$8 by pass, 30% cheaper flats…?

Boon Wan must have read all the negative comments after his infamous $8 open heart by pass surgery in Class A ward. Thought he would be more careful as his popularity among the people fell by a few notches. Anymore such blurbs would be disastrous to his credibility and what he said. People would be more careful when he said things that are too good to be true.

When he announced in Parliament that HDB was going back to basics, to provide housing for the people, I refused to use the word affordable anymore, I thought he really meant business this time round. I was kind of encouraged when he said new flats could be 30% cheaper. I don’t doubt the feasibility of this as the actual cost, still a non transparent transparent official secret, is definitely something to hide from the people. The building cost is definitely quite low and the sales price of HDB flats can be brought down much lower than 30%, if only the true construction cost is known. Anyway, I gave him the benefit of the doubt even though it was too good to be true.

Now, to the disappointment of everyone again, but many have seen it coming, the 30% cheaper flats will come with many conditions. Simply put, he is pitching to sell an apple for half its price, but it will be half an apple, not the whole apple. Singaporeans are used to this kind of talks, nothing new anymore. The worrying thing is the 6.9m population and the higher quality of living in 2030. Read the fine prints or wait for all the terms and conditions that have yet to be spelt out.


Anonymous said...

Boon wan will offer 90% highly discounted HDB flats with a 10 year lease. So so so affordable......Start rejoicing ? Not so early. Old woody has always reminded us that in Sinkapore, there is no free lunch

Anonymous said...

Change is not a known word in PAP. They will continue to screw Sinkies with all the complicating schemes that no one understand after some time. These are our ministers who are suppose to care for you and me. How lucky we are!

Anonymous said...

Education is another Singapore problem that will never be solved.

The Education Minister job has a 2 year tenure. This is to ensure non-continuity in policy from one Minister to another.
"Teach less, learn more" Minister.
Then "Hentak kaki" Minister.
Then 'Values" Minister

As a result of the first reason, Education policy in Singapore never moves beyond the policy abstraction phase(i.e. mental masturbation).
After 50 years. And here we are again ... listening to the new Education Minister and more mental masturbation.

How do we know when they are really serious about improving the education system in Singapore?

When classes in Singapore average no more than 20 students per class for ALL students.
And not just the kids in the GIFTED programme.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Education, particularly the institutions of higher learning, will suffer the same fate as the finance industry when the professorship, heads of depts, lecturers, are taken over by foreigners. Then there will be lesser and lesser of local lecturers and professors and more foreigners will be needed.

All because of what, faked western biased ranking system, conned by these systems to employed more foreigners, or angmoh tua ki? Locals are not good enough?

It will become a vicious cycle, and soon no locals will be left except at the lowest level. Brilliant level of thinking at the highest level. Meritocrazy?

Anonymous said...

Low Thia Khiang says WP is not yet ready to form alternative government.

Does Low Thia Khiang and Singaporeans think the PAP is ready to govern today?

Anonymous said...

Everything in Singapore including education is run like a business. The main KPI is to make as much money as possible. That is why university ranking is so important to them. The aim of getting more foreign professors to teach here is to prove ranking. Higher the ranking, better it can attract more students, the higher it can raise its fees. Real education takes a back seat

Matilah_Singapura said...

Motherfucker, it is subsidised housing. There should be conditions. Lots of them.

Just because you can't afford something doesn't give you an AUTOMATIC CLAIM on others.

At least show some gratitude, for fucks sake.

Anonymous said...

Subsidised! Affordable!????

Wahhhhhhh!!!!! Are you an idiot?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, a salesman's cost for a product was $10, told you the sales price was $200 but give you a 30% subsidy or discount, then sold to you at $140!

And you bloody happy and grateful like fucks.

Anonymous said...

Thats precisely KBW will say - "Subsidised heavily by Singapore Government".The price is going up.

Till 2016 comes, the daft ones got no choice but hv to take it, unless we tightened our belt.
I tell you PAP is downright morally bankrupted.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, no one in this world really gives a fuck if you're "not making it" -- especially in a place like Singapore where YOU KNOW is materialistic, and success-oriented.

So fuck these motherfuckers lah. The rest of us paying taxes are paying for these ungrateful cunts.

Maybe the govt should just not do anything, and allow these people to learn valuable lessons about havig to be productive in order to live. What's so hard? The MAJORITY of people understand this and struggle very hard most of their lives to look after their families.

Sympathy? Fuck off. Tax payers should get angry lah.

Nah bay chow chi bai!!!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

If they can find another cuntree which offers MORE OPPORTUNITY for an individual coming from the bottom to climb up the social ladder, let them go there lah.

