Health Ministry and Central Provident Fund Board to seek approval for the release of part of my Medisave funds to help pay for the procedure, but have yet to receive a response….'

While the parents are waiting anxiously for an official and positive reply, you can sense how desperate they are as parents and how concerned they are to help their little child. Maybe if they are from Nepal or another poorer country, the child will have a better chance of getting the operations done here. We have heard of a few well published cases of very expensive medical operations done on foreigners on a charitable basis. Still wondering why we don’t do that for our very own kind. There was this little girl that had to raise funds on her own for a cornea transplant.

And here we have the parents with some money in their own Medisave and pleading to use it for their daughter’s medical operation, and so far no reply. The money is not going to be spent in the casino or on some little mei mei or for a wild holiday. This is a medical case, and the money will be spent, documented, in our hospital.

What is the point of saving for the rainy day when the money when needed cannot be used? What is the point of having the best hospital facilities when we cannot help our very own citizens who are willing to pay? What is the point of saying no one will be denied medical treatment because they cannot afford to pay?

Have we been thinking correctly?


Anonymous said...

What is the point of saying no one will be denied medical treatment because they cannot afford to pay?

Would you like to ask that Minister directly?

Anonymous said...

The current ruling party is very competent - competent in introducing various schemes from cpf, cov, coe, erp, gst, moe, moh to screw the people.

Anonymous said...

"What is the point of saving for the rainy day when the money when needed cannot be used?"

You see how useless these Millionaire Ministers are.

Can't even improve the life of ONE little girl.
Can't even help ONE Singaporean family.

You still think they can improve the life of ALL Singaporeans?

Don't make my toes laugh.

Anonymous said...


Will PAP be voted out in 2016 as a result of this?

I would think no. And I am not alone in thinking so, because even best opposition leader Low Thia Khiang also agreed with me.

Anonymous said...

Low Thia Khiang is saying the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.

And if Low Thia Khiang cannot do much about it, what more can other Sinkies or armchair bloggers and critics do?

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.34 pm,

Here's my answer to your question:

As proven in the several past GEs & BEs, PAP's votes continue to go down and you can bet both your ma's and grandma's underwears fewer than 60% will vote PAP in 2016, tio bo?

2001: 75%-25%

2006: 67%-33%

2011: 60%-40%

2016: ???

Anonymous said...


PAP 34%


7% Spoilt Votes.

Anonymous said...

The practice of helping foreigners rather than Singaporeans is not only practised by the govt but also by our professionals and Singaporeans with a big heart.

They don't believe in charity begins at home and they rather go and help the whole wide world. There is nothing wrong about that. Hopefully there will be a few who don't mind helping Singaporeans as well.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah. It is not a life threatening situation.

Cochlea implants are a luxury. You gt the first one at subsidy. It s only fair to pay for the second.

Stop this fucking Entitlement Mentality lah. Take some fucking personal responsibility, other people have sick kids too, you're not the only one.

Veritas said...

Thailand already have free basic healthcare. That does not bankrupt Thailand.

Before Thaksin, the elites say universal healthcare bankrupt country and is irresponsible. Thaksin show that it cost very little.

This is the reason why Thai like Thaksin. Thaksin's socialism is very little.

The difference between Thaksin and others is Thaksin wanted to do something for people, unlike Abisit, who does not want to do anything for people.

We just need one Thaksin here in Singapore. PAP will lost power forever. Can you rely on Low Thia Kiang?

Veritas said...

When I backpack in mountains of Thailand, everyone was saying "Thaksin" very good.

You genuinely feel people like Thaksin very much. And all western media do not like Thaksin as well as his sister Yingluck.

And you can sense that Thaksin and Yingluck is stealthly pro-China.

One of the best thing Yingluck did was to increase rice subsidy to help the poor. This actually hit people of Wall Street and all elites of the world. (complicated to explain). To put it brief, all forms of exploitation today is not possible if food price are not manipulated to the down side.

Thailand free healthcare is not only basic. In many circumstances, it provide good advance healthcare free.

In 2006 Thaksin did another very good thing. He give HIV people free anti-retroviral drugs. In one shot, he save countless life. Thaksin does not bankrupt Thailand and Thailand economy has been performing better than SG. I cheer Thaksin.

In SG HIV patients are paying their way to bankruptcy.

With good leaders like Thaksin and Yingluck, Thailand will go very far. We are unfortunate to have asshole like Kuan Yew and LHL. We suffer under these 2 Mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I think they worry if they let him use his cpf then he does not exhaust his cash which vp an be used to give mei mei. They are probably cautious lor

Anonymous said...

No one would be denied of basic care not health care lar so read carefully

Anonymous said...

Matilah very the right.
What is hearing loss, people kenna Cancel, kenna Aids, kenna Sars and kenna Accident oso cannot all use CPF.

You know ?

No money, your business lah.

Matilah is a little wrong leh. Life threatening! So what! You die your business mah!

No money no talk, ok ?

Anonymous said...

@Matilah, you lowlife piece of crap, are you now blind and senile dementia or what? The father begged to use his OWN Medisave, he did NOT asked for any handout. Matilah, to call you an asshole would be a gross compliment!

"Talking about entitlement, do you realise that this is the only country that deems it fit to pay millions to nincompoops whose goddamn sense of entitlement make them think that they actually deserve it? Probably not." - Leslie Chew (https://www.facebook.com/DemoncraticSingapore?fref=ts)

Anonymous said...

Is this another case of healthcare professionals trying to make monies out of ordinary people? Is this the only cure for this girl? Is there cheaper alternatives? Why is the healthcare asking so much monies for an ordinary operation? Why is the gov not helping children to get cure and lead ordinary life? Is the gov devoid of emotions and sympathy? who are those people that voted heartless party into power?

Anonymous said...

'Stop this fucking Entitlement Mentality'

- agree especially those gahmen who think they deserved their million dollar pay by running such a small country unsuccessfully.

Anonymous said...

ashamed to be singaporean. really ashamed.

patriot said...

In a society run by those with little or no compassion, the people are left to the elements and their fate.
Though CPF belongs to the members, it's use is not up to the owners to decide, even if it is to be used to save ones' own life or to treat ones' medical problem, not to mention life of love ones.
Healthcare has always being state responsibility in most countries, in fact it is the duty of any state to keep diseases in check and prevent them from affecting the people. And if citizens fall sick, it is the duty of the state to provide medicare to keep them healthy at the lowest cost to the patients.

The high cost of consultation, medication, treatment and hospitalization in Singapore make many unable to afford them. And yet the use of ones' own money in the CPF is controlled. What use is the CPF Money if one dies of sickness due to lack of fund for treatment?

Should there be a outbreak of deadly and highly contagious diseases, what shoukd the people do?


Matilah_Singapura said...


Eh, goondoo, Medisave, part of CPF, is a tax. Once you give the money to the govt, it is no longer yours. The government will tell you how you can use the money they "allow you" to spend (even though you earned it and paid it). Sounds silly, or even criminal? Tough shit. It is legal by an act of parliament.

>> Matilah, to call you an asshole would be a gross compliment!

Go ahead, then, compliment me, grossly ;-)

>> "Talking about entitlement, do you realise that this is the only country that deems it fit to pay millions to nincompoops whose goddamn sense of entitlement make them think that they actually deserve it? Probably not." - Leslie Chew

The Sheeple Get The Government They Deserve, And Therefore It Is Only Right That They Pay For It.

Got understand or not?

Anonymous said...

I strongly support a petition for the child's watever medical bill be paid by medisave...... the pap govtn should support this too...it should be acountrys duty to do the needful ... act of this will surely bonds all singaporeans together that we have hope and we can help n we can do it ...
It is sheer heartless to leave the situation as at it is....
It make a mockery of our so called inclusiveness if we didnt lend a hand to our own child .... yet spend astronomical$$$ on others ..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you dumbass. Cochlear transplant is not a luxury. And the parents are not asking for charity. They have the money in their medisave. It is their money. No one can rob them of their money.

Think karma.

Anonymous said...