There really is NO EXCUSE for being poor lah. Not in a place like Singapore.

No sympathy from me. Pick up a mop or a broom and go earn $3 an hour. Then you get some respect from me.

Anonymous said...

- Taxpayers should get angry. U in yr comfy Ar** Trailer, are u threatened with the maybe coming cooked policy that would befell yr passive income.

I'm a taxpayer and I am angry not bcos of wat u so-called 'ungrateful c**t*. It is not their wish to be in that situation. Singaporeans are hard working people. I'm angry with the greedy n kayu MPs. They are not working their keep. Heartless out of touch. That speaks of you.

Just donated a sum to a Tanjung Pagar GRC unemployed resident who goes around selling pens at $1.50 ea. to cover her med expenses. Told her dont waste her time anymore with her MPs, PA or CDC. Told her to raise her case to AMP, the nearest NGO here. I just dont care if its a Muslim NGO. For God sake we're the fourth richest nation.

Pls sit back and enjoy your Perignon or wat hv you. Either u with us or against us. But ofcourse you hv considerations aren't you? We understand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are talking nonsense again.

How can a govt that claims to be world best, best talents and collective out of this world salary and say they no need to do anything?

Now whenever they pay consultants or go for study vacations, or ask the people for ideas they will see a dick shaft into them. They are best by virtue of the money they take. They better work and produce results and solve problems.

Can't take the heat, no ideas, can't solve problems, don't take the money.

Anonymous said...

THey just want to show you who is the big boss. THey can anyhow screw you by just changing some stupid regulations and laws. Some kind of 'repent'? They are building a plutocratic (not democratic) society all along. Vote opposition to stop all their wrongdoings.

Anonymous said...

'How can a govt that claims to be world best ...'

They can claim whatever they like but so far almost no one (except the forever naive matilah) subscribed to it.

Anonymous said...

Matilah sounds like pap - so naive, shallow, selfish and greedy.

Anonymous said...

All this Khaw needs to do is to build more flats to meet demand instead of manipulating the regulations, wayang here and there and caused people to have sleepless nights, heart attacks, strokes.

Anonymous said...

He can also tax 50% of those passive income earned from rental to punish those that speculate in the housing market and to narrow the income gap. Matilah will then be a gone case.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, letting these foreigners with their obnoxious living habits created lots of nuisances and inconveniences to the neighbours.

Those renting out their premises had no thoughts of their fellow neighbours suffering from these ordeals.

Should tax them heavily. Was disappointed that no change in taxation for those renting out their hdb flats

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah. So much emotion. You all should become artists and channel all that angry energy into a violent expression of creativity. Anger is good. It has lots of energy.

There is NO WAY the govt will tax rental income 50%, because that will kill all their supporters ;-) ...and these days, their support base is thinning out.

Also 'passive income' now, is a result from sustained 'active sacrifice' in times past. Unless you are 'white horse' (which I am not) and inherit your assets, chances are you suffered like mad to get where you are, so you now can reap what you sowed, and enjoy the fruits of your diligence. No, it doesn't come easy -- for me anyway.

Lastly, if you are so concerned about the plight of "the poor", shut off your computer, get off the net and go into the REAL WORLD to help these poor souls -- lead by example, put your money where your mouth is. Don't stop until you've eradicated poverty totally from the island-hotel-paradise.

If you're not doing that, then you are just a 'passive observer' of life -- no engagement, no objectives, no results, no hope.

Meritocracy has a nice way of removing folks like that from the rest of society which wants economic growth, upward mobility and success.

You complain like a bunch of teenage girls who just got their periods. How come the foreigners are not complaining? How come they are getting on with it, and beating you in The Game -- The Game played on your own "home ground"?

Fucking useless. An true embarrassment on what is is to be A Singaporean -- driven, success motivated and personally responsible.

Fuck you!

Anonymous said...

Matilah - An true embarrassment on what is is to be A Singaporean -- driven, success motivated and personally responsible.
U so out of touch u think most of us still stuck in that mode on the day you threw cautions to the wind and flew out.
Good luck to you enjoying 'the fruits of sustained active sacrifices that doesnt come easy'. No wonder you're full of bitter and self rightious. Did you thank high heavens for giving you the means and strength to achieve it? Or sits with Perignon smirking 'I deserved it all' and to lose it again on some life experiences that you think would make u high n mighty?

I used to volunteer the 3 self help groups,12hrs per week for 5 years, not accepting a stipend. Till I realised these families are bullied by our stingy government with grandiose schemes and useless programs. Did you know the merry-go-round to be qualified as assistance recipients. Disgraceful and demeaning.
Spare a thought for those not as blessed as you.
The 'poor souls' (your tasteless descriptions on fellow beings) are not at fault. Its the elite goverment of the day that pushes policies that handicap the weak.
Hoodwinking citizens all the way.

Money helps in a way, but dont forget dignity. Those 'poor souls' have plenty of it.

Hows yours?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Thank you for your spirited response.

It is an enigma to me how you have become the "arbiter of dignity" by presuming to have the skills necessary to evaluate the "dignity" of others ;-) Pray tell, what methods do you use? The "wild guess" method no doubt.

It might or might not please you to know that from my self-evaluation -- which is no doubt biased -- my dignity is intact, and I have loads of self-esteem.

Ah.."self help" groups. Yes, they have been gaining popularity in Singapore. Landmark "education"/ EST and other such new-age crap. More like brainwashing and crying and hugging "therapy". Makes you "feel good" without getting and applying any real solutions to solve your own shitty problems. Well done.

Dare I say you do it to make yourself feel better and less guilty, rather than to genuinely "help others"? I don't know. I'm just pissing in the wind ;-)

Congratulations on your pursuit for "self validation". I hope you feel "worthy". :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...


I agree with most of what you say about the government. But hey, they are the legal government, chosen by the people, time and again for decades. The government is constituted by THE SAME (culturally) people as the local population.

They are Singaporeans, chosen to represent other Singaporeans -- by fair means or foul, it doesn't matter because in politics ANYTHING GOES (murder, genocide, corruption, sabotage, mass scamming, pyramid schemes, theft, slavery, indentured labour, confiscation, set-up or framing, character and physical assassination, banning, all forms of regulation...are all possible under the umbrella of "politics")

Thus the Singaporeans who choose an "elite" group of Singaporeans to represent them deserve who they get. You cannot escape this FACT.

Also, "welfare" -- like under-priced and/ or subsidized housing is not supposed to "solve" anyone's problems completely. Welfare is HELP. If you are down, welfare will HELP you to recovery, but it is up to you to "go for it", not sit back and just accept the welfare for ever and ever.

Welfare IS SUPPOSED to feel hard. If welfare becomes comfortable, you kill motivation. Welfare should also carry a negative stigma -- no one should ever be proud that they're on welfare. It is supposed to bug them, to have a sting.

In the west, welfare has now become an entitlement. That's why you have so many useless bums living off the productivity of others which has been forcibly confiscated from them at rates exceeding 50%!!

And everytime some well-meaning person comes out to criticise state welfare, he/ she is immediately labelled as "heartless", "living in a bubble", "selfish" etc etc...no shortage of epithets here.

State welfare applies to corporate welfare too. These useless bums have come to the point now where many of them are "too big to fail" and their management "too cool for jail".

Welfare, in the modern sense, rewards the unproductive bums, at the expense of those who do produce.

Can you see how fucked up the picture is?

Anonymous said...

Gd morning Matilah
An enlightened comment on a poor soul called 'Matilah'
Was going to give u another spirited response but yr last statement about 'Borders' made me back out. It was beautiful.

Just to clarify: 1. Arbiter of dignity. Very defensive response when I merely asking yrs. Just stating a fact on those that I encountered, u gave me that title. LOL. Me not sorry if it hit a spot.
2. Landmark education/EST - Sorry no idea wat is that. The self help group I mentioned are Sinda, Mendaki and CDAC. Go n google. maybe the last time u here its not set up yet. Theres no crying or hugging therapy involved. Dont anyhow rant.
3. Yr 'p*ss**g the wind. Hmmm at times I did but really not sure but I rather that than nursing a Perignon. Facing wat u so-called 'ungrateful c**t' made me respect them more that I would to those SMEs. Thats the lot that do deserved yr name calling.

So dear Matilah dont do anymore self-evaluation,however biased. Too much Perignon session??? Go get your heads checked n treated by medical professionals. It'll be good for you n us. I must say I do enjoyed yr educated and sarcastic comments but pls minus those expletives lah. It divert the real message u conveying.

Anonymous said...

Matilar will not be bothered with whatever happens in Sg. He is in Sin for easy access to wild chicken from all over.
It will thrill him more if he gets to see blood flowing on the street.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 939:

Actually my favourite champagne is Bollinger, not Dom. ;-)

No health professional can help me. I'm simply too nuts. You get used to how I write - dirty talk and all --, or don't fucking read me :-)

BTW, the losers are still losers. I don't respect them. (and I could care less if they reciprocated or not).

Good luck with your whirlwind "save the world" tour :P

@anon 123:

>> It will thrill him more if he gets to see blood flowing on the street.

Thrill me? More than that...I'd probably get so turned on and horny I'd quickly go bang some chicks with "Die Motherfucker, Die" playing in the background :-))

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