"I strongly support a petition for the child's watever medical bill be paid by medisave"

The parents' Medisave money belongs to the parents or PAP?
Why must petition?
Why cannot just use?

Why PAP cannot just fuck off and let Singaporeans look after ourselves?
Since PAP don't want to help Singaporeans ... why don't they do the honourable thing and just fuck off out of Singapore?

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Cochlear transplant is not a luxury.

Yes it is. Only those with the money can afford it. Life is tough and often unfair, and "equality" is a bullshit concept used by politicians to manipulate the gullible.

>> And the parents are not asking for charity. They have the money in their medisave. It is their money.

No, it is not their money. If it was their money how come they have to "ask permission" to spend it?

I think you understand English. Do you know what the meaning of "ownership" is? If you truly OWN the money in your CPF and Medisave, then you don't have to ask anyone permission to use it. You don't write letters to the govt. begging and pleading for the release of your so-called money. You just tell them straight: "Eh chee bye, gimme my money. Now!" (and you don't even have to give a reason)

Face it lah. You've been conned, with your full permission and eyes wide open. So don't go crying sour grapes lah. It makes you look like a bigger fool than you already are. That's called "false advertising" :-)

Anyway, for the sake of the deaf little girl, I hope the government allows the release of funds, so she can grow up and listen to the many speeches made by LKY, LHL and their kaki's in parliament.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The more the people feel the pain of not able to touch and use their money, the more the anger will grow. The people will demand money back. It is only when.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Err.. that's not how the human brain works redbean.

Decisions are made by the brain weighing up costs and benefits -- most of the processes are unconscious i.e. you aren't even aware that they are happening.

Totalitarian regimes are successful in oppressing their citizens for many decades. In Singapore the totalitarianism is "soft", and most people are comfortable compared to their counterparts in other cuntrees -- even the ones with more freedom.

The PAP govt is in because people are CONDITIONED to keep them in power -- despite the screaming and wailing for "change".

Imagine that: they can take your money, CONvince you that it is your money, and then when you want it: "What?? You can't have it. How dare you ask? Go away, you annoying little defenceless citizen. Shooo!!"

And the cowering Singaporean slinks away, licking his wounded dignity.

Next election: PAP masuk again.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Depressing story isn't it? But great inspiration looking from the other side.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would like to suggest someone develop an app to link to one's CPF statement. This can then be called the Happy App.

When one is sad or down, just turn on this app and the face will be lighted up instantly, the feeling of richness.

Anonymous said...

Super talent Matilah is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

'The people will demand money back. It is only when.'

- wait long long lah. the people is tooooo weak and naive thats why papaya can bully them soooooo easily. send them to ns also no use. still weak and naive. send in foreigners to invade their housing, transport, jobs etc also no use. still weak and naive and do not know how to fight back. they also do not bear the genes of collaborating together to overthrow their bullies. thats just not there in the genes. they are just need little kids so depending on their parents for everything that they refused to leave house to live independently in the real world.

virgo49 said...

Bro, if a father cares so much for his daughter, he will exhaust his monies on mei mei??

He is not asking anyone to foot the medical fees. He is requesting to use his own monies in the cpf to pay fir his bills.

Many of us have only enough cash for day to day basis and when some unfortunate expense line this come up, they have to think of ways to settle the problem.

So what's wrong with asking them to allow hum to use his cpf's medisave account

If not then grant him medifund. Apply said not qualified just because he is having an income which is more than the guideline.

This bloody govt do not want you to be a liability to them when you aged. Have to save more for this purpose.

Not he cannot survive this problem, how to survive later in life.

Stupid policy. Its our monies afterall.

virgo49 said...

Right bro, the worse thought is that they are telling Singaporeans that they are not having enough children.

This meagre amount to the millionaires ministers can be easily borne by them.

Alas, when did you ever hear that they donate even a cent to charity.??

Even the current and ex presidents just simply show their faces with their tight wallets.

So far only ex president ong did something for charity by taking part in playing on the piano to solicit funds for charities.

Even the ministers children also take away most of the scholarships.

They said, the more you gave, the greedier you become is very true

virgo49 said...

Should be the more you HAVE the greedier you become.

Sorry for the error